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  1. Yo también soy médico e inmigrante, y aparte de español hablo portugués; sé como se siente vivir en un país en donde en un inicio no se domina el dialecto. Me pareció muy conmovedor e inspirador tu video. Siempre, por encima de tener alguna nacionalidad o hablar determinado idioma, todos somos seres humanos, y éso es lo que realmente nos debe importar a todos los profesionales de salud; nuestro deber es ayudar a nuestros pacientes, sin ningún tipo de prejuicio o discriminación.

  2. I would like to know what city they’re located in and to find out if this doctor was reprimanded because no one should be treated the way she was I Think he should have been reported to the medical board because he broke his oath to treat all people equally

  3. I can't imagine moving to another country and not learning their language. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

  4. If this hasn't been reported yet, it should be. Refusing care because of a language barrier that is being dealt with, is so messed up.

  5. I'm going to go live in Russia for 45 years and any Russian who tells me I should speak Russian is racist!
    When I lived in Germany for a couple of years, Polizei asked me if I spoke German fluently. I knew a few words, but I said no because I don't speak it. They were racist too!

  6. Lol.. anyone say.. sh&#storm topic.
    It's not racist to expect anyone who wishes to visit a country to learn its language and its customs and culture. English is the universal language spoken in America. Should the dr keep his job.. sure why not. People can always not use his practice if they choose not to. Just as a Baker or a calligrapher should be able to choose their clients without fear of being sued. Same goes for drs.
    Good or bad attitude

  7. I am about to start school, I'm going for American sign language. To become an interpreter for the deaf! Super excited about it!

  8. This is why my goal in life is to learn as many languages as I can so people never feel like they have to know English to speak to me. I love all languages and I'm honored to learn them!

  9. Hello doctor mike, I’m new to your channel and I learned a lot thru your videos, especially this kind of topic, because I am currently reviewing on my nclex regarding on patient’s communication barrier.

    Hope you will do some medical lectures on your channel and continue to provide medical information to your subscribers.

  10. Why did he not have an interpreter?? Wth, that's a terrible attitude. Does he know English is a difficult language and that just because you speak a language doesn't mean everyone should. Diversity is key, life would be dull if we were all the same.

  11. I don't agree with the doctor's behaviour but I mean if you're living somewhere for that long you should put some effort in learning the culture, language etc of that place. This is not an excuse to be racist but still..

  12. i was in the er the one time cause of my gi issues and there was a girl that came in while i was waiting and was using asl and i know asl and the people in the front trying to talk to her did not no asl and i did so i tried to help i also have seizures and when i come out of a seizure i can't talk so i use asl and i was taken to the hospital the one time and the one nurse came in i was using asl and she said to me i don't understand that u have to talk then another nurse who new me from being there before came in and said she just had a seizure she can't talk so that nurse helped me andthe other nurse just walked away

  13. Ok 45 years is a long time, and the average person my have learnt to speak another lanuage within 5 years or so. However, it is not always that simple, the granma may have mental health issuses or may of had a trumatic experience which lead her to staying away from english speakers. 45 years is a long time but think what life would of been like for anyone who wasn't white english speaking back in 1973. Look at how people are treated in 2019 but apparently things have improved, so it would of been hell in the 70s. Plus its might just be a person's choice not to learn and no body has the right to say this is wrong, everyone has the right to be treated like a human no matter how they choose to live thier lives.

  14. The physician is right.
    Failure to assimilate is more than just a barrier to healthcare, it's a barrier to everything.

    I think you'll notice (eventually, after several years in practice), that family translation is often family answers rather than translation and responses. This, again is a failure of assimilation which hurts that patient in everything and everyone she interacts with.
    (Measl PGY-37)

  15. The proper term is Latino, not Hispanic. Unless the person is not living in the US, then the term is Latin American. I’m majoring in Latino Studies at NYU, and this is an important distinction

  16. I work in a facility where we use phones for translation most of our patients speak Spanish and I speak Spanish so I really love to help them. today there was this lady she’s 60 years old she came to the US 4 years ago and she was scared because she doesn’t know English very well, so I offered her to call the translator and she said yes. She speaks Russian, and I saw her face light up when she started explaining in her native language to the translator what she was there for. I love languages.

  17. I was once referred to a doctor to have cysts removed from my scalp. I met the doctor the day of the surgery and he informed me that he would only remove 2 of the cysts. I said I was told they would all be removed. He told me the locals could give me heart trouble if he did all of them because it would be too much medication and said I didn't know what I was talking about . He was obviously angry but I went ahead with the surgery because it needed done. He & his nurse were both fluently bilingual and they decided to speak in only Spanish during the surgery despite knowing I didn't speak Spanish. I felt that it was highly unprofessional but said nothing as I was afraid to. He only told me to not wash my hair till the stitches were removed which was to be a month later. I later found out that wasn't protocol at all. Over all he was unprofessional and I believe he was just a rude as this man in the video.

