Julián Castro: Education And Health Care Are Not Mutually Exclusive | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

21 Replies to “Julián Castro: Education And Health Care Are Not Mutually Exclusive | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. North Korea, Iran, Universal Health Care, Crumbling Infrastructure & Education under incompetent Betsy Devos are much more important issues for me than "Illegal Alien Imaginary Invaders." The real elephant in the room is the nepotism in "SpankyPant's Administration" & flagrant & blatant corruption with the "Repugnant Rethuglikkkan GOP" in Washington!

  2. Education and Health Care go hand in hand. It's unhealthy to be educated by Democrats. That's where mental illness comes from.

  3. "how do you plan to pay for this plan?" There's the corporate media we all know. Never ask that question when it comes to starting new wars.

  4. Health Care for all would bankrupt the nation… Sorry, not willing to spend every cent I earn just to have some healthcare at the
    end of my life.. Castro, like most Dems, complete buffoon on the price of their proposals.

  5. I wonder how many years in prison Trump will be sentenced to..? I'll take an educated guess: if he gets 3 years for every count of obstruction, then he'll end up being sentenced to a total of 30 years. Which effectively means that Trump will die in prison.

  6. Why isn't anyone outraged, doxxing, or just reporting on the white guy at the NYC impeach Trump rally that told Lawrence Jones to go back to fox news and pick some more cotton and then on camera told him to go back to Kenya? Not one Democrat running for president has said anything, CNN has said nothing, and
    MSNBC has said nothing.
    Your silence proves you really don't care about hate speach, you don't care about minorities, you don't care about racism. It shows your only pandering to people for votes.

  7. MSNBCannibals keep promoting this guy and now I am curious what his weapon of choice is when on the MSNBCannibal hunting expeditions where Andrea Greenpsan leads with her chainsaw inhand

  8. This is what you get when people guilty of treason aren't brought to justice and dispatched. Worst people on earth!


  10. MSNBC ask ALWAYS how do you pay for universal healtcare.
    MSNBC NEVER ask how do you pay for the tax breaks for the rich.

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