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Information and communication technologies have truly taken the world by storm. This computer jungle (laptops, servers, smartphones, networks) has invaded all industries and facets of our life. This jungle is inhabited by misterious creatures; creatures we must learn to leave you with: information systems, that guide and drive most organizations. If we work in accounting, a financial application will control with an iron fist how we account for transactions. If we work in sales, a system such as will constantly pester us demanding data on forecasted and actual sales. These systems closely monitor and control employees; sometimes they might even drive them crazy, especially if these employees don’t really understand their undelying logic. These challenges are the reason for the creation of this course, and also why you might consider joining it. In this Survival Guide we will cover in accessible manner and with a “light-touch” how to make sense of these Systems understand their role and learn how to establish a win-win relationship with them. Thus, we will review the various types of Information Systems, how they shape day to day business life, and my own current or future job, the supporting infrastructures (such as the Cloud or Big Data) and the main integrated systems, the ERPs such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics Navision. My name is Alfonso Durán I’m a professor of Engineering Management at UC3M and coordinator of these MOOC. We hope that you will join us in this course. We can help you to successfully navigate these jungle and, meanwhile, enjoy the journey!

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