1. Spesso le scuole private in Italia lavorano di meno delle pubbliche proprio perché paghi e quindi è “scontato” che ti facciano passare l’anno.

  2. more than "quality" for private doctors is because of intramoenia which is scandalous they work BOTH on public and private clinics and they of course favor PRIVATE clinic where they earn more and offer a faster service. Again, I think such doctors should be FIRED from the bat

  3. The USa is a Highly Federal Nation, Each individual State has its own health care System, I would say the State of Hawaii has the best health care system

  4. that US insurance is dumb asf….no wonder a lot of people dont get things discovered until they are almost dying…how the hell are you suppose to take care of yourself if your country doesnt even provide accesible care!🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. You LOVVVVVE Italy, yet you didn't even bother to learn about the political system, nor did you vote… You don't care about Italy, or Italians.. GTFO of my country..

  6. Il nostro sistema copre anche le spese di emergenza all'estero ed eventualmente il viaggio di ritorno per problemi non gravi

  7. Evviva l'Italia cazzo!
    Also dental cares are covered, but not those for beauty there should be a health problem

  8. Sia per il dentista che per la salute mentale, in teoria il SSN (Sistema Sanitario Nazionale) ti copre, solo che il servizio fornito fa cosí schifo che le persone preferiscono affidarsi al privato.
    In Italia esistono i LEA ovvero i Livelli Essenziali di Assistenza, cioé i servizi sanitari NECESSARI al cittadino per poter lavorare.
    Per esrmpio, se devo mettere gli occhiali il SSN paga per essi, ma se voglio gli occhiali col la montatura di marca o se voglio operarmi per eliminare completamente il difetto allora il SSN NON paga per queste cose, in quanto non mi sono indispensabili per lavorare (mi basterebbe indossate gli occhiali semplici che mi fornisce il SSN).

    Fonte: ho studiato infermieristica.

  9. In Italy even an illegal immigrat can get free care, we don't let people die…
    Health Care workers in hospital are not allowed to ask patients for their I.D. or private insurance because it will be against the human rights laws. Only the police che ask people for documents. If someone isn't feeling well on the street and whoever pass by doesn't call an ambulance is persecuted legally.
    If a nurse refuse to accept someone at the emergency room for any reason will loose her license right away. And you pay 20 euros for an ambulance ride only if it wasn't really needed, so it would be like a fine.

  10. Here in the US we do not count how much we pay for health insurance as taxes. That's the catch. I pay 250 dollars a month for health insurance (through my employer), plus co pays and we don't count that as taxes. People, we pay the same or more than Europe. We just don't call it a tax.

  11. I don't pay the appointments with my psychologist at all, and I pay a very low price (less than 20 euros if I remember correctly) for my psychiatrist. My antidepressant costs almost 10 euros per 10 pills; thanks to our health care I can buy it for, like, 80 cent.

  12. Italian system is good but is not perfect (nothing is) so it can get better. Basic health care is a human right. As a matter of fact if a person is here illegally and gets sick they can still get care, of course the police haa to be called. I have a diploma in social sanitary assistance and let me tell you it is good. But it needs to be done good in the whole country.

  13. 14:12 LOVE what you said from here on. Everyone should be able to admit when they are wrong and I really loved when you criticized the American’s general idea so carefree. I always find your reasoning astonishing. Love ya ❣️

  14. I've lived in Italy for more than 17 years, and before that I had US private insurance from whenever I started making enough to pay for it. I always had a copay in the US. Even when I used a local clinic endowed by a doctor's will and visits were $30 I paid 20%. Now I'm retired, and I pay 7.5% of worldwide income per year as an annual premium (your Euro 100 is very particular) but I have No copays. I broke a leg recently and surgery, emergency room, follow-up and hospitalization comes to a total of Euro 0. I do have to pay for home help, but the bill could have been $250,000 in the US. Italy wipes the floor with the US when it comes to healthcare. Yes I have to wait as long as a month for a follow up visit and X-Ray but if it's an emergency I will be seen immediately. If you go to the ER with you or a cold or small injury, you'll pay Euro 25, which seems fair in the effort to keep the ER for urgent cases. I've been the urgent case, so I happily wait my turn so that those in peril get the resources. I feel safe, and best of all, I know everybody is safe.

