INTP Strengths and Weaknesses

INTP strengths and weaknesses
firstly let’s have a look at the strengths they are imaginative and
original they have the skill to focus on what they do they are excellent problem
solvers they are great analysts and abstract thinkers they are strongly
independent open-minded enthusiastic objective honest and straightforward not
demanding and they tend to have simple needs now let’s have a look at the
weaknesses they have trouble working as a team especially if their team members
of feeling types they are into logic they are not aware of the value of
making decisions based on feelings and subjectivity potential difficulties in
leaving failed relationships so have a tendency to approach conflict situations
by either ignoring them or unleashing uncontrollable anger not skills at
making plans and completing projects as they are at seeing various possibilities
pause the video here so you can have a look at all of the intp weaknesses
things like being absent-minded can be defensive or impatient overly skeptical
and cautious they can also be distrusting of others and have low
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6 Replies to “INTP Strengths and Weaknesses”

  1. To understanding a Intp is simple.

    I dont care if the earth is Flat or Globe. As an INtp I'm more shocked that more people haven't thought the possibility of something else.

  2. Thank you for watching! Are we missing any strengths or weaknesses for the INTP personality type? Leave your thoughts below

  3. Why is a weakness to trust the logic more than feelings? I of course understand that feelings are playing a rule in making decisions but i would always do the more logical thing because feelings are too personal. If we follow our feelings we make decisions that are very often good just for us, but not for others. Logical thing can be good for both or none, but it's still logical and self justified.
    I believe feelings should not be allowed to affect our decisions because they will often be bad.

  4. What jobs do INTP's do? I'm 34 and have been a support worker for 10 years, before that I was in the Navy (Which I left early due to depression at the time). I'm not that fond of the support work I do now but I work flexible hours and the people who I support are actually relatively independent so the job is very easy, but I feel I need to move on because of the bad pay and I'm not feeling content.
    My hobbies are reading non fiction books on a wide range of subjects (Whatever interests me at the time), I go running (to loose weight. I took it up 5 months ago), I play Poker (I make a profit throughout the course of a year, but not enough to make a living, due to low end bank roll atm), I watch movies and Youtube videos and I go out for a few beers maybe 3 times a month with a couple of close friends.
    So yeah, that's me….. Any Ideas what I can do? I'm thinking about learning Accountancy, but I'm not sure it suits my personality, another thing I've thought about is Forensic Science. I've starting to teach myslef computer coding to see if I can get into that, but after only a couple of days I'm already getting frustrated with it, whenever I get "errors" etc, not really enjoying it. pffffff.
    Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks

  5. What does that mean ‚they have simple needs‘? Like a pet? That’s just weird… and why is it supposed to be negative to take a decision based on logic? You can take a decision based on logic and take emotions/feelings into account! A decision solely based on feelings isn’t good either.

  6. I agree with this… For me emotions are just pointless as they are not facts they might change in a split-second

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