Jon Glaser Loves Gear – Cool Gynecologist Gear | truTV

(beeping) And there’s your baby. (hard rock music) Look at that, Eva,
how about that? Although you should know
it’s not our baby, it’s just her and some
mystery guy right now. She just plays my
TV wife on my show, uh, but since we don’t know
who the dad is, I volunteered to step up
to the plate and help. And who are you? I’m just here for
emotional support. We’re gonna get
through this, right? There’s a lot of
cool gear in here. We could do
a medical episode. What are these, by the way? These things are cool. (vocalizing)
Mama. Ma, feed us. (normal voice)
Like baby birds in a nest. I’m hungry, tweet-tweet. And the mommy bird comes in…
(pretends to vomit) (laughing) Eva, look at this,
watch– Gear!

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