Jennifer Collin, MD | Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Michigan Medicine

– I try to provide my
patients with a safe space that they can talk to me about anything. We start an open dialog about
even just their background, what’s going on in their
life while addressing all of their medical needs. I provide a full range of OB-GYN services. These include things like prenatal care, annual well-woman examinations, or any problem visits related to GYN care. I think I love about my work mainly the patients and my
interactions with the patients. I like being able to provide services throughout the lifespan for women, so I’m able to see them,
deliver their babies after providing obstetrical care. And then I can continue following them for their routine
examinations as they age. It’s rewarding to be
able to follow patients throughout their prenatal care and then go and deliver their baby and to see the creation of
a family unit from that.

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