13 Replies to “Jillian Michaels: “Celebrity Trainer Shares Her Strength Secrets to Getting Fit” | Talks at Google”

  1. Thanks Jillian Michael I was listening to your podcast and you said something that has allowed me to stay on track it was to just replace one was meal with a good one it made my meal plan so much easier

  2. The made so much sense!!! I don't love the gym either but I do LOVE what working out and physical fitness can do for the other avenues in our lives!!! so TRUE @ 21:28 she speaks truth always!!!

  3. I can't help but to think that Jillian is the BEST trainer, motivator, and life coach! she doesn't care about getting results, she is here to help us in EVERY way possible, and to do that we have to identify the areas in our lives that hinder our growth and progress with certain goals. I'm so proud of her work! I'm taking notes!!!

  4. OMG, Jillian, I LOVE you sooo much!!! I totally agree about the "look at me, look at me, look at me" and the whole sort of porn -ish stuff everywhere…. Like "hey, doesn't everyone want to have sex with me?"…. I guess I'm old too… I just can't deal.

  5. Google interviewer allowing guests with "potty mouth". This person is not someone who should be allowed to speak freely in an interview. She has no filter. Dropping F bombs and crass manner and speaking about a friends personal life and naming her. Seriously? You are disgraceful. Are you Jillian Williams so damn perfect? Obviously not. Your way or no way unbelievable. You should clean up your act.

  6. It's all about the financial bottom line for her. She's an angry narcissist, she doesn't care about people, just being in control and she's freaking because her house is burning in the face of irrefutable scientific evidence. She's got no facts to back her up, her TV partner almost died of a heart attack, and 95% of the people in her masterpiece work have gained back all the weight lost or more. The only thing she can do to save her reputation is to lie. She doesn't realize she is just setting a torch to the fire already burning down her delusions.
    She is very afraid of the shake to her financial empire. Narks can't change with the advancement of science because they think it makes them wrong. If they change it's like admitting publicly that they were wrong, and narcissists are never wrong.

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