  15. The US system is a disaster… I really, really prefer the Italian system. Cool thing is, if you go to a private doctor and get an Rx, you pay full price UNLESS you take the script to your primary doctor… bam, it goes from like 30€ to like 2 or 5€. I'm on crestor for cholesterol, hypothyroid medicine and an HRT for menopause. In America that would cost quite a bit (30 to 50, would be my guess with insurance) but here I'm paying 12 for everything (and it includes 3 months of the thyroid).
    I had my son in Texas in early 2000s and with insurance, a no-complications vaginal normal birth with no drugs… $2000. With insurance.

    Yeah, I like it here quite a bit.

  16. Adesso hai ragione preferisco Italia . Ma anche come cibo . Ma dentista vado a Ungheria molto meglio come servizio e costa meno e sono molto più gentili.

  17. some psychological support is free. It depends on what you need, where you are and what kind of treatment you need.

  18. I dentisti li paghiamo tantissimo…. poi ci sono degli psicologi molto bravi che costano davvero tanto, però ci sono quelli che sono insieme agli assistenti sociali, per i problemi importanti, e sono gratuiti

  19. FYI and anyone who needs it in Italy: psych, 50 € for 8 sessions, renewable… for now. Hopefully the new idiots in place won't destroy everything

  20. Sure, if you want to die, go with the public system in Italy. If you are sick and want to live, go private. And be sure to live in north Italy.

  21. So you can actually stay on your parents Health insurance here is the US till you’re 26 years old, not 18. Also I felt like the lines in the ER in Europe were too long, I had to stay at the hospital for a serious health issue there for like 2 months, and I feel like the doctors weren’t giving me enough attention, and I almost died, so I had to go back to the USA, where they were actually able to save my life. It was expensive here in the US, yeah, but my insurance covered most of it, and I’m am still alive, so I’m very grateful for our specialized doctors here in the States. Idc how much money it costs here in the US, having experienced both, the hospitals here are MUUUCCH better and the doctors are wayyy more trained

  22. Many years ago…before Obama was even a thought as a front runner, I paid $1000 for FIVE stitches in a US hospital.

  23. OK there are few points I would debate on. Yes, Italy has the highest life expectancy of the world, but it's definitely not because of the healthcare system, it's because the overall quality of life it's very high, as definitely what you eat, drink or breath affect your body greatly, more than you could think. Also, living a super long life doesn't necessarily mean the last 5/10 years of it will be good, actually life from 85-90 onward is usually very miserable.
    Regarding the healthcare system itself: I deeply support the idea of a State taking care of people who really need it and I think it does it very well in some case (for instance for cases of people suffering from severe desease), but it completely fails with the management of GPs and everything is not very specific. I would say that national healthcare almost doesn't exist in some places: I'm from Rome and the whole system it's so fucked up that you cannot rely AT ALL on it: I could never go to a public gynecologist, or dentist or anything because the timing for a regular visit may take several months. So my only alternative is go to a private doctor, by paying both taxes and private visits. Plus, the quality of ttreatment sometimes are just pityful. So, nope, I'm sorry but I would strongly disagree.

  24. I'll tell you what I got from my Italian Health Care System.

    My father is diabetic and has high blood pressure, so he has to take a lot of medication for that (insulin and pills). Now, since these medications are a NECESSITY, they are absolutely free for him. Just to make an example, each syringe of insulin he uses costs around 100€, and it lasts 2 weeks, so just for insuline he would have to spend 2400€ euros a year JUST for insuline, but since he needs it to survive, he doesn't pay a cent.

    Fo other routine visits, you have to pay a "ticket", but the amount you pay for a ticket is calculated based on how much money your family earns per year, something I find very fair: this also applies to public university, which is why everyone can afford higher education.

    I know that sometimes you have to wait a long time for routine check-ups, but overall I wouldn't trade my health care system at all.

