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  1. I'm swat from AAIT in Ethiopia N I must say that Ya & da whole IIT are in deed da gift from God. Coz I've been attendin' surveying and maths and they saved me from gettin' dismissed. tnx N God bless U .

  2. Can anyone refer me similar channel like this which covers best and all topics of civil engineering lectures .Thanhks nptrlhrd.

  3. Very useful lecture. Concept of Stress and Strain has been explained very clearly specially when a slab is cut diagonally.Thank you sir

  4. thankuuuuuuu sir..it's just amazing……loved it ….wow……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you very much sir for sharing your knowledge….if you can please upload some videos for competitive exams for gate and ies exams…

  6. is your lecture enough for SOM I mean I don't know more about it just want to start my study PLizz tell…

  7. P = (2*pi*N*T) / (60 *1000) kW , N – rpm, T – Nm . And. T=9.55*10^6 * P/ n Nmm, P – kW , n – rpm Can anyone prove that above 2 equations are equal with proper steps and proof?

  8. Hello sir I m preparation gate and I am in 3year of ME student so I want to complete SOM So i do preparation to see this video series it is way I chose right or wrong pleas reply as soon as possible

  9. Sir in stress strain curve,stress is independent term,then why we are taking stress in y-axis and strain on x-axis

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