  18. I think he went about it the wrong way and i commend the daughter for translating but when you have been in the country for so long you would think that you could speak english

  19. Привет я посмотрел уже 2 видео на твоем консле я из эстноий… Я приехал в сша 3 года назад живу во floride видео про игру прикольное надеюсь увидеш 😊

  20. Lmao this is the problem with the US right now. Living in a country for 45 years and not knowing the official language of the respective country is ridiculous. I would consider it to be my duty to learn the language of the country that I am living in for one year, not 45.

  21. This felt very personal to me as well. I often go with my mom with her appointments because, while she understands English, she doesnt understand all the medical terms or directions the doctor gives her. When I translate, I let her speak for herself as much as possible and only translate the few things she doesn't know. I think it's important for we as family members who are translating to let our parents speak for themselves as much as possible.

  22. If the granddaughter's account of the old doctor was true, then he was a jerk for saying something irrelevant to the job.

    However, to say that it is ok for this specific patient to just bring an interpreter if its her preference because it's her right (while technically true) is absolving yourself of the responsibility to give the best advice possible to a patient who has lived there for 45 years.

    Objectively, the interpreter won't be able to translate everything, or might try and do so incorrectly, or might be unavailable when the patient needs medical attention, etc etc. What would you say if the old lady misunderstood instructions or options because of this? It was your granddaughter's fault and yours too because it was your choice to use her as an interpreter?

    Nobody other than bigots and jerks is saying that non-english speakers deserve to be treated in the boorish manner this lady supposedly was. But the idea that american citizens dont need to speak english while the increasingly interconnected world outside of america has been studying more english than ever in order to be able to communicate with america and each other is just… silly.

    I also find it odd to find it a problem that the patient did not receive care. More so than using an interpreter, that was her choice, not the doctors.

  23. It is a valid concern of the doctor. When stuff goes wrong in the care of the mother through mistranslation whose fault is this? Thanks for your "nonprofit" hospital. How much does the head of your hospital make three- four hundred thousand a year? More. Remember Superman the people working and paying health insurance are the people paying for their" free" healthcare. My union insurance is costing me $2000 extra a year towards your "free" healthcare. Nothing is free!
    45 years and she doesn't speak English? Wow;

  24. Dr Mike acknowledges (when he talked about the Russian patients) that when the doctor said "it's not the same" he was right. The thing is there isn't anything wrong with a multicultural society as long as there is an overarching culture that everyone shares (which includes a language and traditions otherwise it would be a pretty empty thing to subscribe to) otherwise there will be an awkward disconnect between people that you can't quite shake.

  25. 1:15 the doctor is a fucking idiot. I work in a low income clinic without a lot of money and we use a hipaa approved phone translation service when we aren’t sure a family member is giving an accurate translation (sometimes family members will manipulate)

  26. I’m bless with speaking two languages: Spanish (as my first) and English (as the language of my birth country). I’m still interested in learning French, Italian, and Portugués, along with Greek and Latin. When I was in middle and high school I was told that I speak like a native and without no accent which is shocking because I live in Robeson County, North Carolina, and a lot of people have the country accent that I can’t stand (I love the people though), but at least I don’t have that accent, and my siblings sadly do. I also believe because I don’t have an accent I have better opportunities than my siblings, basically I’m called the city man because I behave more professional and sometimes they look at me as if something is wrong, but deep down that want to be me. I often tried to convince them to stop acting in a certain way so people can take them seriously and they say “We’re from the ghetto and that’s how it is”, and I was just shock. But at the end it’s their life they can behave as they will, but if they want to better themselves they should stop talking as the place they’re from.

  27. This is a real issue in the healthcare system, ironically especially in the publicly subsidized healthcare system since that is where many Hispanic patients will be treated. My wife, who is a Venezuelan immigrant and speaks English but prefers Spanish for medical visits, has received treatment in two states in both public and private health clinics. Fortunately for us, we've observed mostly compassion and understanding from healthcare professionals – doctors and nurses alike. In fact, it seems that many doctors recognize the need to be bilingual in their practice as they receive many Spanish-speaking patients. We've had doctors who have begun studying Spanish later in life for this reason. Spanish speakers are not going away in the US, no matter what politicians decide to do. The Hippocratic Oath obligates doctors to treat people regardless of any ethnic or cultural differences. I applaud doctors who feel inspired to learn a new language so they can communicate with people in their native tongue.

