Kate Upton On Her Unretouched 6-Month Postpartum ‘Health’ Cover | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– (crowd cheering) She is
featured on this month’s cover of Health magazine, and it’s the first unretouched cover in the magazine’s
history. (crowd cheering) So let’s talk about your part there. I mean is it hard? Because everything nowadays is so filtered and so retouched. Was it hard and scary, especially six months after having a baby? – It was so scary. And leading up I was still breastfeeding when I did the shoot. And I was just freaking
out the whole time. – And that part was probably good, ’cause they’re real full. (laughs) – Oh, I didn’t need the help. – Some of us do Kate. (both laughing) – Something like, I
didn’t need any extra, no. But you know? Unretouched is actually
really part for everybody on set I noticed like, the makeup artist, the hairstylist, everyone’s like, “Oh my God, what are we
gonna do with her bruise “on her knee? “Who’s gonna cover it? “The makeup is not covering it!” Everything’s very stressful. And doing it in natural lighting, adds that very real element as well. – Boy, natural lighting is not
my friend. (crowd laughing) I like it nice soft amber dim light. – [Kate] That’s such a
lie, stop! (laughing) No, but it was really
important for me to do this. Because we’re on Instagram all the time, and we see people
Photoshopping everything. You know like, when does it end? When you’re scrolling on Instagram, you constantly compare
yourself to these other people. And for me, I wanted us
to like take a set back and show a real moment of
someone who actually is a six months post-partum,
is not being Photoshop. And be that real person and real influence for other people.
– I love it! I think it’s awesome. (clapping)

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  1. I think all photos should never be retouched. I never use filters. I don't enjoy pretending to look different than how I look on a daily basis. It can also be very obvious when someone is filtered constantly. They look like an entirely different person if you see them out. I especially hate it when older women use filters to try and look younger. There is nothing wrong with the face you have ladies and gents.

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