hi guys this is your sister Kerryann Gidden
in Jesus Christ guys I just want to come to you just really to just explain
what’s going on in the spiritual realm and you know today the Lord is really
been dealing with me and I had a one-to-one with God as always do and I
and I cried I cried when I said that I cried because I know hardly to what the
Holy Spirit is saying in my heart a lot of destruction and chaos and carnage is
heading it’s already determined in the spiritual realm ladies and gentlemen
it’s already been done in the spiritual room and it’s just a matter of time
before it’s all let loose in the natural where we’re gonna see these events and
as I’ve been going to physically cry on to my Lord my God my Savior and I was
just saying to him lord please have mercy that’s all I was saying to the
Lord because I could literally feel can hear that helicopters all over from
morning where I’m working but and I could literally feel the anger and the
wrath of God and he was so good so merciful that he didn’t don’t you know
pour it out to me it’s just because I were talking to him today and I could
sense in my spirit that our Lord is angry ladies and gentlemen he’s he’s not
happy God is not happy with the condition of
Earth because people are just not listening and as I begin to speak to God
I said lord I am so upset spiritually now this is all spiritual I said Lord
I’m spiritually angry at the pastors because the Lord
not for the love of anything they will not warn their congregation that won’t
take time out to seek you like how I’m seeking you other people are seeking you
all the Watchmen on the wolf of the Lord for you Lord that is seeking you and
know that your judgment it’s coming Heavenly Father which is already here oh
god my lord my king and my Savior and that’s what I was saying to him and I’m
gonna say that these pastors just they just won’t do it
they just and yet people continue to go to these churches and I did a video
which I’m gonna link again in the description box if you want you can
watch it where I warn to get out of the churches you must get out of these
churches if you’re not learning and it’s okay let me just put it this way so that
you understand what I’m saying if you are only learning about endtime things
on YouTube and you only have knowledge about certain endtime things only
because you watch channels like my channel and all the people tryna and
your church is not you need to get out of the church it’s no point going
absolutely no point going ladies and gentlemen you need to get out and see
the Holy Spirit for yourself let him teach you you will learn anything
underneath these pastors that are just dumb down really I’m not here to
disrespect the pastors or anything but God isn’t it isn’t it please with the
Shepherd’s the arene isn’t please and that’s the reason why in Revelation I
think chapter 2 or 3 he said that he had seven messages to the Angel of the seven
churches angels or the pastors and this is a condition add that John is showing
us ladies and gentlemen he must not be afraid to step out of your church and
see God for yourself really but that’s what’s one of the thing that was on my
heart and I literally cried today but equally
ladies and gentlemen equally you know on Sunday I was speaking to my husband and
I told him the vision that I had concerning the amount of warplanes and
helicopters I saw in the sky and the government telling everybody to stay now
sand it wasn’t a drill now I do not watch TV I hardly read the news when I
go on Facebook if a news thing pops up I might look at it but I get my
information and believe me from the Holy Spirit that’s it and my husband said to
me I’ve got told him that he said well Donald Trump is trying to pick war with
Korea no it’s not North Korea Iran I think I’m sure that’s what he said Aaron
and I said really and he said yes I said well I don’t know because I have watched
news for months I’ve heard me tell you’re in my room I’m watching news I
don’t listen to radio or anything so you know when I saw obviously I’ve got that
dream that vision rather what they’re like with the war planes up in the sky
and everybody to stay then it’s not a drill but equally I want to quickly
share this powerful powerful vision that God gave me last year 2018 where I saw
not this is this is the order that I saw it North Korea Russia and China these
are the president of these country and in front of North Korea which is that
president guy Kim Jong hoon I think his name is all of a sudden in front of him
a massive missile rised up from the earth and it was right in front of him
and I was obviously standing beside this president and I saw a time ladies and
gentlemen on this missile and it started off with the number 12 then when it’s 12
then it went 10 – sorry 10 2011 then it went to
nine and when I went to nine I was saying to the Lord oh we’ve got a bit of
time but then started to speed up to nine eight seven and when it reached up
and the Holy Spirit said run and I began to run away from the scene and I just
found myself in my house and I said to my husband a missile strike is gonna
headed somewhere over the world which is gonna affect the United Kingdom and he
said I know I know cuz I’ve seen it on TV
and as soon as we said that ladies and gentlemen the missiles stroke we then I
then went outside with my husband and my children and it was total chaos I mean I
could not even begin I couldn’t even begin to explain to you the carnage and
the chaos that I saw in this in this vision and then our next-door neighbor
drove up his car and said come on come on come on carry and come and do it
get the kids get in the car or go to FEMA and when it’s at FEMA obviously
because I had so much visions and dreams and revelation concerning FEMA I said
absolutely not I said we are not going but my husband took the kids and put in
the neighbors car and I said don’t do that get them out of the car and you
know it couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go to FEMA cap and I said to him
okay then fine I’ll go I said let me go upstairs and quickly get some nappies
and stuff for the baby and then and now come back down and as I run up the
stairs ladies and gentlemen the Holy Spirit stopped me and said don’t you
trust me what did I tell you about FEMA and I said yes Lord I know I know just
went back downstairs went outside took the kids out the car said to my husband
we the kids are made myself we are not going to the FEMA camp our Lord will
provide and then the vision here they’re just
ending and you know obviously I said today I was just crying crying because
people are just not believe in what we are saying
war destruction three days of darkness falling angels in the beauty the mark
the Beast brothers and sisters there’s so much
coming up on this earth it’s overwhelming and this is the reason why
our Lord says that men hearts will fail them for the things coming upon the year
because it’s just gonna be two months one thing out of the next and that’s
exactly what Satan wants this is this is his plan so that he can bring in the one
world order the one world religion the one world government this is all the
plan of Satan ladies and gentlemen and you must wake up even if you feel like
everything is okay you need to go in prayer and ask God to show you
spiritually the things that is coming because it is coming and even though I
go to work every day you know do other family things together I’m not naive to
drop my garden so that was a perfect world is this world we don’t belong here
we are just passing through our home is not here ladies and gentlemen you must
not get comfortable with planet Earth because it will be destroyed and when
the fallen angels are coming back which I’m going to do another video concerning
the Fallen Angels because they are here and I’ll do that video is so powerful
what the Lord showed me about the Fallen Angels so I just wanted to come to you
just to warn you really ladies we are in for a rough ride but you need
to stay anchored in Jesus you need to have solved 91 as your base you need to
trust God totally just like in my vision when I was you know packing my stuff to
go to Fema camp and the Lord Holy Spirit stopped me and said daughter of anah
told you to trust me I’m Ivan and have I not told you about FEMA camps and I said
yes Lord and I didn’t go because obviously the Holy Spirit reminded me so
Alice quickly wanted to come and to share this with you that events are
about to escalate and events will kick off so God eternally bless you I love
you all and I’ll see you soon someday in glory in Jesus precious Holy Name Amen


