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Today in No Man’s Sky Beyond News, HG just
dropped an insane 103 note patch to the experimental branch with loads of fixes, quality of life
improvements and more like support for ultra wide 21:9 monitors finally , fixes for freighters
in multiplayer and a whole lot more. Let’s get into this ridiculous patch.Fixed a significant number of crashes and<br /> functionality issues with fleets and freighters in multiplayer. Added support for correctly scaling the HUD<br /> and other visual elements for 4K. Added support for correctly scaling the HUD<br /> and other visual elements when using alternative aspect ratios such as 21:9. Added the ability to customise your HUD scale. Added support for custom resolution scaling<br /> when playing in borderless mode. Added the ability to toggle AutoPower mode<br /> on at the Base Computer in Creative Mode. This supplies <a href="">power</a> by default to all props<br /> without having to place wires or generators. Improved the Survey Device to allow players<br /> to select which type of hotspot they would like to search for. Balanced the yields for mineral hotspots,<br /> particularly activated stellar metal deposits. Increased the local area complexity limit,<br /> to allow more objects to be placed in a small area. Optimised a number of base parts that used<br /> up a large proportion of the local complexity limit. Fixed an <a href="">issue</a> where players were occasionally<br /> unable to snap wires to base parts. Fixed an issue where wires would unsnap from<br /> base parts when leaving the base. Fixed an issue that causes players to fall<br /> through the floor when an item they are interacting with is deleted or network refreshed. Fixed an issue that removed the portal glyphs<br /> from screenshot mode. Fixed an issue that could cause players to<br /> get stuck in a loop when trying to return the Mind Arc to Artemis. Added a tip message when pinning a product<br /> that you do not know the recipe for. Fixed an issue where collision on scientific<br /> frigates could eject players into space. Fixed a number of interaction progress issues<br /> that were preventing a large number of NPC and other planetary encounters from being<br /> selected. Fixed an issue that could cause space combat<br /> tips to stretch across the whole screen. Added a welcome message to the ship HUD when<br /> landing at Space Stations. Fixed an issue that charged players for a<br /> purchase but did not reward the item because their inventory was full. Fixed an issue where predators could circle<br /> their targets endlessly without ever attacking. Markers for locations that are not onboard<br /> the Space Anomaly are now hidden when you are inside the Anomaly. Fixed an issue that allowed players to build<br /> traps around Portal exits. Fixed an issue that caused some base parts<br /> (particularly refiners) to reset when the player left their freighter or current planet. Correctly enabled power on Carbon Planters,<br /> allowing their plants to grow. Replaced the previous HBAO implementation<br /> with a newer and higher-quality temporal AO solution. Introduced a number of significant CPU optimisations. Improved the management of graphics memory<br /> pools. Introduced a number of memory optimisations<br /> for Xbox 1. Optimised the memory usage of interaction<br /> dialogue. Applied a series of optimisations to water<br /> rendering. Introduced a number of smaller general optimisations. Upgraded OpenVR to the latest release. Fixed a number of minor LODing issues. Fixed an issue that caused friend’s bases<br /> to be named incorrectly. Fixed a number of issues where the visuals<br /> and animations of base parts did not accurately reflect their power status. Reduced the intensity of the glow on Light<br /> Boxes. Fixed a number of collision issues with base<br /> parts. Fixed an issue that caused a red debug box<br /> to be visible in underwater crashed ship scenes. Fixed an issue that could cause distress beacons<br /> to be spawned inside some large crashed ships. Added the full description of a base part<br /> to the Build Menu popup. Added a preview of a base part’s power usage<br /> to the Build Menu popup. Fixed a number of small visual issues with<br /> base parts. Improved the camera on the Battery interaction. Added audio to the Battery and Biofuel Reactor. Added audio to the Sphere Creator. Improved the audio when placing wires. Added audio when physically interacting with<br /> the UI in VR. Balanced the volume of the doors on the Space<br /> Anomaly. Added audio when switching sub-inventories. Fixed an issue that allowed players to delete<br /> objects other players are interacting with. Fixed an issue that could cause the Sphere<br /> Creator to fail to create a sphere. Fixed an issue that caused wiring indicators<br /> to remain visible in the world when not wiring. The Short-Range Teleporter now correctly uses<br /> Teleport