Keto Diet Helped Woman Lose 135 Pounds | TODAY

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  1. "That's a lot of meat" 👀 literally 🥓🥓 two pieces of bacon,and that was for the whole day. What plate was she looking at🤔

  2. I dont ever understand, why dont they show both before meals n wish I could go on her plan I'm still confused!!!!!! But she looks awesome from one nurse to another.

  3. Okay sis , you looking soooooo good. You was pretty as a BBW but skinny too just flawless. #motivated

  4. wow this is the worst advise for anyone that is  looking for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!.    PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THIS EATING HABIT!!!!!  your HEART WILL THANK YOU

  5. Interesting Natural Keto Diet Solution For Successful Keto Weight Loss Results!


  6. She is like “that’s a lot of meat”. Most normal diets have more meat in a day than what she is showing in this clip.

  7. Keto isn't just a diet is literally is a lifestyle change. My body has completely transformed because of it. I feel motivated to go the gym because I have so much energy. Check me out on IG @Carbiebarbie2ketoqueen

  8. I too lost 130 lbs and managed to lose over 100 lbs in one year… I've posted my story on my page. Congrats to the lady in this video and all those who are overcoming weight challenges!

  9. Keto is so freaking restrictive and causes mucus in my body. You lose weight but dont eat 1 slice of bread because the next day you'll be 1 pound heavier. Literally. Very discouraging but it can work.

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