Kids Meet a Woman with Alzheimer’s | Cut

– You told me your name, but I forgot it. – It’s Crystal. – I know, but I will forget it. (laughs) (upbeat music) – Justin, you go ahead. – Hi, I’m Justin. – Hi, Justin, nice to meet you! My name is Miriam. – Hello. – Do you know how old I am? – Uh, 28? – Oh, 28, oh, I wish! How old do you think I am? – Uh, 80? – Oh. (laughs) From 28 to 80? – Sorry. What do you do at home? – Well, I’m retired, but
I used to be a lawyer. About seven years ago, I began to forget things. – I forget, like, everything. – You forget everything? Oh, my. I’ve got Alzheimer’s, have
you heard of Alzheimer’s? – No. – Alzheimer’s is a disease. – Is it contagious? – No. – Can you die from it? – Yes. – Oh. – Yes, what’s happening in my brain is that my brain cells are dying. Do you know what genetics is? It’s like, it’s your genes, you know, and so, um, I forgot where I was going. Genetics, I forgot what
I was going to say. Oh, what’s that, it’s that thing that goes around eating things? – Oh, you mean Pac-Man? – Pac-Man, yes. Well, there’s a Pac-Man in my brain, going around eating my brain. (laughs) Yeah! And there’s nothing right
now that can stop it. – Maybe you could just
create a ghost in your brain, and then eat Pac-Man and go bye-bye, and then the ghost goes away. – Sure, absolutely, why not? (laughs) Do you ever forget things? – When I put the remote down
and go to get something, when I come back in the room,
I forgot where the remote was. (Miriam laughs) Have to search the entire room. (Miriam laughs) – My dad is kinda like
that, when my mom asks him to do something, he doesn’t do it. Every single time, and he always says, “I forgot, I forgot, I forgot. “I forgot, I forgot, I forgot,
(Miriam laughs) “I forgot, I forgot, I forgot.” – What else do you forget? – How old I am, sometimes I think I’m six. – Uh-huh. I create a system. I’ve got a Google calendar on my laptop, and on my cell phone. My calendar is basically
substituting for my brain because my brain isn’t working. Have you heard, you know
what Alzheimer’s is? – Yeah, you said that earlier. – Ah, yes. (laughs) – It’s okay. It’s okay. – You know, I’m 70 years old, but I’m becoming…
– Wait, you’re old? I’m, yeah, but I’m going
to be becoming a baby because I’m going to forget how to eat, I’m going to forget how to do things. A couple of days ago, I
didn’t know where I was. It took like five minutes for me to figure out where I was in my apartment. What would you do if you got lost? – There’s a trail right by our house. – That trail could go anywhere, Justin. – No!
– And what happens – No, not follow the trail.
– If there was two! If he goes along to the trail, I don’t go onto the trail. – I would just…
– Pass our neighbor’s house. Then a left…
– Okay, okay. – Okay, I’m confused.
(laughing) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, I would just rest. – I am totally confused. Okay, um, what was I saying? You know what’s happening
with me right now? It’s called sundowning. And sundowning is when
somebody who’s got Alzheimer’s has a difficult time
remembering and following, and so that’s what’s
happening to me right now. – Does someone take care of you? – No, no. I live alone. But I’ve got a lot of
friends who check up on me. – Yeah, me, too. I have such, so so so many friends, I can only remember a few of their names. – Oh, I can’t remember names. Sometimes I get sad. But not often. I don’t know. But I try not to get upset
because getting upset just makes it worse, and so… I have hope that there’s
going to be a cure to stop Alzheimer’s. (laughs) – Stop! – Oh. (kisses)
(child mumbling) Come here. (clapping) – Hello, guys. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, and go down to the description box, and there’s a link to our store. You should go buy some merchandise. Thanks. Buh-bye. (upbeat music)

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  1. 13 videos of alzheimers or less, searching if there can be a cure for alzheimers in google for 15 minutes, i was wasting my time, helping my mom..

    Can anyone help me im begging. My mom has been forgetting the name of cities like where she lives or names from her work place… I dont want her to forget me too.. 😩🤧
    And i dont want to lose her, not knowing my damn name🤒😫😔 if i lose her, i lose a big part of my heart♥️💔



  2. My grandmother has alzheimer's, it's hard to watch people suffer like that.. thankfully my Grandpa has stayed by her side.

  3. My boyfriend’s father’s case is much worse. He can’t remember anything even my boyfriend’s name. Just her wife’s name and I can see how my boyfriend struggles a lot thinking that his father doesnt even know he’s his son. I sometimes see ivan (my bf) having a teary eye while remembering his memories with his father. He’s only 14 when his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His father is now 72 years old and he’s only 17. We sometimes take things for granted, but as long as you have your parents/ grandparents with you, please show them love because nothing is permanent.

