#KeepOnAmazing: Tara Dennie, Little Rock – Baptist Health Women’s Patient

Being a mom is challenging some of the
time and maybe even many times but it’s something that I
feel that I’ve been called to do and I truly love it. I have a lot to accomplish everyday I’ve got to get six kids dressed, six kids fed
for breakfast, six kids in and out of the car multiple times, six kids lunch, six kids supper, and then baths and showers and then we start the
laundry and the dishes It’s always a lot. My husband, we’ve been
married for about 13 years and we’re really best friends and we do so much
together I do a blog each night and I write the
words and he does the pictures everything that we do just kind of a team effort. Having a baby is such a wonderful time and we’ve always felt comfortable at Baptist Health I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve had the
same doctor deliver all six of my children so that’s a really special, neat
experience Baptist Health did an excellent job of making
sure that I was comfortable. I was able to use that time to recuperate a
little bit more so when we did leave we were ready to start full speed ahead
getting back to our life Since we’ve had the kids it’s made us want to take them different places and were probably
more passionate about travel because we’re getting to show it to six little
faces and see their eyes light up as they see and enjoy
something brand new Reagan is eight and she’s been to 48
states and then our youngest is racking up the
states too. He’s been on a round trip all the way to California. We made a big circle so it won’t
be long before he catches up with his sister we really do want our kids to experience
just so much and there’s so much to learn and
to see in they’re soaking all of that up and they may
not remember the facts and the dates but they’re gonna remember those experiences that
made together. When we decided to homeschool I probably thought things to be a little
bit different than they actually are I had imagined the classical music playing and all the children sitting at their desk
happily drinking some water and doing calculus but it’s not like that at all there’s a baby at your foot and there’s Legos and toys on the floor and
we’re learning but it’s not how I envisioned us learning. Once a
month we meet with all of our homeschool friends and we’d always try to incorporate
a service project my children really enjoyed going to the rice depot. It’s a place where they put food together to pass out to
the needy in Arkansas. When we walked in the door my kids
probably didn’t realize all the food that would be here all boys and girls that this food could feed but I hope when they’re doing small things like
this, they’re able to see that we have so much and we can give so
much to other people who are in need My oldest son, Anderson said this was so much fun and I said, “You know,
Anderson, serving people what we did today was more important than school.” and he thought about it for a few
minutes and he thought no math, no phonics… and he decided I
want to serve people every day I wanna serve my children every day so I
can show them the love of God and I think that’s really important to
me even others ups and downs to being a mom serving my children pointing and pointing them in the direction of God is what I am called to do.

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