  25. There is a free psychologist in consultorio, if you need it, people I know went there for 5 years totally for free.

  26. you can't go for free to a private psychologist but there are free psychologist in the hospital and sometimes also mental departments

  27. Il problema è che in Italia soprattutto nelle operazioni qualcosa va storto(male)
    Te lo dico io che ho un braccio storto

  28. Medicaid is crappy in the states. Check this channel & the mystery composition, Puzzle Rides

  29. Please, recommend any1 that if u have a baby even if the person is a deadbeat or absent, it is hard to get a passport for them. U have to go through whole notary thang if man is dead! This message if u have plans of leaving out states for visiting or states, not have no baby until have perfect man, not by thinking or hoping what they could be.

  30. I agree with everything except for the fact that hardly anyone goes privately… When here (and im in Milan, one of the most advanced cities in Italy in terms of healthcare), the waiting time for an MRI scan in the public sys., prescribed by a doctor, is 7 months; wouldnt anyone who was economically able go to the public sys.?

  31. I’ve been in Italy fr couple of years now and I love their health care it’s amazing,even going to de drug store to a medicine most times it’s free…

  32. I think, you're a bit confsed about Italina health care. You talked about Insurance, that cover giving birth. You're wrong. There is no need to have Health car insurance. You go to Hospital and you give birth fo free. 🙂

  33. last time i checked, the Health Tax in Italy equals to 9.6%, so it's only a portion of all the Taxes you Pay, and honestly i would love to just pay only 9.6% of my income in America for Healthcare.

    The TESSERA SANITARIA (Health Card) also contains the Codes to get all your Healthcare History, so if you go to a Hospital for an accident, they just need to insert your Health Card in the Computer and they find out what meds have you been taking, allergies etc etc

  34. Actually you can get you teeth fixed and also psychological assistance under coverage of the national healthcare system, but those are unfortunately things that don't work so well. Exaustingly long waiting lists for a service which is not as good as the private one, that's why normally italians go to private professional in case of teeth an psichy issues. But still you can "download" the cost from the taxes and get the money back.

  35. i lived in several EU countries and agree that Italian and French systems are the best, doctors more careful, more deep examinations being done, more prevention checks. And at the hospital in Italy they even serve decent food,and you get to choose the day before from a menu…in some other countries you get crackers and packaged cheese…super unhealthy!

  36. Noi italiani abbiamo stipendi bassissimi ma è anche vero che a volte ci lamentiamo troppo. Quando vai in ospedale le ore di attese sono stressanti e ti ritrovi a pagare le cure del pronto soccorso o magari l'ambulanza ecc. e sembra tanto. 50 € ho pagato una volta e i medici non mi avevano neppure dato una risposta e per me non sono pochi soldi. detto questo però Tia ha fatto luce su qualcosa di molto interessante. L'Italia è in crisi e funziona male sotto moltissimi aspetti ma la sanitaria non è così terribile come ci sembra. Brava Tia, ottimo video! noi italiani siamo generalmente troppo chiusi di mente e troppo lamentosi, io compresa per il secondo punto.

  37. Brava ragazza, e qui che vorrebbero imitare gli states…. O.o non arriviamo sempre ultimi noi italiani, per fortuna; ci dicono e ci ricordano sempre delle nostre pessime classifiche, ma quella del sistema sanitario e di altre innumerevoli cose positive non siamo propensi a valorizzarle…. certo, mica è un sistema perfetto, basti pensare al divario tra Nord e Sud e il fatto che tu abbia un esperienza Milanese la dice lunga…. come non ricordare anche le lunghe liste di attesa…. sospetto che molti disservizi siano anche dolosi, per indurre i cittadini a rivolgersi ai privati…. i quali a volte hanno un piede nel pubblico e uno nel privato, ma concordo con te, sempre e cmq il sistema sanitario italiano piuttosto che quello americano, pensato per i ricchi, dai ricchi, dei ricchi, parafrasando Lincoln 😉

  38. Do not trust this kind of statistics data. They must be interpreted. Spending much money to support Healthcare would not mean have good health care service. If you consult statistical data about corruption, Italy is the first in Europe. So it's true that many funds are set aside to health care, but is equally true that, too much often that money are not used for health care operations. Italy is a very corrupted country and it invests a lot to maintain a good facade.
    I'm an health care professional, what I say is what i see with aware eyes. Sorry if my English isn't perfect, someone pocketed the money spent for my instruction.

