Introducing the new Scania V8 generation. When emotion meets logic

The spectacular sound of the new Scania V8 is impossible to silence. And who would want to? I feel like I should capture this moment. The glory of it all. Mmmh, look at those chromed details. How it reflects in the… But look beyond the chrome. This V8 is the new benchmark within the industry. Focus on its efficiency, robustness, and the power it delivers already at low revs. It’s an optimised engine, with pure SCR-technology resulting in fuel savings up to 10%. That’s some serious business, and the uptime… Please, I’ll think about that later. Just imagine driving it. The rush of turning those keys into a roar. But how about the new performance levels tailored for different operations and… Or how about that true power that only a V8 can live up to. That’s actually pretty great. Especially combined with…

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