Introduction – Design Practice – Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya

hello and welcome to this course on design
practice ah i will be the instructor in charge ah for this course design as you know is a
very very emergent discipline which has ah come into limelight over the past about i
would say ah twenty to twenty five years although the realization of design ah as a discipline
was felt way back ah post industrial revolution when products which were mostly utilitarian
in nature needed to be ah fitted to the needs or the ah the human aspect which is involved
in the usage of any product or any service or any system as such
design actually is that ah vehicle which bridges the gap between technology and the actual
human aspirations or needs behind how to use the technology so in this particular course
our focus would be mostly on the ah some of the basic tools which are available ah to
a designer who ah starts to design a product or a service from scratch beginning the course
is primarily intended for beginners in the in the area of a design ah beginners could
be people who ah want to aspire for ah um a masters of design program or ah people who
are practitioners within the industry and they have just ah joined the area ah of designing
ah the course would be divided into ah various ah different modules would probably give you
some idea about ah you know different stages of engineering designs ah related to products
we would try to ah look into the concurrent philosophy concurrent engineering philosophy
that most of the ah industries practice where everything from design to manufacturing to
even customer ah cares integrated under one umbrella decisions are done with the whole
team together ah we will do several case studies in this
area to give you a perspective of how actually ah design would be practiced in such cases
ah we would also introduce ah ah ah glimpse of ah how ah internationally design is carried
out particularly with the ideas approach ah of design we would try to talk about ah product
design ah um of ah you know in in terms of specifications and constraints look at ah
how you could embed quality into the design itself make the design robust enough so that
there is a hardly any scope of any ah failure ok and ah um ah you know the robustness is
really about ah the number of iterations that you use to arrive at a ah a very good product
ah design basically which can be manufactured we would also talk briefly about forms and
shapes and how we could utilize the power of computer aided designing to ah um you know
represent these in a more appropriate manner ah materials is a very big issue in ah for
designers ah um ah people who are actually associated the area of design have should
have a basic knowledge about how to do appropriately the material selection for different causes
ah for different kind of ah needs ah that products would typically be envisioned for
we would also give a brief glimpse of ah ah introductory electronics which could be used
by some of these beginners in the area of designing this knowledge ah you know carried
forward always helps to mold an individual ah to at least think about ah innovation and
different approaches to ah innovate the aspirations or needs ok so that there could be a good
design and then finally we would talk about ah axiomatic designs and system and process
innovation i will ah um also from time to time give some ah real life problems from
industry ah where all these philosophies ah merged together to ah get some novel ideas
some novel innovations into place in form of either product or service or system ah
um finally i would like to again once again welcome all of you ah to this course and wish
you have a very productive time ah of learning ah as we go along
thank you very much

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