Kindness is a Strength

– Yo, what’s up guys? I’m down washing my
clothes and there’s always, almost always someone who
likes to take my time. And the room where we dry the clothes, there’s a specific room for each time. It’s very complicated,
but there’s always a guy, and I think it’s him, who takes my time every single fucking time,
and it’s so annoying. That made me think about
being kind to others as Gary and Chuck says. It is very important to
live according to pressure as film makers, as writers, as artists. As a human being because
our way in the world is to interact with other people and by being kind to other people you will get some kind of reward. You shouldn’t be kind because
you’re expecting a reward, but there will return
a smile, the kind word, the fame of something, and
so don’t, that’s okay too. But try to be a kind
person to whoever you meet. Just be helpful and
don’t take other people’s fucking washing time
because it’s so annoying. Plus there’s only one of the
two washing machines working. That doesn’t work, that
is working, so now I have to double my wash time,
but what that’s happening. That’s okay too, yeah, yay, bye.

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