Karen Berken, MD – Obstetrics and Gynecology

Born and raised in New Orleans. Spent
most of my early life there through high school and then went away for college up
at Notre Dame up in Indiana and then came to medical school here in
Shreveport at LSU and stayed here for residency and decided that I really
enjoyed the Shreveport area. I liked Louisiana and the culture and I
decided to stay. When you’re in medical school you go
through all of the different subspecialties and primary care fields
so you can get exposure in all of them. When I hit my OB-GYN rotation, it was kind
of the best of all the worlds. You could see patients in the office. You had the
opportunity to build lifelong relationships with your patients through
primary care. Certainly frequent visits especially
during the OB time period of someone’s life and on top of that you do get to
operate. You have emergency situations where you do have to think on your toes
and act quickly and that encompassed just a very broad aspect of medicine
that I was very interested in. I wasn’t limited in any one area and really the
opportunity to follow women through some of their best times and you know every
once in a while a very difficult time in their life was a big draw for me. To be
able to be that that provider and that support for women. The practice that I’m in is Women’s
Health Associates in Bossier City. It’s part of the Willis-Knighton Network and
currently it has five providers and it’s a family-oriented community I like to
call it. It’s a very close knit group of physicians. We work very well together. We
support each other and we support our patients through the the practice as
well. We’re centered at the Bossier campus, the Bossier City campus for
Willis-Knighton and we do have our offices on the same floor of the main hospital
as labor and delivery which allows easy access to our patients when they’re in
labor so that we can go immediately to the hospital if need be especially in
emergency situations. I want patients to to see me as is
you know their number one supporter, their number one confidante. I want them
to feel that connection with me that I hope that that they will feel and that I
want out of that relationship with them. My main goal in joining this OBGYN
practice was so that I can get that continuity with my patients and I can
feel that connection with them and if I can provide the best care for them while
allowing them to be comfortable that that’s my number one goal. I am trained
in many different aspects of OB-GYN from delivering babies, minimally invasive
surgery and beyond and through my training I will use that to provide
the best possible care for my patients. I do have a whole lot of experience with
high-risk obstetrics and some very difficult surgical procedures. It brings me so much joy to be a part of
their lives through a lot of times. The absolute best times of their life. I mean
having a baby is a completely life-changing experience.
To be welcomed into that family moment is just an extreme privilege and that’s
one of the the main things that gets me up in the morning is just how much I
enjoy that relationship with my patients. you

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