Inside the Health Care Ecosystem

Inside the health care ecosystem
is our flagship Open Enrollment offering. This program was previously
only available to companies on a customized basis. It offers inside access to
the front lines of medicine and provides a
comprehensive view into the converging
forces transforming health care, such as genomics,
data science, changes in reimbursement,
digital health, and a renewed focus on
the patient perspective. This program is perfect
for professionals across a wide
range of industries impacted by health care– pharma, biotech, health IT,
payers, health system leaders, and the VC investing in
other related communities. Participants will complete
the program prepared to bring new insights to their
day-to-day work and longer term strategic priorities. Leaders from companies
like Google, GE, Amgen, and Athenahealth
have all participated in customized versions of
this program in the past. We’re excited to now offer
this experience to individuals and teams and we hope you
join us to help create the future of health care. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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