  28. I’m a Filipino and I have a lot of friends that are nurses, and most of them say that most doctors look down on the nurses. They usually act and speak like gods but most of the time the nurses are the ones doing all the hard work and all they do is command. Some Filipino nurses are not very eloquent but I believe they can do the job required of them to do. I just hope nurses get more respect from the doctors they work with.

  29. English is just a language and nothing else.
    I am from India and our languages are collapsing because of "Prestige language".

  30. Ok before I start, I'm gonna say right now I know Canada and the US are different countries.
    Here in Canada, on the websites where you can look for a family doctor, not only does it tell you what gender they are (some people prefer same gender doctors, to each their own), it also tells you what language(s) they speak. The main doctor I see speaks several middle eastern languages, in addition to English. The reason I bring this up is because there is a heavy population on immigrants in my area. So if you have trouble with English, you can filter doctors by the language they speak and receive quality care in your native language.
    Again, I realize Canada is not the same as America, but just wanted to point out how nice doctors can be.

  31. She needs to learn English . This is Usa not Mexico , she has been lived here for many years . She has many benefits to learn English ,not depends on any one , Dr Mike , are you liberal ?
    She made her dr spending double time on her per the translation. This is not fair to another patients/ immigrants who learned , speak English . This is Usa 🇺🇸 not Mexico again . Be fair to another immigrants who respect the country , not try to take advantage on the system .

  32. I’m just watching this today so I’m sure someone has commented like this prior, but there are many English-speaking people, born in this country that this doctor would still not understand. It’s not about a language barrier at all. It’s about him being in a position of power wanting to unleash his feelings (some would say political feelings) on a patient that he knows cannot get him in any type of trouble. Racism and abuse of power! Plain and simple!

  33. Ironically, all this talk about why we should have "diversity" are actually reasons why we SHOULDNT have "diversity".

    "All of these problems were caused by 'diversity' and now we must use 'diversity' to fix it." lmao.Go back to your own country folks. Your invasion is what causes these problems.

  34. I mean 45 years and u can’t speak the language!? How is that possible, that’s a whole lifetime. I’m bilingual myself English is my first language but if I live in a country for long enough it’s only right I learn to speak, read and write in that language. Maybe he was a little rude though

  35. although i do think that for someone to live in America for so long, they should put in some effort in learning the native language just like u would from moving to any country. plus it would be very helpful. however, it really isn't the doctor's place, or any stranger's place to judge someone for not knowing the native language. that was unprofessional

  36. Can you guys stop roasting the doctor? The old guy was just trying to do his job. He was probably super tired, and he wasn't prepared for a non-english patient. Also, the mother got super angry very fast, even though the doctor didn't seem agressive. In fact he was way more quiet than the screaming mother. And he explained himself, he just wanted to say that it's better if the patient talks about his own symptoms. Also, the doctor didn't tell them to leave, he seemed like he would accept the translation, but the mother said OK WE ARE LEAVING. This is a perfect example of the fact that today, anyone can be labelled a racist for no reason. Don't be so close minded, think about both sides.

  37. If you go to anoy country and decide to live there it's a good idea to learn their language. But you don't have to and nobody should make you feel bad about it.

  38. The doctor is clearly a fossil. He should consider resignation if he can't keep up to date with current professional standards (cultural competency and sensitivity).

  39. I completely agree with Dr. Mike here and the rude doctor definitely should have treated the patient better. That being said, 45 years in America and you don't speak ANY english? I mean, I completely understand that it's difficult to learn, but surely she should have picked up enough to hold a conversation? To move to a nation that speaks predominantly a different language than you, and to live there for nearly 5 decades without learning anything is a little ignorant to me. Again, the doctor is completely wrong in this situation and should have given her healthcare.

  40. Hey doc — you live in California. Nearly 40% of the population is Hispanic. HOW 'BOUT YOU LEARN SOME FUCKING SPANISH.

  41. Dr made insensitive comments, should be investigated for Racism… 90yr old immigrant Hispanic grandmother's english wont be much helpful either so probably having a relative or translator was the best way to go. But the Dr forgot his ethics and morals while treating the grandmother.

  42. That Doctor was out of line and totally rude to the patient. he should be reported and reprimanded by the medical board for having such an arrogant and flippant attitude toward people.

  43. Doctor Mike, if you took interest in this particular situation, then I'm sure this video of a racist Doctor will definitely peak your interest. Please watch this video:

  44. I have worked as a bilingual caregiver, and have dealt with some deaf clients and co-workers.

    I feel like topics like this often get broken into extreme black and white. Though I do agree that learning another language is hard, especially when you're older and/or acting as a stay at home parent, I do believe that there are a few words you should know for your own safety, like Help, Stop, Hurt, Where, and Sorry.