  4. The little boy with the orange shirt at 4:39 made me tear up 😢 He was so touched by this beautiful lady that he shed a tear I just wanna Jump through my phone screen and give them both a big fat long hug 🥺 they both deserve it💜

  5. Scrolling down comments and almost everyone said their grandmother have Alzheimers while me, my mother had Alzheimers when she was 51 yrs old and as a teenager growing up watching my mother with Alzheimers breaks my heart so much.

    Rest in peace mom

  6. Whene that boy started crying I start crying to I'm soo sorry for Alzheimer people all the things that the done in years will be cancelled from they're memory😢😭

  7. A big salute to that woman because even though she has Alzheimer's she still stays positive even though Alzheimer's has no cure she still hopes that someone will find the cure for it 🙂

  8. If she has alzheimers , then how could she remember talking to the kids or what reminded her on keeping the conversation with the kids?

  9. She's so calm about it, like she apparently accepted it. Even if she's pretending to be fine living with Alzheimer, I find it own of a very strong person to do that, because I feel like I would be planning on how to kill myself if I ever get to know I have Alzheimer and couldn't even come to make think people I'm fine with it.

  10. i hope you sat down with these kids and explained what was up with this woman before making the fucking video. the whole thing made me incredibly anxious, i can't imagine how these kids felt. some of them looked very uneasy to me.

  11. You know what happens to me? When i go to a room to get something and when im finnaly in that room i forgot what i wanted…-_-

  12. When I live and work in the States as a Physical Therapist I will not be working on the week ends since I am alone no kids and a widow. I want to spend my time helping these folks I have the gift of service I would love to do their household chores or whatever I can do to help. God I want to do this with all my heart! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  13. My grandmother has an Alzheimer's disease when I was on 5th grade. Now I'm 1st yr college and she's like a baby now. She poops and urines on her bed. She doesn't know us anymore.

  14. 4:28 and then 4:37 Was just so heartwarming. If I saw that boy, I probably wouldn't cry like that. He is such a gentleman!

  15. She is such a good, cute and positive human that‘s incredible!
    I wish her the best in life❤️❤️
    (My whole heart and respect)

  16. I wish I could meet my great grandma before her dementia got bad but I happy that she still remembers me a little bit I heard she was a wonderful sassy lady and was fun to hang around

  17. Things were all good yesterday
    And then the devil took your memory
    And if you fell to your death today
    I hope that heaven is your resting place
    I heard the doctors put your chest in pain
    But then that could have been the medicine
    And now you're lying in the bed again
    Either way I'll cry with the rest of them

    My father told me, son
    It's not his fault he doesn't know your face
    You're not the only one
    Although my grandma used to say
    He used to sing

    Darlin' hold me in your arms
    The way you did last night
    And we'll lie inside
    For a little while here oh

    I could look into your eyes
    Until the sun comes up
    And we're wrapped in light and life and love
    Put your open lips on mine
    And slowly let them shut
    For they're designed to be together oh
    With your body next to mine
    Our hearts will beat as one
    And we set alight
    We're afire love

    – – – – – – – – – –

    What a horrible disease 😰

  18. Me: okay nan, I have to go get some groceries for you.
    Nan: Go where?
    Me: to Acme
    Nan: for what?
    Me: Groceries
    Nan: what about them?
    Me: I have to go them them.
    Nan: Oh, where to?
    Me: Acme
    Nan: what for?
    Me: Groceries.
    Nan: For who?
    Me: You.
    Nan: what about me?
    Me: I need to go to the grocery store for you
    Nan: which one ?
    Me: Acme.
    Nan: What for?
    Me: Groceries.

  19. Unfortunately my grandma has Alzheimer’s and its just the beginning but you can tell. It scares me to think that there will be a point in her life that she won’t remember me even tho she has known me for my hole life but there is still a lot of time left till then because she, for now, is only loosing recent memories even tho it is getting worse. The other day, she forgot where she was and she said she was in an old town she used to live in over 30 years ago! It basically takes her back in time. But we will make her happy up to her last day with us!

  20. My grandmother has Alzheimer's and if this lady ends up the way my grandma does I'm gonna feel so bad because she is doing so well and my grandma doesn't even know what a fork is now and it breaks my heart

  21. Omg sie ist so süß. Ich wünsche mir ich könnte auch mal so gut mit der Krankheit umgehen, falls ich sie einmal bekomme!

  22. My grandma has it and right now, she can’t even go to toilet on her own and I am scared to call her cuz I know that she won’t recognize me… Alzheimer is a dreadfully disease. (I Hope my English is correct I am from Germany )

  23. That makes me so sad my grandpa died from this disease and that really touched me and that’s so sweet that she is so open about it this was so sweet 😁😢

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