Isofol Medical at Pareto Securities’ Health Care Conference 2019

My name is Pavas Mehra we are here at
Pareto Securities’ annual healthcare conference in Stockholm and with me I
have Anders Rabbe CEO of Isofol Medical welcome and thank you for having me here
could you please tell us a little bit more about this of all and yeah the
product that you are developing yes so we are developing a drug called Arfolitixorin or in its intended for treating colorectal cancer and it’s we can you
know hopefully improve the therapy by increasing the efficacy of the the key
therapy for colorectal cancer which is cytotoxic agents which reduces cancer
cell growth and we with Arfolitixorin we provide a substance called MTHF which increase the efficacy of these cytotoxic and we not just now we have a
phase 3 trial ongoing in Europe US and Canada we have more than 70 hospitals
including patients and we intend to have some readouts from this trial during
2020 where we’re doing interim analysis at the same time we have of course a lot
of discussions and around the world with potential partners we are increasing
your awareness regarding our potential to improve the therapy for these
patients with colorectal cancer and particularly we are treating metastatic
colorectal cancer and we are targeting patients in the first line meaning
initial treatment and basically this is the first potential new drug for this
patient in the last 15 years that means that we have a big interest from from
key opinion leaders and physicians and and also patients to participate in this
trial and you have quite a large addressable market I assume there are
365,000 incidents of colorectal cancer in US Europe and Japan
well actually the incidence is much larger but the illegible patients who
could get treated with cytotoxic agents are those who unfortunately have a more
severe disease and that’s around these 360,000 patients this is not including
China or the rest of the world and we think by targeting these patients
in the first line and based on the primary market research we have done
throughout the years more than sixty to seventy thousand patients with nine
months treatment indicates with the pricing indications that we have that
this is a billion-dollar opportunity for for commercialization in going forward
and you mentioned that there will be some phase three readouts are there any
other events like out of an investor perspective that we can be on the
lookout for well we have other trials ongoing so basically in during the next
spring we will have data from the Phase two trial which is ongoing in the same
parallel and the reason for this is that we want to have data to present that
different medical congress’s like ask a meeting in Chicago and so forth so this
you can have a look at for we also have informed the market that we have an
intention to to move our listing from First North Premiere to Nasdaq Main Market so these are some potential events that can increase the interest
for for our company and also the interest for potential investors to buy
shares that sounds interesting thank you for being here today and we’re looking
forward to following you head thanks so much for having me

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