  39. In Italia il sistema sanitario è 🔝 e sono fiera di far parte di questa categoria. Anzi penso che si trovino professionisti davvero validi e che magari pensano più alla salute del paziente che al proprio guadagno proprio perché non devono "strisciare" nessuna carta. Sulla questione "per partorire devo pagare" rimango sempre scioccata.

  40. If an Italian goes to private healthcare is not because he wants an higher quality service, is because he wants the treatment performed in time, he doesn't want to wait 2-3 months for an X-RAY, or a MR. That's why.

  41. Obama care was trying to introduce the RFID chip into society which is a computer chip that they want to put under people,s skin. People didnt want obama care here…

  42. What good is a country that doesn't care for the most vulnerables, doesn't provide education to their kids and spend most of the money ( more than the rest of the world combined ) to carry out wars on the other side of the globe?!

  43. A change for the better! A new way of taking charge of your health!

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  44. Il sistema sanitario è pubblico, la tessera sanitaria serve allo stato per tenere sotto controllo la spesa sanitaria per te. L' assistenza sanitaria è statale, puoi scegliere anche cliniche private, ma la maggior parte dei dottori sono nelle strutture pubbliche. Non paghi premi di assicurazione. Solo tasse, ma non sanitarie, tasse in base al tuo reddito che vengono ridistribuite dallo stato. Si chiama democrazia.

  45. Un esempio!lAmerica guerrafondaia!E'Normale che svia i molti milioni di dollari per la sua supremazia! Poi normale che con le piccole nazioni,tipo Italia israele etc etc. Rompe i coglioni quando nelle politiche che fanno o andranno in fine nin gli piace!Alla fine chi ha colpa?tutte le piccole nazioni senza palle che hanno usufruito dei dollari Anericani!Ecco perche'odio L'italia!Il mio mondo!Ma la puttana dell Anerica!Io questo lo odio!

  46. Sono d'accordo,anche perché prima di tutto,la gente,non so se i soldi pagati obbligatoriamente per la sanità,li spenderebbe comunque per lo stesso motivo e poi,tutti sappiamo che le assicurazioni,cercano sempre di guadagnarci,quindi anche quelle sanitarie.

  47. Mental and dental care are all covered in Italy. As you might know, here psychiatrist and psychologist are different figures. The first one has a major in medicine and psychiatry. She/he basically visits you a few times to express a diagnosis, then prescribes your drugs and you have to come back only to check up if the cure is working. There's a basic 50€ ticket for an "interview" with a psychologist, too (who studied psychology), then, there's the therapy, if the psychologist finds out you need it. A therapist can either be a psychiatrist or a psychologist with the proper abilitation. I think therapy is not for free here, but I may be wrong.
    About dental care, for sure you can have all your cavities treated and your teeth removed when they're impossible to save, but to have an implant you must pay. All in all, we have to pay all that's considered to be aesthetic, unless it's important like after a severe accident that leaves you disfigured.
    My dad was a family doctor, my brother-in-law is an emergency doctor, but things have slighlty changed over the years and not for the better. Now we have to pay a little more and there're private doctors who make you pay as much as the ticked you owe to a public structure.
    Don't forget you still have to pay for a family doctor if you ask her/him to visit you at home and you're not that sick that you can't reach her/his office.

  48. Giiiirl! Now i have the tessera sanitaria but on my first week in italy with a tourist 3 month visa i went to the medico di famiglia di mio fidanzato ed ho pagato NIENTE per una visita e mi hanno anche rilasciato la medicina da prendere 😱 i will forever be gratefull to italy for that and now i pay A LOT of taxes, i have two jobs in italy, and i pay also for those that do not have the blessing of a job. The mentality is different 😘

  49. 3.000 Dollari un ambulanza ???? In Italia costa piu' di 20 Euro, poi dipende dal tragitto, ma diciamo che entro i 50/60 km. spendi meno di 100 euro. Se chiami la guardia medica, per un'emergenza, è gratis, al massimo fai un'offerta volontaria.