    The reason I say this is that I have faced the accusation of being both a sexual herasser then racist because the person I was speaking to did not understand English.

    The situation was that I was waiting for the crosswalk to be safe and noticed a woman starting to cross. I noticed a car barreling towards the intersection when I saw a woman starting to cross. I yelled out "STOP!" And she kept going, so I pulled her back just in time for the car to miss her legs. She started screaming at me in a foreign language until someone who could speak her language came and asked her what happened. In her mind, I tried to violate her and he acted in kind. It was only after a witness spoke up about the car that he calmed down enough for me to explain my side, and when I asked him to explain to her what "Stop" meant, so she knew it was a helpful word in the future, he started calling me racist as I shouldn't be forcing others to learn my language.

    In the end, my suggestion was not to learn English, but to know when someone's trying to help prevent her from being hurt… Yet I was told I am in the wrong…

    So I don't agree with what the doctor said, but I also disagree with the theory that it's ok not to learn any of the local language.

  45. Like most things in life (but maybe not online sadly), I feel like there aren't two sides here. 1) The doctor had terrible bedside manner/patient care skills…you should TRY to treat everyone that comes through your door. But 2, I still think his core point is right…if you've been living in an English speaking country (America or not) for 45 years you should have learned English by now. I'm tired of the attitude that expecting people to learn a language is some sort of cultural offense. Not letting someone speak their first language is an offense…but expecting someone to learn a second language, of the country they live in, I don't think is offensive. It's not like asking to remove an hijab ( which I strongly disagree with). It's this grandma saying I don't want to learn English. But seriously, if you move to a country with a different language, I think you should learn it.

  46. You inspired me to look into the field of medical translation. It is unacceptable to not be able to get health care due to a language barrier, and i speak both English and Spanish proficiently. I've always wanted to enter a profession where i could bridge the gap and help people who dont speak English have a voice.

  47. What if the family member’s bias changes the translation? It could lead to legal charges. And I’m not btw, on “anyone’s side” I have no idea of the situation. I try & stay out of twitter/social media drama

  48. This is horrible. I do think though that people should really try to learn the language of the country if they choose to live there for a long period of time. If I moved to Japan I’d most definitely try learn! Not everyone speaks English and it’s rude of me to expect people to understand me when I’m the foreigner… 😬 I think this doctor was horrible though and it’s so awful to speak to someone like that especially an elder

  49. The doctor takes it wayy to far. I have had spanish speaking clients in the care facilities i work at, and yes some of us are like "they have been here how long and not picked up Any english" its human error but its never said outloud in this rude manner. I have seen a lot of care staff at these facilities go out of there way to learn basic spnish, get context clues extra to provide the best care. We are not suposed to judge. It is sad that this happend.

  50. The cold part about it, America native language is from Native Americans. We have English because of British was here before Christopher Columbus and then English was used… There's no national assignment for a language.

  51. Doctor started saying he was a White American as a way to defend himself. He says "no,no i am American, a wh-" then he gets cut off by the daughter. All the story to get the full picture has been told.

  52. STRIKE ONE- 45 years in country and doesn't speak the language. STRIKE TWO- If ANY of the doctor's instructions had been mistranslated by the family member and the sick family member were to suffer damages (get worse or even die), the other family members would have a legal cause of action to sue the doctor as it is HIS responsibility to communicate proper healthcare instructions to the patient, not the daughter's. I'm all for immigration…we are a country of immigrants. Immigration and developing our own distinct culture is the foundation of our society. However, refusing or neglecting to assimilate is NOT becoming a true denizen of one's culture.

  53. Would you be willing to do a video speaking only Russian with subtitles! It seems to be a trend in YouTube, and I think it would be really interesting!

  54. The problem is when people combine their political, religious or other view with their profession. Certainly it is disappointing that a person that lives for 45 years in a country cannot be bothered to learn the language. But in a professional environment it is not your job to judge or condemn a person for this, it is your job to give professional service. Did the doctor behave in a professional manner, absolutely not. He let his personal opinion and current mood affect his job. And that is wrong, no matter if its a doctor or a car mechanic. Is it wrong to be in a country and not have a grasp of conversational language level, absolutely, it is also wrong. But it is not his job to judge her on it.
    My parents immigrated legally to the US in 1981 from Germany. As they came from the older generation, they had no real grasp of the english language. But within 3 years they could hold a regular conversation in English, and a few years later they spoke almost perfect English. I moved to China due to my work about 12 years ago. Within 2 years I was able to speak conversation level Chinese, I would not say that after 12 years I speak perfectly, but I can communicate in most situations at a reasonable level. yes, learning languages is hard, but 45 years should be enough time to get it done. There is no excuse.

