Infineon OptiMOS™-5 40 V MOSFETs in SS08 | Digi-Key Daily

Infineon presents their OptiMOS-5 40-volt
MOSFET technology in an SS08 leadless package. This technology offers best-in-class FOM,
improved switching performance, and lower package resistance and inductance. It provides a high level of quality and robustness
for automotive applications. The compact design allows for a high-power
density with a high efficiency at a reduced system cost. This product offers much lower RDS(on), down
to 1.1 milliohms, and a higher current rating than the 40-volt DPAK technology. Additionally, it can use a smaller thermal
cooling system compared to a competitor’s 40-volt DPAK, enabling a lower volume, a lower
weight cooling system, and cost savings. Ideal applications include electric power
steering, engine cooling fans, battery management, DC-to-DC converters, 12-volt load switches,
and more.

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