Japanese Convenience Store Food Taste Test // Healthy Food Haul in Japan

What’s up everybody, welcome to another Japanese
convenience store food taste test. If you want to experience a healthy food haul
in downtown Tokyo then you’ve come to the right place. What we got here is a diverse array of Japanese
foods from Natural Lawson Japan and personally, I think it’s pretty nice. So grab yourself a treat and take yourself
a seat because the show is about to begin. So I was sprinting around the mean streets
of downtown Tokyo but to be perfectly honest, despite that nice weather, I was feeling a
tad worse for wear. I don’t exactly know why I was feeling like
that but truth be told it bother me a lot. In fact, it bothered me a REAL lot. So to help my body recover from that sorry
state, I figured I best be doing a healthy Japanese food taste test for a change. And there ain’t no better place to do that
than a Natural Lawson, baby. So I sprinted on inside that Natural Lawson
not because I wanted to but because I actually needed to. I needed to treat my body right with a little
healthy chow for a change. Can you actually blame me? So I started scoping out those primo healthy
prepared foods because you know what they say, you’re body is your temple, right? And what better way to honor that temple than
to animalistically consume buckwild bento boxes such as these? Strange as it may sound, I get the feeling
that this choice quality chow was designed specifically for me, and WOAH baby. Look at this vegi meshi action. Apparently this is a keema curry sans rice. Even though that’s an Indian food item it’s
kind of Japanesey in a way. They got a lotus root and some kabochya in
there so I figured I’d give it a whirl. But I still want to get myself a Japanese
food item so let’s see what other prepared food items they got around here. And what’s this? I think we got soup up in this mother. It’s not really looking Japanese enough to
me so what do we got here, we got us some sandwiches? And man oh man, take a look at that quality. We got a pork cutlet and an eggyweg sandwich
and those are some pretty nice sandwiches if I do say so myself. I’ll tell you baby, among the Japan convenience
store lineup, Natural Lawson is one of the best places. I mean look at all these delectable treats
they got here. They got some kabochya salad AKA pumpkin salad. I mean, you do have to pay up a tad for these
items but what do you expect when you’re paying for the best. And holy geeze, what’s that? What in the world is that? Here we got us a 4-part salad combo that’s
filled with deletable treats that look good enough to eat. I have a feeling this is the salad combo I’ve
been searching for in my life so I slam dunked that mufo into my cart. Now, no nutritionally nourishing noms are
complete without some healthy hydration so I started checking out the hot drinks section. And what do you got here, we got us some straight
tea and we got us some lemon tea, which is okay, but I wanted something a tad more exotic. And what’s this? We got some hot pumpkin potage in a can and
we got us some clam soup in a can. That’s seems pretty intriguing but that’s
not the kind of hydration I had in mind. And what is this? Seems to me like we got us some kuri hojicha
action. That’s some chestnut-infused roasted green
tea so I figured I’d give that a go as well. And after that I still felt like I needed
to one more item, just one more. I wanted a sweet treat that was both delicious
and healthy and what we got here’s a green tea latte flavored brownie. I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe that nuclear-green
color’s actually coming from some food coloring action. So I decided to check out some other snacks. Here we got some individually-wrapped mochis
filled with custard pudding. That’s looking pretty oishii if you ask me
but that doesn’t really fit the healthy bill. I mean, I’m not trying to be a health nazi
over here, I’m just trying to stick with the them and I’m trying to reward my body for
a change. I think I’m in the wrong aisle actually. I’m in the unhealthy sweet snacks aisle when
I should be in the healthy sweet snacks aisle. And here we go, now we’re talking. We got us some sweet potato macrobiotic cookies. I’ve heard of microbiotics before but macrobiotics? I had to look that up. Apparently macrobiotics is some kind of diet
derived from Zen Buddhism. I don’t know the exact details but it seems
like a Paleo diet with an Eastern twist. The macrobiotic diet is based on natural foods
that have a balanced yin and yang. I mean, I know what you’re thinking, that
sounds like something I just made up but it’s actually true, baby. Now, what we got here are some macrobiotic
biscuits made by Morinaga and everything I’ve ever had from this company has always been
good. So you know what? I think I’m going to try these macrobiotics
out. So I put that item into my cart, made my purchase,
and then sprinted on back to my apartment.

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