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— Wait, pause – who’s keeping in a tampon in for days?
— Maybe they forgot; went on vacation. — Is it really bad to leave a tampon in too long? – That’s one of the biggest no-no’s. – So I’m like a 2-hour type of girl – after then it’s gotta go. — Yes. That is danger zone. – People have died.
– I feel like you do accidentally leave them in too long. – Yeah.
– That happens a lot. — Leaving one in for days puts you at risk for getting
toxic shock syndrome. — Okay, that’s a lot. That’s a lot. – That’s kinda gross.
– Well some people accidentally will double up. Has that ever happened to you?
– No. No. – I’ve heard horror stories, like maybe you forget that one’s in there, just… asking for a friend, because I’ve never done it myself… — Oh okay yeah, I’m guilty of this… — Is it that bad… to do my favorite thing…
to eat after 8:00 p.m.? – Yes.
– Yep, mhm, all the time. I’ll be up til 4, I’m eating at 3:59. If I’m going to sleep at 10, I’m eating at 9:59.
— Same. — It’s snack time. Midnight snack.
— I know, you want pizza, it’s 11:30… — And if you’re hungry. you’re hungry.
— Yeah, and I’m always hungry when I’m in bed because I’m watching TV, so. — This is something that my mom is like always telling
me not to do, because she says it messes up your metabolism, and especially when you sleep, like it’s just not good to eat that late. — Nah! There’s no specific time when your body starts turning what you eat directly into fat – this is great news!
— I’m really excited! — That said, if you’re prone to eating mindlessly at night it might help you to give yourself a cutoff. — We’ll see about that.
— My cutoff is when I fall asleep. — Taco Bell wouldn’t be open that late if it was a bad thing to do; I don’t think any of those places would be open. — Is it bad to pop a pimple? — When I get a pimple I kind of wait ’til it’s ready? And then I pop it? If that’s – yeah. So — yeah, pop it when it’s ready, I don’t know, you know what it’s ready. — So bad but it’s so tempting all the time.
— Yeah. — When I pop my pimples, they don’t leave good marks. — Oh okay. See, cuz you’re not popping it when it’s ready. …Aight let’s see what up. It says it says “Sorry, but yes. Popping can
make them–”…. Okay, so I’m incorrect. Popping can make them last longer, spread bacteria,
and even lead to permanent scarring. It’s okay. — Sorry…
— That’s why you don’t pop ’em! — Alright, that sucks. — See? I told you. This is never going away! — Is it bad to eat food past the
expiration date? — I probably throw out my food a day
before the expiration date. Just in case.
— Girl, not me. — Honestly, this is dirty but I do it.
— I do it sometimes too! — Like dairy products, they’ll kind of overcompensate for the date, so usually like a day or two after it says it’s expired I’ll drink it. No one else
in my house really does it, but I do it. — I’m with everybody else in the house. — I’m like a serial date-checker.
— Oh you are? — Yeah, like to the point of paranoia. — A lot of food IS good past it’s expiration date.
— See? — Capitalism. Sometimes even by several
weeks! But always ditch food that’s – that smell or tastes funky.
— Yeah, I feel like you just gotta kind of assess the situation.
— Use your instincts. — The industry has to sell it by a certain time, but you have a little leeway. — Right on.
— Actually, literally like, not even lying to you, an hour ago I ate a yogurt that
expired in February, and I’m totally fine. I didn’t even – it tasted just like peaches.
— That… I think that is actually bad.

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