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Thanks for joining us on ‘Ask A Trainer’, I’m your host, Candice Currie, joined here today with Master Trainer, Stone Thomas. How you doin? Stone, I’ve got another question for you. Are you ready? Please. Alright, so today’s question comes to us from Harrison M., who shares that he’s having issues with fat loss. Is cardio best or strength training for this? Cardio or strength training, so with any workout regimen you’re actually going to want to incorporate both of these. Specifically, you want to do your strength training portion before you do cardio. Now the reason for this is all the nutrition that you’ve been eating the day of the workout, and even the day before the workout, your body’s actually going to utilize that nurturance as energy. Once you’ve depleted that energy, all of those nutrients out of your body, what do you have left to burn? Body fat? Body fat. So that’s when you want to start implementing cardio. Once you’re doing cardio after you’ve depleted your body of the nutrients, you’re going to start targeting those fat cells more efficiently. That’s actually really great to know, I didn’t know that. I always did the opposite, cardio first and then strength training. So that’s great to know. So, you should do a little bit of cardio just to warm up. OK. 10 to 15 minutes. But if you’re specifically going for fat loss and you’re utilizing target heart rate to really kick starts that fat loss, it should be after. Ok, that’s great advice. Hopefully that helps you Harrison! Go ahead and send us your questions, and we’ll see you next time.

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