L. Gregory Blanton, M.D. – Obstetrics and Gynecology

I went through the six year medical program
at LSU Shreveport. I went two years to LSU Shreveport and then four years to the med school. I finished med school when I was 23 years old. I moved to the University of Florida where
I did my residency in OB/GYN. Once I finished my OB/GYN residency I moved back to Shreveport to start my practice. When I did the labor unit and started delivering babies and found how much fun it was and then did the GYN surgery rotation to realize howmuch fun doing the GYN surgery was, I felt like it was the best of both worlds. In a lot of areas of medicine it can be depressing. I felt OB/GYN was a very happy field, and
that was my main impetus for choosing it. We offer everything from treatment of abnormal Pap Smears to annual exams to more complicated gynecology including hysterectomies, vaginal prolapse procedures, urinary continence procedures. We have a certified esthetician that provides all of our laser services, and does our facials and chemical peels, microdermabrasion. Both Dr. Robertson and I do all the injectibles. My special area of expertise is in gynecological surgery, especially in vaginal surgery. We now do 70 to 85 percent of our hysterectomies vaginally which is as high as anyone in the country. I treat my patient as if it were my wife or
my mother and that’s the way I would want my wife or mother treated.

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