Introduction to Strength Training for Women – Registered Program

So it’s an introduction to weightlifting
for women. I think it’s a great program for people come in, learn in the
foundations of some strength training, getting on some barbells and dumbbells,
kettle bells, sleds. Do those movements safely and build that in so they can
take it with them, and then work out on their own from what they’ve learned in
the class. Hey Jess, so what do you get the most out of the program here? The Indroduction to Weightlifting for Women class is a great introduction for any woman not looking to start the basics with learning the foundations of
weight training it’s also a good opportunity to start building a full
massive, learn the foundations of your push and pull exercises. It’s a
judgment-free zone so it’s really a comfortable environment for women to
take what they learned here and use it downstairs in the gym. RecConnect City of Brantford Parks & Recreation

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