Injury Prevention Exercises for Swimmers

Hi there! I’m Chloe Sutton. I’m a two-time
Olympian and the first American woman to swim open water in the Olympics. Now I
started training at an elite level from about age 11 and I would do anywhere
from 80,000 to 100,000 meters per week in the pool. Now that’s
62 miles per week and that’s a lot of training and that’s a lot of strain on
your shoulders, but over the course of 15 years, I never had any shoulder injuries
of any kind and I attribute this to having a shoulder stabilization routine
that I would do after every workout. Now today I’m going to share with you five
exercises that I believe will help you keep your shoulders safe and healthy
through a long career. The first exercise is an external
rotation to strengthen the rear part of the rotator cuff. Anchor the theraband
to a pole and then rotate your arm away from your body while maintaining a
90-degree angle in your elbow. Another exercise that strengthens the
rear part of the rotator cuff as well as the upper back is shoulder extensions.
Keeping the theraband anchored, hold it in your hand extended down with your
arms slightly in front of you. Then drive your arm back while keeping your arm
straight. Next is a low row to strengthen the
muscles that hold the scapula in the proper position. This helps to correct
poor posture. Again anchor the theraband to a pole, this time taking both sides in
your hands. Then pull your elbows directly back being sure to squeeze your
shoulder blades together each row. Now we’re going to stabilize the
shoulder joint by writing the alphabet with a tennis ball against the wall.
Lean slightly forward so you have a little bit of weight on the tennis ball
to keep it in place. Then move your whole arm keeping your elbow straight and
your shoulders down while drawing the alphabet. The last exercise is arm raises. With
this exercise we’re working on the part of the rotator cuff that lifts the arm. Stand with good posture, then lift your arms slightly in front of you keeping
your arms straight. Focus on keeping your chest lifted and your shoulder blades
retracted. Once you feel confident with this
exercise, you may also add a light weight So if you guys do these five exercises
after every workout, it will help to strengthen and stabilize your shoulders
and help you to have a long and healthy career. So thank you so much for watching, please subscribe to me on Youtube, and visit my website for more swimming tips.
Thanks so much and I’ll see you all soon.

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