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(heavy intense music) – Hi, I’m Patrick Murphy and I was hired to train Keanu Reeves for John Wick. And I wanna tell you somethin’. This guy, what he had to
accomplish in these movies, performing all of his own stunts and doing all of that physicality, I had to help him stabilize
his body, stay away from pain, and get him in the best shape of his life. So when I was designing Keanu
Reeves’ workout program, I knew that his character and how he had to perform on film was very dynamic and that’s why I went
with the circuit program. We got a variety of exercises
that covers the full body and you’re gonna go right through it like a circuit, without any rest. It’s non-stop. Just like John Wick, he never stops. He just keeps going. And you’re gonna end up doing the same. I have my client here, Albert Hammond, who’s in great shape, who I train five, six days a week and he can crush anything. Are you guys ready? It’s gonna be a great workout. We’re gonna go reverse-lunge front raise. Here we go and step back, boom, good. This is gonna add coordination, the mind and body connection,
adding multi-joint movements. You have to do compound exercises
in your workout program. (Patrick exhales sharply) These exercises helped John Wick perform the way he did in those movies. Right here. (exhales sharply) Excellent. Straight down, stand up and press. Good. Drive through that left ankle. Keep the nice straight line. Wonderful. (Albert breathing rhythmically) All right, reverse-step banded row. Good. Excellent. A little semi-pronated hands, good. Excellent. Adding dynamic movements
are very important to increase your mind
and body intelligence. You have to do things like this. Excellent. Squat, holdin’ up the iso
hold on the shoulders. Good. Perfect, no shoulder elevation. Pull with the arms. Good. Abs in. (exhales sharply) Excellent. Let’s make a perfect form bridge. Abs in. Tiny forward and back an inch. Ready? Yeah, go five and then widen the feet up a little bit when you go side-to-side. All right, that’s fine. Good. Side-to-side. Excellent. Sidestep one, two, three. Take your time on the way back. Control. Good, it’s always important
to control deceleration. There’s where true strength comes. Sidestep. No rotating. Sidestep. Three, controlled deceleration. One. Two. And three.
(intense music) I hope you enjoyed the workout. It’s gonna get you in the
best shape of your life. Also if you have any injuries, it’s gonna help you become
smarter as you train too, as you perform positive
adaptations for your body. Give it a shot and be safe and smart.

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  1. Keanu was training for real life not this movie. mens health exercises Be like hula hoop for 15 mins to get the hips activated michael b jordan did this for his creed role. He also ate popcorn on one leg to help mental focus.

  2. Hollywood is full of such steroid freaks as Keanu. Muscles and money in exchange of a healthy long live.

  3. It's because he's 55 y/o. This is to just keep him healthy but it's low impact so that he won't get injured and be pain free.

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