  50. Im 100% italian and i can say that italian heath care is better that america one or (posso dire che la sanità in Italia e meglio di quella americana)

  51. In media i medici americani sono ridicoli se comparati alla media dei medici italiani i quali, da un punto di vista clinico/diagnostico, li surclassano e strapazzano senza pietà.
    Tuttavia gli americani hanno macchine mediche che sono davvero fantastiche.

  52. Healthcare in the US is abominable. Healthcare is NOT a privilege for the rich. Obamacare is not perfect. It needs some work for sure. But let's improve instead of just trashing it altogether. Good video!

  53. don't forget the prices of the drugs, my migraine drug in France is 5 euros per pill, in usa, the exact same drug is $100 per pill. homeopathy in France is around 2 euros per tube, in usa from $7 to $9.

  54. Tia, I'm sure you heard of the phrase "follow the money" . It can easily be applied to the American health system. Those with wealth and in need of health care almost always go the US for treatment because they know where the best treat could be had. I have experienced three European hospitals (one of which was in Italy) and found them to be very unsatisfactory. The conditions of the hospitals I would rate as second rate and visits to a GP and specialized treatment (i.e. MRI/Cat Scans) could be months to get an appointment.

  55. The funny thing is, our hospital infrastructure suck and most high ranked docs – with the exception of dentists – don't stay in Italy for income reasons. So I'm always surprised that we're so high ranked. That's telling imho!

    Oh, yeah. Teeth repair ain't covered, reason why we have good but really expensive dentists! 😆

    Mental care is partially covered except for the medication. However prices here are lower to most states for what I can tell.

  56. In my opinion the biggest problem with health care system in USA is that only a few people make their own experiences with a foreign health care system. Literally EVERY US-citizen who have gotten in touch with the european system loves it. But back home the right.wing people tell the citizens that public health care is communism and that is enough for all to refuse it. Maybe these people should think again.

  57. La sanità italiana è ottima ha bisogno di più medici e macchinari nuovi qui e la per rendere il tutto aggiornato, ma vivendo in giro per il mondo é una delle migliori che si trova. Solo in Italia ci piace lamentarci ricordo mia nonna essere furiosa perché doveva pagare 5 euro una cosa che era gratis per lei. Senza sapere che lo stato spendeva per quella cosa 250 euro e che i 5 euro erano per scoraggiare la gente a fare scorte

  58. In 1118 commenti probabilmente qualcuno lo avrà già scritto ma comunque per sicurezza te lo dico. In realtà in Italia è possibile usufruire anche delle cure odontoiatriche (dentista) attraverso la mutua pagando un ticket. Sfortunatamente però il prezzo non è molto inferiore rispetto al recarsi da un privato ma i tempi sono molto più lunghi. Analogamente, coloro che hanno un reddito molto basso possono usufruire della psicoterapia tramite la mutua.

  59. Oh sì, è bellissimo aspettare 8 mesi per un ascesso, 6 mesi per una visita per un potenziale tumore, un anno per una visita cardiologica in seguito a un mini-infarto… Poi ti lasciano le pinze operatorie nella pancia, ti dimettono e muori dopo qualche ora, ti chiudono nell'ospedale di notte senza nessun medico all'interno (successo a me personalmente) e con le porte interne bloccate…

    E costa. Quando il 40% del reddito di un dipendente e il 70% del reddito di un lavoratore autonomo vengono presi in tasse, più il ticket da pagare e se vuoi vivere devi andare da privato… la sanità italiana È una vera merda costosa.

  60. US healthcare companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and have a number 1 priority to investors not patients.

  61. Italian health care sucks big time heavily taxed and extremely inefficient especially in the south of the country it’s a nightmare Italians with serious conditions and some very sophisticated surgeries all want to come to America to get treated. Another thing we in America are sponsoring indirectly the world health care system as most innovations come from Americans pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. You get sick in Italy you must pray that at the hospital they don’t kill you. Most talented doctors and surgeons all leaving Italy for America Australia and GB. Italy is a disaster in anything the government does its a bureaucratic nightmare.

