Knocked Up (3/10) Movie CLIP – Pregnant! (2007) HD

(BABY CRYING) No, they’re not. No, they’re all in the bag.
They’re in the bag. (BABIES CRYING) Allison Scott? Yeah. Come on. l’m supposed to come?
Yes. Hello. My name is
Thomas Pellagrino. l’m… l’m Ben Stone. Hi, there, champ.
Nice to meet you. And you must be
Debbie’s sister.
Yeah. Alice.
Allison. Hi. Hi. How are you?
Good. So, what can
l help you with today,
Mr. and Mrs. Stone? l took a home pregnancy test,
and it said l was pregnant, so here we are. Okay. Let’s have a look. Legs up. (SIGHS) Nice office. Thank you. Well, you do look
a lot like your sister. This is gonna be cold.
And you’re next. (CHUCKLING) Okay, there is
the cervix and the uterus. See that? That dark sac there,
that’s the amniotic sac. And right there
in the middle is the embryo. Do you see that flicker?
You know what that is? Yeah, that’s a heartbeat. Yeah, it looks like
you are pregnant. About eight or nine weeks,
l’d say. Congratulations. That… That’s it? Yep. Take good care of it. Now the fun part starts. Let me… Let me make
a picture for you, huh? That’ll be fun. (SOBBING) Okay. Well, l’ll…
l’ll meet you in my office. Okay. (SOBBING) l’ll give you
a little time alone, there. (DOOR CLOSES) Oh, God.
Oh, no. lt’s okay.

65 Replies to “Knocked Up (3/10) Movie CLIP – Pregnant! (2007) HD”

  1. Ugh the beginning of the scene where they are sitting in the waiting room brings flashbacks of myself during my pregnancy. I was nauseous, tired,moody and already had a phobia of any type of medical buildings and I had to go every week at 830AM to see my OBGYN because my pregnancy was high risk. .it was so uncomfortable especially once my baby bump started to get big. I'd have to be up at the butt crack of dawn to sit in a waiting room for 2 and a half hours surrounded by other pregnant women and a butt load of crying babies and loud toddlers lol I just remember hating it so much and even though I had planned my pregnancy it would make me nervous about being a mom. I remember one lady who had 4 little kids under the age of 7 and was pregnant again. Her kids would run around the waiting room screaming and she could barely move because she was about 7 months pregnant. I love this scene however. .some Dr's definitely make the corniest're next! I love Seth Rogans face after that lol

  2. If your wife didn’t let you see this and made you wait in the lobby, but showed you the picture or video later, how would you feel? Serious question.

  3. No woman in the world is going to take some strange one night stand guy to the gyno with her, especially into the exam room.

  4. Can’t believe all the horrible comments about baby at 0:16. I’m disgusted with the lack of compassion for another innocent soul.

  5. Wtf I swear they check through a baby scan on the belly and not like this …? I don’t want anyone looking up my nunni

  6. God is currently researching a way to make fetuses look more like small people on ultrasound so that Californians are less distressed by the natural consequence of coitus.

  7. A pregnant woman is standing, and that so called man is sitting comfortably! Awful! He should have been given his seat to her, if he is thinking of himself as a gentleman!

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