Is Health Food Making You Fat?

Foods marketed as healthy are actually making
America fat. If you don’t want to know more, I suggest you run away now, for about 30 minutes
a day with an elevated heart rate. Actually, you should just do that anyway. Hey gang, Matt Lieberman here for DNews. Obesity
is, dare I say, a huge issue in the United States. Nearly two thirds of US women and
three quarters of US men are overweight or obese, and a new report published in the journal
JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that Obese Americans actually outnumber overweight Americans.
It’s big news, but a new study published in the Journal of Marketing Research is weighing
even more heavily on my mind. The study, authored by the American Marketing Association, shows
that foods marketed as fitness, diet, or healthy options can lead to overconsumption and actually
reduce consumers’ motivation to exercise. The study examined the eating and exercise
patterns of so-called “restrained” eaters, who are chronically concerned about their
body weight and image. Participants were allowed to choose between two bags of trail mix, one
labelled simply Trail Mix, while the other was labelled Fitness Trail Mix, with an image
of running shoes visible on the package. They were given eight minutes to eat and give their
opinions on the trail mix of their choice, and then encouraged to exercise as much as
they wanted on a stationary bike. Overwhelmingly, participants who chose the Fitness trail mix
consumed more of it and also opted to work out far less vigorously than those who chose
the “normal” trail mix. Through simple marketing, people internalized the message
that this trail mix was a light, fit snack, and that exercise was therefore less necessary
or not necessary at all. However, diet foods are in many ways just
as unhealthy or more unhealthy than foods considered unhealthy. You see, when food producers
try to make a food seem leaner by cutting fat, they often add sugar and sodium to make
it taste as great as the real thing. Take breakfast cereals for example. Cereals like
General Mills’ Total Raisin Bran, Kellogg’s Smart Start, or Kellogg’s Low-Fat Granola
all contain more grams of sugar per serving than a powdered sugar donut at Dunkin Donuts.
All of their boxes encourage a health-conscious lifestyle. But if a consumer decides to eat
more in one sitting AND exercise less often, their sugar intake could skyrocket. What’s
worse, it’s not just an American problem. In the UK, the University of Hertfordshire
discovered that foods from 7 major supermarkets marketed as healthy options for children in
fact contained more sugar, fat, and salt than the same healthy foods marketed towards adults.
Either way, we’ve got a mega-sized marketing mix-up here. In closing, don’t be fooled by a pair of
running shoes, a happy sun, or pictures of happy, rugged hikers. Always read nutrition
facts and the ingredient list of foods before you buy, and hey, it’s better to eat less
of the real thing than to eat more of a processed clone. And hey, if you want to see more of me, why
don’t you check out this fun video on Sourcefed, where I talk about the Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed
Crust Pizza?

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  1. That's just for the lazy people. No foods will make me workout any harder or less than that. If I hit the weights, I hit the weights like a crazed animal.

  2. So, big surprise, we let billion dollar corporations lie, lie, lie any way they want and we swallow their bullshit hook, line, and sinker.  But it's OK because the republicans on the Supreme Court say that corporations are people.

  3. yep this is exactly why people are fat, "oh less fat per serving mayaslwell eat it all"
    exactly what uneducated people think.

  4. It's no marketing mix up. It's done intentionally for the sole purpose of making as much money as possible, with the disregard of human health. Basically, those CEO's of these companies don't care what we consume as long as we like it and we want more of it.

  5. Massive fan of Matt over at SF but this platform seems to suit him really well. Matt seems like he would fit in so well among the hosts at D news.

  6. americans don't seem to understand it's exercise and being active that keeps you fit, diet is an important role, but you can't just eat "diet foods" and never work out.

  7. Protein based foods that make you fat , do that because you need to burn the fat off to get muscles.

  8. The "dieting industry" is designed to keep you fat long term. Just like the medical industry is designed to keep you sick or they would lose their customers. And yes, calorie surplus makes you gain weight, and calorie deficit makes you lose it – but it's not just about calories. You can be skinny and very unhealthy. Arteries are nowadays showing signs of athelosclerosis in young slim people in their late teens. Eating bacon, cheese, ice cream and butter in moderation will still clog your arteries, increase cancer rates and other chronic illnesses no matter how skinny you are. You need micronutrients which are abundant in every whole plant food, which your diet should revolve around (beans, lentils, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, starches, grains etc.) Animal products increase obesity, cancer, heart disease and overall mortality, so those should be limited.