  55. Its interesting to me am a Hispanic person yes I speak English as well as Spanish. Am also a kidney transplant patient and before that I was in Dialysis… my mom at the time did not understand or speak English, but Doctors in general found a way to communicate with her. That being said… yes the language of the US is English but not all people had the opportunity to learn or they found it hard to learn. Some people may have Dyslexia and learning disabilities this is not a professional doctor… get may have the title but not the attitude! The Hippocratic oath states " I will do no harm" as the first of the oaths that a doctor takes it is the most important. This doctor did harm maybe not with a medication, or doing unnecessary surgery, but he is guilty of harming the psychological and mental health if the patient! He should be ashame of himself! He dose not deserve to be called a doctor!

  56. I have no words for this old man. He is obviously very priviliged, being a doctor, white, and a man. He seems to have no empathy for people who are in different situations. What would he do with a person with a hearing disability? Send them home, too?

  57. I wouldn’t blame you for being upset after watching that video, the doctors behavior was appalling, I cannot believe such a well educated man is so ignorant and arrogant 😡 I hope Angie’s nana got the medical care she needed.

  58. Rude and angry doctors I used to visit in a post soviet country. So speaking the same language as they are didn’t help with their manners.

  59. I think the attitude of “You’re in __ country! You should speak in our native language.” I don’t like this attitude whatsoever. It seems to be prevalent in the USA, but I could not speak for other countries, as I have lived in the USA for my whole life. Does anyone experience this in their home country? What is your opinion on this?

  60. Like me i don't can good to speaking english but I am also learn from my daughter she have to talking language english good because my country Sabah Malaysia thinking that talking use english not important before

  61. I am getting my first GCS tomorrow (Go me) and so far the secretary on the phone has been extremely trans phobic and disrespectful to me. Wish me luck….

  62. Que mal por el médico que atendió a la abuelita. Yo no sé hablar en inglés, mi nivel es es más bajo, pero soy inquieto y en YouTube sigo al Dr. Mike. Soy trasplantado de riñón y me he encontrado a lo largo de mis 27 años con IRC, con médicos excelentes. Saludos desde Bogotá Colombia.

  63. I recently discovered your video's and I like them but in this one you threw out a comment about evidence, while ignoring a lot of evidence. The studies showing a doctor of similar background leads to better outcomes is mixed. Some studies have shown the opposite especially when it comes to screening. In addition many of these studies are very poor quality-like many nutrition studies.
    Following your logic, how much should patients know about their doctors background to make sure they are of "similar background"? Should they know their ancestry, sexuality or political beliefs? As the video you reference shows people need to see each other as individuals- not members of groups. Lets stop identifying each other with labels.

  64. What about the black man and the woman getting put out the hospital after giving birth they should have given birth at home cuz muhfuckas today still racist

  65. The doctor's No. 1 concern should have been that woman's health. With that being said, it is a real shame that she hasn't learned English in 45 years.

    Dr Mike, diversity is great but it shouldn't be there to accomodate patients who haven't been able to learn the language in 45 years.

  66. Yeah that Doctor is racist and discriminatory in my view – it seemed to me like he didn't want to help his patient solely because of the language barrier and her need for an interpreter. I really think had the interpreter NOT been family that day, the patient would NOT have been helped in any way and we would not have heard about it because no one would have made a video at the scene. I'd be shocked if no one reported him to his State Medical Board for racially discriminating against his patients.

  67. I love this channel, and I absolutely agree with the message of this episode. However, I see the use of the rainbow coloration of the words "Diversity in Medicine" in the video thumbnail as somewhat problematic. The overall focus of the episode was on an incident concerning language and ethnic origin, and the rainbow is a symbol of LGBT+ pride. I assume the intention was to imply support for diversity more broadly (including diversity of sexuality and gender identity), but at least to me it comes off as treating the rainbow as representative of diversity more broadly. I've seen allies do this before with what I generally assume are the best of intentions, but I fear this may actually have the effect of diluting the meaning of that symbol and contribute to LGBT+ erasure. Good intentions don't always lead to good outcomes.

    Once again, I love this channel. I just wanted to put forward this minor criticism of this excellent video. Incidentally, I would love to see some sort of collaboration between Doctor Mike and Aaron Carroll of Healthcare Triage. They're thinking on healthcare is very much on the same track. It would be awesome to see them work together!

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