Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back Against Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham & Chris Christie

100 Replies to “Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back Against Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham & Chris Christie”

  1. Love you Jimmy. Great monologue. A voice of reason and rational thought, unlike the thieves and n'er-do-wells in the GOP. Hope Billy is doing well. Great analogy with the Barista. C'mon up to Canada anytime. I'll buy you a coffee in a cup that works ! 🇨🇦☕️👍

  2. Jimmy the sensitive fraud that dumped his first wife and small kids the moment he hit it big. When he cries those fake tears he probably reflects on the day he walked out on his family.

  3. For Christ sake, call those senators American people!! It DOES make a difference!! Had done multiple of it and experienced what it could do!! – From S.Korea

  4. Hate the Republicans thinking they can just brush off intelligent informed people like Kimmel by ‘branding’ them ‘Hollywood Elite’!

    Trouble is, a certain element are still drinking the coolaid and are sucking up the programming.

  5. Isn't Jimmy Kimmel supposed to be a comedian? I mean he can say whatever he wants, it's a free country, but if I watch comedy I'm not expecting a political rant smh

  6. Talk show hosts are "not funny" when they speak the truth about political problems and it hurts the politicians robotic ass feelings

  7. I don't think I've ever loved Jimmy more than watching him call out the liars in Congress who are screwing us (taking big money from the healthcare industry, big Pharma, the NRA, Wall Street et al.), the phony liars at Faux "News". Thank you, Jimmy, thank you, thank you, for your anger, for your concern, for your passion, for your caring, for your bravery at coming out and speaking the truths that so many are afraid to right now. No, I have never loved you so much! Bless you!

  8. I absolutely love how you are defending us regular Americans! I wish you would run for President and not only defend us but save us from the destruction of this stupid guy in the White House! Please, Jimmy, please!.

  9. If that's "fighting back", then Kimmel should hire some bodyguards. What a beta male simp he's become.

  10. Dean Heller is such a pussy!!! He comes to homeless food dinners for Christmas and Thanksgiving and has that fake ass smile on his face and is super condescending when he talks to ppl

  11. Our first lady Ivanka trump told, President Trump has better healthcare plan than Ocare..
    I trust her.
    💙 Trump

  12. Thank God for late night show hosts like Jimmy for using their platforms and fame to take up the cudgels for right and reason. They dont have to they have millions and they could just coast through their lives without sparing a thought to the masses' plight and jusr sit on fences. But they bravely take a stand against what is clearly wrong. They keep America balanced.

  13. Jimmy Kimmel would be so much cooler if he didn't bash on our president that has the lowest unemployment rate since 1969

  14. it's so sad that America's politicians cannot do actual work, but instead they spend more time attacking random late night talk show personalities.

  15. Trump and Republicans cut billions from Medicare and Medicaid from us Floridians senior citizens. Vote Trump now Republicans.

  16. Jimmy, I was thinking “what kind of monsters raised Hanity”. Did you know there is no information on the internet about them. Weird.

  17. When are these politicians going to realize that they can lie to the people and get away with it, but the king always loses to the jester.

  18. God bless Jimmy Kimmel and God bless the United States of America!!! Thank you Jimmy for fighting for those without a voice 🇺🇸🦅

  19. Why is this guy on late night TV. None of this is funny .
    I'm looking to excape reality and laugh.
    This guy is in the wrong setting.
    You've failed me!

  20. People are saying he shouldnt get into politics when politics are practically the main focus on pretty much every late night show

  21. one thing i know for sure, there is too much of jimmy kimmel on you tube. he is a talk show host and the key word is TALK
    because thats all he does, TALK. he has no other talent, he doesn't sing, dance, or act. he shows a total disrespect for the
    office of the president of his country or for his fellow americans who voted the president of his country into office. its sad
    that he uses his position as a " TALK'' show host to insult and dump on president trump and he has the following of like
    minded liberal trump haters. this opinion is not meant to be critical of other talk show hosts like mr carson and letterman
    they were very professional. jimmy kimmel is not professional or funny except to his following of trump haters.

  22. Trump supporters prove daily that it's easier to fool people en masse than to prove to them the fact- they've been fooled.

  23. Sorry Jimmy you should have attacked Lindsey Graham, he ended up selling his soul to the devil Trump. It’s now July 2019 and Lindsey has locked his lips to Trumps butt!

  24. John McCain… Missing your courage to stand up for what you believe. Please, if you can, haunt the dreams of your former colleagues to remind them what is important… Country before party.

  25. as someone said…Lindsey Graham is the closest thing to a dog Trump has….now if only we can get him to stop humping his leg in public….oy…..

  26. Good for u Jimmy. Fight the good fight. We are with u . I live in the UK however I have friends in the state's and literally have no idea how people live with any medical issue's. Thank God we have the NHS .

  27. These politicians are only working their own agenda. Not for the citizens of the USA
    Tax the 1%, they made their money in the US, they should want to support the country and her people. Get rid of all the
    Tax loopholes, increase inheritance taxes for the wealthy give their children incentive to be productive members of society not
    Entitled little leaches.

  28. I have a ton of respect for you Jimmy. You've got to stand for something or fall for anything. Keep standing brother!

  29. "I don't understand" – the unuttered finishing part of that sentence "…about healthcare and people's need in general"
    PS: I just saw that this is a year old video – just before trying to text John McCain

  30. Republicans are devoted to Wealthcare Not Healthcare. Not the plebs wealthcare ( they don't have any…), and most certainly not the pleb's healthcare

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