  9. Obesity isn't a disease, it's a choice. All you have to do it stop putting so much food in your mouth. It's just that simple.

  10. @DNews At around 1:39 you say that when a producer removes fat and adds sugar to make it taste more like 'the real thing', I worry that neither are 'the real thing', and suggesting that the non-sugar added item is 'real' while the other one isn't, is a bit disingenuous.  Both could be heavily processed … using the term 'real' when it comes to food is misleading.

  11. workout you lazy fucks! I don't have to to stay thin but I do because I want to really be ripped and fit! if I don't workout I'd just be that thin guy.

  12. Yeah, there should be strict laws that govern lying in advertising. Misinformation is a important problem in a democratic society where half of the population doesn't give shit and believe everything they are being told and dont care to check there info. And I think lying should be a illegal. And the fine should depend on the impact it has on society and the graveness.

  13. Hey Matt you're on DNews? I just saw you on BuzzFeed, man, you're all over the place. I'd like to see you on the REACT channel or maybe GMM too.

  14. go vegan! its the eat what ever the fuck you wanna eat as long as it didn't come from an animal and stay lean diet:)

  15. gotta love these stock images in the thumbnail.
    "hey fatty, can we take some embarrassing photos of you holding health item?"

  16. I find the psychology of dieting and fitness fascinating.
    At the moment I'm trying to improve my existing diet but of course it's hard to figure out exactly which diet is most appropriate. With all the fads competing for space and every website promising results, its hard for me to figure it all out especially considering that I have no higher education.I am of course digging through the scientific literature on the subject but it's slow going.
    (note: I'm not overweight or obese, in fact I'm about average weight for my age. And when I say I'm looking for a diet I mean the foods I consume throughout my week. Not necessarily a specific diet type (i.e. Atkins, Mediterranean, vegetarian, etc.))

  17. Healthy food is natural food not all these processed low fat junk. So this video title is just misleading. Anyways who's the presenter, he's fit!

  18. why dont you idiots stop being so patriotic and talk about the whole world and not the US alone, muricans are retards, their lives are different from the other parts of the world…

  19. Isnt it about time we come up with technology that does passive exercise or boost metabolism by 300%? I am going to get so much hate for this, but admit it, you wouldnt exercise if the technology existed. "Don't be so lazy, go exercise" – people have been inventing things to ease life all the time, like washing machines, lighters. That statement is the same as "dont be so lazy, hand wash your clothes" or "hand start a fire". I dont understand why some people insist that exercise be a compulsory element in life. we have solved many problems before, why are we so stubborn over this.

    Ofcourse this is direct at those who are against slimming technology. The most obvious reason to me why they are against it is because they spent so much effect and time to get to where they are and they find it unfair when others find an easier way at it. Since when was the 'easier way' a bad thing. Arn't we supposed to simplify things and make life easier?

  20. I hate big business they will do anything to make more money including lying or misleading the public to consume things that are bad for them I think capitalism is a failing system and I think it needs to be controlled even more

  21. Theres healthy food and theres health food. Health food is not healthy food. Stick to fruits and vegetables

  22. "Health" Food …Healthy food is natural food that's not processed. DNews is getting so good at these clickbait titles.

    But that study about the effects of marketing to people eating those diet, low-fat, non-fat foods is very interesting.

  23. If you want to be healthy and reverse and/or prevent disease and cancer, eat a Whole food plant based lifestyle. You can eat in abundance and never need to have to go hungry. Look up the starch solution by Dr. John mcdougall.