  62. Non è tutta rose e fiori come la racconti. La sanità pubblica, in quanto pubblica e quindi per definizione gestita abbastanza male, è spesso lenta e farraginosa. Farti esami clinici non in regime di urgenza porta via settimane. Puoi prenotare una TAC adesso e ottenere il posto a Gennaio 2020. Non scherzo. La gente generalmente va dai privati che hanno comunque costi accessibili. Anche se sei coperto dalla sanità pubblica, devi pagare una cosa chiamata TICKET: in pratica, ho pagato 200 euro per risolvere una caviglia fratturata. L'unica cosa NON PAGATA è stato l'intervento nel quale mi han messo il gesso. Per quanto riguarda psichiatri e psicologi, da noi li paghi. Altro che 8 sedute comprese. Per averlo gratutito penso tu debba essere folle pericoloso e internato.

  63. Every italian should see this! Our favorite sport is not soccer as everyone may think, it's complaining! We have one of the best healthcare system in the world and we constantly complain about it.
    This morning I was in the hospital, waited roughly one hour for a blood test, paid only some 30 euros for having some 12 different things checked, and all the time I had this middle aged couple behind me complaining for every-thing, from the queue management system to the faces of the nurses, from the allegedly low quality of the hospital to the government.

    Italian healthcare system does have some flaws of course, and you correctly spotted the two main ones, it's dental care and psychological care: long story short, the public healthcare system does cover these, but if you cannot afford going private you are screwed, like in the public system you might go into a 2 years long waiting list for removing a tooth and you might have to stop a psychotherapy after only 6 sessions.
    "Only" general doctor, pregnancy and birthgiving process, some vaccinations and emergency care are completely free, while if you need a specialistic visit, a blood test, a surgery, an ecography and so on you will have to pay a "ticket", but it's really low, like mostly from 4 to 70 euros depending on what you need.
    Moreover, if you are elderly, or very poor or you have a chronic disease, you do have 100% free healthcare, without paying the tickets.
    This system covers everything, like I even did MAP paying some 60 euros, and I didin't pay one euro when I needed rabies vaccine after being bitten by a wild animal out of my own carelessness.
    Some medicines are free or have a price reduction too.

    Some italian regions even have a special additional system that really doesn't leave one single person behind, which means, it allows also homeless people and irregular immigrants to access free healthcare.

    You can "deduct" every euro you spend for either public or private healthcare when it comes to calculate how much taxes you have to pay, which means, if you earned 10 000 euros in the previous year but you spent 500 on healthcare, you will pay your taxes as if you earned 9500 only.
    It seems like the whole mindset behind it is different: in Italy the public healthcare system is there to assist people, in USA insurance companies are there to make money, for example, an elderly or chronically ill person in Italy will pay less while in USA will pay more, for the same reason that they will probably need more assistance.
    In one word, I wouldn't change italian healthcare system for nothing else in the world.

  64. Per il dentista se hai un isee basso o nullo non paghi niente per la maggio parte degli interventi. Per due otturazioni e una devitalizzazione ho speso 40€. Se invece hai un isee "normale" puoi comunque rivolgerti alla mutua spendendo molto meno rispetto ad un privato. Il problema e' che per il primo appuntamento puoi anche aspettare 1-2 mesi ma una volta "entrati nel giro" prendi appuntamenti volta per volta.

  65. So I worked with candidates (Dems) and I had to research policy on healthcare for their debates. I found out from talking with someone in policy at HHS that the STATES actually control the health insurance rates! So even though Obama pushed the ACA through, the states undermined it because the republicans get big donations from insurance companies and state regulators did nothing to prevent rates from rising.

  66. Can i say something about italian public health care? Actually in italy we say before the doc visit you, you can actually die by the illness, of course is a free healthe care but if you book with the public health care you can wait until next year !!!! But if you book the same visit, with the same doc, then you can have the visit right next 2 days… the same if someone have the cancer, they'll let you wait at least 30/40 days, it would be even longer wait if there are holidays, so do the surgery when is already too late, sometime is soo late that they say "the operation is useless and say bye bye"…

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