Karina Jonusas, PA – Improving health and healing people | Northern Arizona Healthcare

– My favorite part about
being a physician assistant is that I get to practice
what I’m passionate about and that’s healing people. With new patients I always
try so share something about myself and usually
my opening line is: Hi, my name is Karina
and I’m new to the area. And they’ll usually ask
me where I came from and then when I tell
them I come from Miami it’s a big, hot topic about
why someone from Miami would move into a small town. We only have one life to live, and I would like to help
patients live that life to its fullest by staying
healthy or preventing them from developing chronic medical illnesses and that’s my passion and that’s my goal. My hope is that I can prevent
chronic medical illnesses from happening by bringing
awareness to the community. There’ such an epidemic of
diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity and I think it all starts from childhood and lack of awareness. So my goal is to get out
there, see these patients, bring awareness to the
community and educate them. And hopefully prevent or reverse these chronic medial
illnesses from happening. A lot of people are trying
to go the natural approach and they’re finding out that nutrition has a big impact on their health. People are starting to catch on that maybe food is like medication. You eat the right foods you stay healthy, you eat the wrongs foods
you’ll probably get sick. I love Northern Arizona.
I love the mountains. I love the red rocks. I
love how it’s a small town. They still preserve small-town values. I love nature. I love
how nature grounds me. (light music)

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