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hey guys! I am Nisa Homey and welcome back
to my channel today I’m sharing a quick and instant khapli wheat dosa recipe this
khapli wheat dosa is a quick and easy and instant dosa
recipe which you can make in just under 10 minutes. for those who are new to
khapli. Khapli wheat is an ancient variety of wheat grain which has very less
gluten and is high in fiber when compared to modern processed wheat,
because of the high fiber in khapli wheat it will help you keep you feel
fuller for a longer time and thus it helps in your weight loss journey
khapli wheat also has many health benefits I have already shared a detailed video
along with its health benefits please do check it out to understand more. so
without wasting much time let’s get started with the recipe. to make instant
khapli wheat dosa into a large bowl I am adding in 1/2 cup
of khapli wheat flour, into this I’m adding in 1 and 1/2 tbsp of roasted
brown rice flour, add in 1 tbsp roasted rava, add in pink Himalayan salt as
needed now give this all a mix. Add in water so I’m measuring 1/2 cup of water
and then I’m slowly adding the water little by little again I’m measuring another 1/2 cup of
water and adding it little by little, add in the rest of the water and mix well, make sure that you
mix it really well so that there are no lumps okay now the batter is nicely mixed and there are no lumps so this is the
consistency of the batter it should neither be too thick nor too thin I’m
going to keep this aside for five minutes
okay now the batter is ready it has been resting for five minutes and there
are no lumps as you can see and the batter is of pourable consistency so now
I’m going to make the khapli dosa heat a cast iron dosa tawa and grease it with gingelly oil reduce the flame to the lowest and
pouring two ladle full of the khapli dosa batter and spread it out as
thinly as possible drizzle in 1tsp wood pressed coconut oil
now instead of wood pressed coconut oil you can use any unrefined or wood
pressed oil from the place you live in like mustard oil, grounded oil, or even
til oil and allow the dosa to cook on low flame for about a minute
once done carefully flip it over now make sure that you’re using a well
seasoned cast iron tawa and let it cook on low flame for about a minute
once done remove to a plate quick and easy instant khapli wheat dosa is ready to
serve enjoy khapli wheat dosa with sambar chutney or any side dish of your choice
so guys do try this healthy khapli wheat dosa and let me know how it turned
out don’t forget to like, comment, and share
this video with family and friends thank you for watching and until next time
take care bye bye

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  1. Khapli wheat also known as Emmer Wheat is an ancient variety of wheat grain, which has very less gluten when compared to modern processed wheat. This indigenous wheat is also high in fibre and helps to balance blood sugar levels. Ideal for those with health issues like diabetes and also for those who have gluten intolerance issues.
    Check my previous video on khapli wheat to know more about this ancient wheat grain
    More Info On Khapli Wheat :
    You can also buy from two brothers website :
    Use my coupon code (NISAHOMEY10)
    Instagram: ❤️INSTAGRAM ❤️

  2. plz mam make another vedio on sattu mavu atta ladoo receipe without oil and ghee & also using soft date instead of jaggery plz plz plz…..😢😢

  3. mam for how much u buy one kg Kapli wheat flour in Amazon? I bought 180 per kg in Amazon.. as it's cost too high mam..anyother source is there to get at low cost?

  4. Congratulations on your achievements Chechi!! I ve been following you from quite long..the first video on your recipe Coorg pandi curry is what I tried and it was a big hit.. after that it was the traditional ghee making video that I saw of yours under skinny recipes which I ve shared with my mom, aunts and friends.. love your work and bring please do share your learnings and knowledge with us. I would love to know about the fridge that you use!! Thank you!!

  5. plz mam make a vedio on sattu mavu atta healthy summer drink with soft dates & without sugar plz plz plz…… 😢😢😢😢😢

  6. Hello ma’am am big fan of your recipes am a hostler I tried your ragi mug cake which is simply delicious…I would like to request you to make diet plan or recipes to control cholesterol as my mother has this issue of high cholesterol and I’m so much worried about her.

  7. Maam..can u make a video on how to make mayonnaise from yogurt or curd ?? will be really helpful ..much love ❤

  8. Veetil podippikunna wheat powder use cheyyumbol vayaru vedanakkunnu, endha reason ariyumo, packet vangunnath kuzappamilla

  9. Mam in all your videos u use gingelly oil is it seasme oil or some other kind of oil. If its sesame oil than which is good white sesame or black sesame..

  10. Hi..
    I'm new subscriber…
    Thanks for sharing d recipe of khapli…
    N showing d viewers d correct measurements of water n khapli… N most important also water measurements which one more can go wrong….
    I hv ordered cast iron…. Rock one….. On amazon…..
    I wanted ask u…. Can v use rice flour instead of brown rice flour?

  11. Well I like it,prefer and suggest too,that if you write the whole recipie in description has well,has I like to read it and makes me in understaning n remembering the recipie better,I do it in parallel with watching the video simultaneously,or anyway forget all,just write the whole recipie in description too plz.

  12. Mam….With the whole kapli wheat can we do idli/dosa(soaking the whole grain, grinding with urad dal and fermenting)? Will this work?

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