Cables rather than standard electrical wiring to determine network connectivity. Fixed a number of incorrect values being displayed<br /> in the UI for industrial parts. Fixed an issue that caused the Fleet Terminals<br /> to be hard to place in freighters. Improved the clarity of hotspot icons when<br /> surveying. Added hotspot icons to the compass. Added off-screen tracker arrows to hotspot<br /> markers. Fixed an issue that caused only one storage<br /> container to be available from the Construction Research Unit on the Space Anomaly. Fixed an issue that caused creature vocals<br /> to play inconsistently. Fixed an issue that caused vibration not to<br /> work on Move controllers. Fixed an issue that cause alien interactions<br /> to always return a negative result. Fixed a number of issues with the ‘Most Recent’<br /> filter for the Space Anomaly teleporter. Fixed a number of UI issues with the Base<br /> Computer, including fixes for taking screenshots. Added distinct visuals for markers when network<br /> players are in their ships. Fixed a number of networking issues that could<br /> cause objects to become invisible. Improved the robustness of Steam matchmaking<br /> when connections drop out. Fixed an issue that caused creaturing riding<br /> control tips to have a missing icon in some circumstances. Fixed an issue that caused one Knowledge Stone<br /> to activate all Knowledge Stones on a Monolith. Fixed an issue that caused chat messages to<br /> be sent from pinned missions when the mission was not selected. Fixed a number of missing or incorrect control<br /> icons. Fixed an issue<br /> that caused the action for quickly cycling weapons not to work on Xbox 1. Fixed an issue that caused lighting settings<br /> to pop when boarding the Space Anomaly. Fixed a number of issues with the patch notes<br /> popup on GoG and Xbox. Fixed a number of clipping issues with compass<br /> markers in VR. Offscreen markers are now correctly hidden<br /> in VR when the frontend is open. Fixed an issue that caused an extra dialogue<br /> UI layer with hardcoded text to appear when backing out of some shop interactions. Fixed an issue that caused inventory slots<br /> to flash rapidly when using the mouse to change subinventories Fixed an issue that allowed RGB system access<br /> even when the hyperdrive was damaged or partially installed. Fixed an issue that allowed the Rocket Boots<br /> to function even when they were damaged or partially installed. Fixed an issue that allowed the Haz-Mat Gauntlets<br /> to function even when they were damaged or partially installed. Fixed an issue that caused loading a Creative<br /> Mode save to add all items to the Catalogue for saves on a different game mode. Fixed a mission blocker that could occur if<br /> the mission directed you towards a very specific subset of NPCs found on Trade Outposts. Fixed an issue that could cause planetary<br /> lighting settings to be applied in space. Fixed a console-only crash when saving the<br /> game with a large or long savegame. Fixed a rare crash when changing GPU on PC. Fixed a crash related to particle emitters. Fixed a crash in region navigation. Fixed a crash when using the teleporter on<br /> the Space Anomaly. Fixed a crash that could occur when joining<br /> a multiplayer group. Fixed a memory related crash. Fixed an issue that prevented the Insert key<br /> from being used in custom bindings. Fixed an issue that prevented some missions<br /> from being selected in the log if navigating with Up/Down buttons. Fixed the Sprint and Inventory actions being<br /> unavailable in some circumstances when using an Xbox 1 controller. Improved the visibility of the Toggle Building<br /> Camera tip. Improved<br /> the clarity of some control descriptions in the bindings page. Fixed an issue that allowed functionally opposite<br /> actions to be assigned to the same button. Fixed a number of inconsistencies with being<br /> able to quick exit out of some NPC interactions. Hid a number of unavailable actions from the<br /> remapping UI. Fixed an issue that caused the camera to be<br /> too sensitive on the loading starfield when using a gamepad. Fixed a small number of localisation issues<br /> when displaying numbers. So there is your frankly ridiculous patch,<br /> really happy with a whole lot of these fixes, they are fantastic. This was a lot ot go over, so if you want<br /> to read these patch notes at your own <a href="">speed</a>, check out the link in the pinned comment. Thank you HG for continuing to really support<br /> this game and fix the issues. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already<br /> to keep in the loop on all No Man’s Sky News,<br /> and ring the bell to ensure you get the notifications. I’m working on multiple guides and videos<br /> at the moment, I haven’t gone full Borderlands don’t worry. Discord, Patreon, Merch store, and website<br /> all linked in the pinned comment, have a fantastic day all.

