Instant Strength in the Squat | The Simple Grip Trick to Squat More | Charles R. Poliquin

Hi I’m Charles R. Poliquin also known as the
Strength Sensei. I’m in Prague right now and the question I’m
going to talk about today is how do you activate more muscle fibers in the squat. So, last weekend I was training in Amsterdam
and Ed Cowan and Matt Wenning were also training and I was doing those Klokov classic squats
where it takes seven seconds to go down, pause for six and then explode up. And Ed goes: Do you want to try something cool? I said: sure. He goes: It will allow you to recruit more
fibers, that’ll be easier. So I’m always open to be stronger. What is
it? He goes: when you come out of the hole, squeeze the bar and you’ll be stronger. Ok we’ll heard this in the bench press, Ed Coan likes to say you grab the bar, you try to make it
into a straw because you squeeze it so hard and everybody who has tried that on the bench press
will report that they’ve increased their strength it works in all upper body exercise. But I
wasn’t convinced that squeezing the bar in a lower body exercise would make a difference. But
the mind is like a parachute, it’s got to be open to work. So I said ok, I’ll try it, I went down
for seven second, pause for six, on the way up I squeezed a bar like if I wanted to make
into a straw. It really works, I got out the hole much easier. Now what is the exact physiological
mechanism for that? I have no clue, but one thing I can tell you, it does work. So that’s one
of the advantage of going on the road and teaching with great teachers because I get to learn
as much as I teach. Tomorrow, I mean, Friday we’ll be in Prague, starting the powerlifting seminar
which will contain loads of gems, but I’m at least giving one of the gems I learned from
the other teachers. If you like this video please subscribe to my YouTube channel and
do share it. And what I’d be interested in hearing from you is that, try this, do paused squats,
like back squats, and then once you are finished with your isometric contraction, squeeze the
bar with as much intent as possible, as in crushing the bar, and come up in your squat at the same
time. And let me know if it works for you, but sure it does for me, but if it works for everybody
then it’s a new thing to advocate. Thank you for listening and I’m looking forward to hearing
from you. Thank you

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