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This is vegan? Are you guys messing with
me; is this like the one non-vegan thing? Hi! I’m Jenna Dewan; I’ve been
vegetarian since I was about 11 and vegan for I would say about 5 – 6 years.
‘Fast food’ and ‘vegan’ don’t normally go together — my mind is, it’s being blown at
the moment cuz I actually did not know this existed. Can I, can I start eating? I have no idea what this is… It’s fried something… How ridiculous am I about to look? That’s really good!
I think this is fried… fried zucchini? No! this is Carl’s Jr.?
I did not know this existed. This just changed my life. This looks like a straight-up veggie burger. Let’s see. It’s not as tasty. Where’s this from? That is a regular Denny’s veggie burger. That makes sense, because I have found
most chain restaurants, if you ask them, you’re like “what do you have on the menu?”,
it’s generally very good classic veggie burgers. Now I’m going White Castle’s, ‘cuz I’ve been waiting. Two kinds of White Castle! Let’s
see how this goes. mm-hmm! Has a little bit of a sweet and sour sauce in there,
which is really good, and I also really like this sides. Sometimes you just need
like a little snack, lil bite-sized burger snack — they get an A+ for that.
Clearly I’m still eating it so I must really like it. Alright – oh! Now this is deceiving
cuz this looks like a real burger. But I believe that when they say this vegan. Here’s the thing. If you’re the type
of vegan – or if you’re a meat eater that’s scared about going vegan and wants
that burger taste, then this is the one for you. But the funny thing is, I don’t like the taste of burgers — so I prefer the Thai version. Okay, we’re moving on to pizza! Now, vegan pizza is tricky because most
people see vegan pizza and they’re like “where’s the cheese?” but I like that
this one doesn’t have a cheese substitute either. It’s just straight up veggies. Let’s try this. The sauce is really good.
Where’s this from? Okay Domino’s, this is great to know for like Super Bowl days, parties …
There is a healthy really yummy option, and this is — this is delicious.
One more bite? I love Mexican food so much. I mean I eat it — once a day? Maybe
twice a day. Looks like a taco with… beans and rice? Mmm! I think I’m gonna know where this is from.
El Pollo Loco. Del Taco. If you tell me Taco Bell — Chipotle! I go to Chipotle! I’d never gotten this before! Is this their Sofritas? “It is!”
Oh yeah! Uh-huh. Getting a little bit full… But I’m still at it. Okay… I really love french toast.
So I want this to be good. Do I pour it or dip it? What do we think? I’m gonna go dip. Because they’re in the shape of…. Fingers. Oh my goodness! What? This is vegan? Are you guys messing with me;
is this like the one non-vegan thing? Burger King?? Now I know what I’m getting at the
airport every time I go. My mind is blown. If I was forced to pick a favorite…. This is like picking your favorite child. It’s a tough one though. Because I really like this burger, and I really
liked this Thai burger from White Castle. …but this one blew my mind.
So I’m going french toast. Breakfast, lunch and dinner right here!

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  1. Just to let you guys know, I work at McDonalds and I don’t know how similar it is at other places but I wouldn’t suggest eating any vegan food from these non vegan fast food chain. At our place, all of that stuff is fried on the same grills (bacon, sausage, egg, patties, etc…)

  2. Vegan and plant based are two different things totally.
    Vegan means being an animal rights activist.
    Plant based means not eating products from animals 😀

  3. If you’re a real vegan and your reason is also regarding animal cruelty, you shouldn’t buy vegan food where they also sell meat. You’re giving the money to meat companies. Support only vegan places.

  4. This made me want to run to Carl's Jr but then I looked up the fried zucchini on their site… They had milk listed as one of the ingredients.

  5. Ohh dear so let me start..Dominos DO NOT SELL PIZZA..Good secondly in Italy the hardest pizza to do correctly also has no cheese yes it's vegan without being vegan it is what it is..You silly girl you have no clue

  6. I like how she is actually properly eating it and not being a diva about it even though she clearly is by being normal

  7. I’m neither vegetarian nor vegan, but I’m pretty sure the majority of the things Jenna ate were not up to vegan standards. A really shitty thing to do to someone that is dedicated to eating a certain way. Not to mention that it can make her sick since her body isn’t used to breaking down the non-vegan ingredients.

  8. Lol what people don't know about all these vegetarian patties and substitutes is that it's all cooked in one place. So where that beef patty is being cooked, on the same grill the veggie patty is being cooked. Same with fryers.

  9. Wish I could try all this food, I wanna go to America because they have all the best vegan fast food and everything 😍😍

  10. Im so happy that We have loads of Vegan and Vegetarian food at foodstore in Sweden. Even in restaurant !!! Its hard though for me to go on vacation in south Europe and not be able to eat any vegetarian or vegan 😅


  12. According to ur logic, veggies fried in vegetable oil is healthier then regular burger patty lol. What kind of people do u have working for ur mag

  13. A lot of these foods say they have Veggie patties but don’t say anything about the buns meaning it’s probably not vegan just vegetarian 🙁

  14. Sorry, call bullshit! Unless these place can guarantee there is no cross contamination, like separate grills and fryers, I don't believe it!

  15. “Are we gonna pour it or dip it’s”
    pouring the sauce would be the most frightening thing someone could possibly take into consideration

  16. papa john’s is without a doubt my favourite vegan pizza place. idk if they have the same options in america but in the uk they have sheese which is the best vegan cheese ive ever tried and they do like 3 vegan pizzas and vegan sides too yummm

  17. When you are vegan or vegetarian what they don’t understand is the veggie burger is being made right next to the meat at fast food restaurants. Just sayin

  18. Come to India and you can all the vegetarian food you want , so much so that you can actually put on alot of weight.

  19. There are some people that go by "vegans" but they are actually lacto-ovo-pescatarians so they just dont eat meat but will eat eggs and drink milk and maybe eat seafood so I'm feeling this is for pescatarians ??

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