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  1. 2.13 Experimental Patch Notes

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  2. On one hand, I'm glad Hello Games keep improving and supporting nms (remarkably admirable in current gaming industry), on the other I'm curious to see what they could put together with what they've learned from this. I'm looking forward to nms2.

  3. I got that build limit on PS4 while making a living glass/liquid explosive farm. What helped me was building 1 biodome at a time, fill it with plants and then build the next. Don't build all your domes at once. It's not a perfect fix but it fixed at least 70% of my problems and my farm is finished.

  4. Hi Xaine, I have 4 long saves that are unplayable, one is almost a thousand hours old. All 4 of them crash bluescreen when I reload both the auto and manual save (not great for hunting ships or MTs) and also they crash bluescreen when going to Quit to mode select. I sent the save files off to HG in a bug report in March, so hopefully this patch fixes that issue. I have another 11 saves with no issues and not enough hours in the day to get QS and hunt for MTs lol. Great video 🙂

  5. Still waiting on "Fixed an issue where light year distances to custom waypoints were not displayed in the galaxy map"

    I mean, Jesus, at least having LY distances back in the discoveries page would be nice.

  6. Can anyone confirm that there are still a lot of decorative items that can't be placed or are overly fussy about placement. Such as the small pedestal screen, light tables, Computer server, drawers, oscilloscope, etc. Or is it just me? I can glitch some in and some can be placed on top of a carpet but this doesn't always work and is very frustrating. Other than this, Hello Games are doing a fantastic job. There is no doubt that if this had been one of the big studios, most of the big NMS updates would have been paid for DLC. Sean Murray, you're a Hero.

  7. Just watching Ivy, who's on Experimental, day one of the patch is hit and miss — the mp freighter thing is squirrely — but funny they were warping together but to different time/space dimensions LOL they couldn't see each other on the other side of the warp hahaha. But it's day one and that's why we have experimental 😀 I'm really really happy about being able to select the hotspot I'm searching for – that is working already on experimental. Finally I"m sure that some ppl "ehem" who like to use their refiners for extra storage will be happy LOLOL. Thank You so much for doing this 🙂

  8. I found a bug that modules think they are broken but don't say they are unless you drag the components to build them over the module.

  9. One thing that annoys me with nms is that is " Freighter repair ". Such a waste of time being that you hire freighters with a crew, but you have to do the repairs…lol. The game should have a function that allows you to authorize repairs via captain communication remotely provided you have the materials on board.



    Edit: did they fix the issue where when scanning a players ship, it doesn’t show their ship stats but instead it shows yours?

  11. hopefully this will fix my stuttering that gets worse and worse until you save the game just hangs but if i save it works fine for a couple of minutes then starts getting worse and worse when you put my PS4 to sleep it always restarts frozen I have to close the app and reload to get playing also they still haven't fixed the ladders actually worse in cubes than before beyond

  12. I wish they would add an option to toggle wire visibility on/off I just dont want to see wires and i dont want to spend all my time hiding them.

  13. The HBAO and Temporal AO are talking about Ambient Occlusion. This is the shadows that objects create around them, not the hard lined shadows, but the "ambient" shadows that occur around items…

  14. Hi Xaine, I can confirm a few things about the patches impact on resource extractors.

    My Activated Indium still sells for the same price as yesterday, however the extraction rate of my farm has been significantly nerfed, down from 20,000/hr to 9000/hr aprox, it appears to be a 55% reduction in the per/hour rate.

    The same goes for my gold farm, which also appears to have been nerfed, yesterday overall production was 20,000/hr today its just over 9000/hr, again about a 55% reduction in extraction rate, per stack sale price remains the same.

    Couldn't check my silver farm as the fixes to power appear to have bugged it's power grid, EM field powered, batteries saying plenty of power available, but also depleted, weird? I guess I am rebuilding it.

    Overall though I am really happy about this patch, especially the base power cable fixes and the increase to the local build limit, both were driving me nuts. However, now that the "fibre optic cable" works, I need to wire up about 40 short range teleporters across all of my bases, as I was using the battery/solar panel work around….

  15. So irritated I own this on PS4 and would have to buy it again on PC. The game is genuinely broken, almost unplayable on a pro. It's such a fun game it annoys me to no end I'd have to buy it again to get the real experience.

  16. Seems like every patch they put out breaks something else. The last patch broke switches for me and power connectors. Gotta delete them and remake them every time I visit my base

  17. I quit playing after I couldn't find anything motivational to do. I need to grow as a character and when I reached a point where I felt like I had everything and saw everything; wasn't anything left for me. I asked myself, what's the point?

  18. really hope they fix the Freighters so it will despawn the asteroid that's in it. because it pushed me into the wall and out into space when i entered my Freighter.

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