Jacob Lauer, MD, UW Health Obstetrics and Gynecology

>>I love the continuity that we get with
patients in obstetrics and gynecology. And I think there’s so much that goes into a
physician/patient relationship that is built on trust that can’t be established
in one or two visits. And so when you’ve seen a patient back for
a subsequent pregnancy, where you’ve cared for them in their first or when you’re
seeing a patient for infertility over time, having a doctor/patient relationship where the
patients trust you and you know the patient more than just their problem list or their
medical history, I think gives you an ability to take care of them that you don’t have when
you’re seeing a patient for a single visit. And so, in this field, we get to know patients
over time and for me that’s really fun, and I hope builds a better
doctor/patient relationship, too. Most clinical situations, there’s multiple
options and so I think that a big part of it is talking to the patients
about all of those options. But also, I’m very willing
to offer my recommendation. Usually, even though there might be five or six
different options, there are one or two options that from a medical perspective or
from a clinical perspective that I feel like are better suited for the patient. So I’m not afraid to recommend
those specifically to patients and yet at the same time, of those options,
there might be some of those options that they feel more comfortable
with based on their own experience and based off of their knowledge. And so I think giving them an
opportunity to ask questions and really just taking time is a big thing. When you’re presented with a lot of new
information and a lot of new options, I mean it takes all of us time to
process those and ask questions. And so being willing to take the time to
walk through each of them in detail, I think, is a very important part of the initial visit.

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