  24. Covert Bailey read his book fit or fat and never be unfit ever again, less of course you do not take such easy and non strenuous 3 times a week more the better a brisk walk I believe they call it aerobic /age/Hart rate /and please if you are 300 lb you should not run. Eat, in moratorium but never deprive yourself …so so so simple stop paying the health club they want you fat to keep coming back. Just sad… you need not even brake a sweat, the bigger you are the slower you go . You need no equipment just the ability to put your finger on your wrist to get your heart rate for ,age, pound, but then again I have nothing agents large or unhealthy people! Live how you wish my wish is you live longer so that I may meet you and love you for who you are. PEACE…

  25. Please excuse misspelling I just ate a large pizza and my walk for 30 minutes brings out my autism sometimes I'd rather be fat and a dummy but hey we get what we got and try to improve our lot. PEACE

  26. Every second a couple to a few children die from starvation. This is caused by many factors but largely due to displacement of resources. For example: Kenyans are starving yet the country continues to export more food stuffs than anything else. Unfortunately most of that food goes into the making of your fat asses. Your buying power internationally is higher than a Kenyans. This enables you continue to inhumanely displacing food each time you use your purchasing power. Please stop starving us. Every meal you eat is one less for someone else.

  27. Messages to take away –
    Media lies to you
    Companies don't care about you and just want your money
    Your governement don't care about you as long as those companies are supporting their campaigns

    Been avoiding proccessed/packaged foods for 2 years now. Never felt better.

  28. i exercise regularly and have been for more than a year and i NEVER eat diet food, it tastes disgusting and its not worth it, eat good, exercise a lot, be a happy healthy person, stay strong.

  29. I see improvements in advertizing as a bit like improvements in weapons over the years.  Yeah, we like to think we are tough and can just shake it off, but the science of how to take advantage of our biological form increasingly produces things that simply can not be willed away.

  30. Ayy Matt's back on DNews. Nice to see him, I discovered his channel and SourceFed from DNews – of which I am forever grateful for.

    But oh Matt, it's pronounced Heart-ford-shire. 😛

  31. Of course marketing and labeling should be regulated but stupid capitalism won't allow that so you all get fat.

  32. Woah when was cereal a "health food"? If anything people's problems seem to root in ignorance, which marketing makes full use of.

    Restrictions on marketing? That's a tough one to answer. I do believe marketing can provide a false image of a product. However, marketing can also provide consumers with as much information as possible about the product in a shorter time. The best case scenario is simply an empowered consumer who can decide with full consideration of the product. Problem solved.

  33. ive noticed this! and the healthy options are rather expensive too! i actally looked ast salad cream in a a uk supermarket and the healthy option one contained more fat etc than he normal one and i thought wtffff

  34. Health food is different from healthy food… Health food can mean or refer food that serves as a supplementary of diet. While healthy food refers to any food that causes no harm, depending on the person who answer that question.

  35. Id actually assume the fitness trail mix to have more calories because its made for fitness so it would give you energy for doing things.

  36. I tried some gluten free brownie mix. It was so full of sugar it was almost sickening. Better to cook with Stevia. But then a few years down the road we'll probably find out that's killing us to.

  37. A food being marketed as "diet", "fit", "healthy" or "low fat" does not make it healthy food. Real health food is barely marketed at all.

  38. Wanna become skinny, fit, just healthy in general? Eat more whole foods. Fruits, vegetables, ,rolled oats, and beans.
    Packaged foods are killing you, once you start eating whole foods such as these and a limit to meats other than protein packed white meat and fish you will become more energized, your skin will become softer, you won't get as much acne, and you might even lose weight if your diet is calorie controlled.

  39. people say most of food in America has much bigger serving and taste better, well that why your health server is fucking shit. they feed you all sorts of shit fucking crap and just waiting for you to get sick …

  40. why not a unified label on the front of the package with the number of kilo joules per 100 grams (or calories per pound)

  41. I have a question, how can a person with muscular dystrophy or possible disability fight the fat when they can't do any exorcise?

  42. Just eat in moderation

    Whole wheat Chex cereal
    Whole wheat bread
    Lean meat
    Cottage cheese
    Leafy greens and veggies

    etc and keep your portions controlled! And don't be afraid of fats! There's good fats like avocados same goes for carbs just eat healthy all around and keep active you don't have to go on extreme juice diets or extreme small portion diets you'll never lose weight successfully like that it'll kill your metabolism and when you decide to have a big meal or a normal one you'll gain weight fast.

  43. I'm underweight I'm a 9 year old and only weigh about 53 pounds……I'm a picky eater I'm not forcing myself don't worry

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