  1. Just a few weeks ago Obama got a street renamed after him in Los Angeles, it's called Obama Boulevard now. So many people were outside cheering for him when the street was unveiled. It felt similar to the cheering the people did when King Nebuchadnezzar told people to worship the image of gold. People are praising Obama without him having to force them, so many people are lost souls.

    Daniel 3: 5 " As soon as you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipe and all kinds of music, you must fall down and worship the image of gold that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up."

  2. Thank you! I left the Catholic Church probably 2 years ago. I have not been certain that I did the right thing until now. I did not learn one thing in that church and certainly not about end times.

  3. Rev. Sun Myung Moon said in December 1971, in Washington DC, that the fate of the human race would be decided @ the 38th Parallel!

    Rev. Moon was born in North Korea and spent 3 years in a North Korea Death Camp where men died with rice in their mouth, their last meal. Other men removed the rice from the dying man’s mouth and ate it so they could live a little longer.

    Rev. Moon was liberated by US forces in 1950 when US forces attacked the surrounding area of the camp allowing prisoners to flee. From that time on, Rev Moon vowed to give his life for the peaceful unification of North & South Korea. In 1970, GOD told me to help Rev Moon.

    GOD told Rev Moon to come to America in 1971. I met Rev Moon for the first time in Dec 1971. I lived with Rev Moon off and on. He never sleep more than 4 hours a night, and everyone around him was put under the incredible strain of trying to keep up with him, often causing a change of people around him.

    In 1983, the US GOVT put Rev Moon in Danbury Prison for 18 months on a bogus $25,000 non payment of US taxes, when his church was tax exempt. Rev Moon passed away Sept 2012 w/o seeing his dream of unification. What many people do not know is that when Korea was divided, some families stayed in NK, and some went to SK breaking up many families. No matter what someone has heard about Rev Moon, these are the real facts of his life!

    Sorry to say, but there will be a war between USA and NK. Anyone who studies war battle knows that the enemy does not give away what their real weapons are. Kimmy Boy probably has a dirty trick for the USA. I post in memory of a man who tried to do a good thing, save millions of lives!

  4. Kerry-Ann, I asked the lord to have mercy on all of those that are not totally his. I heard a stern voice, not mean, just stern, and he told me he has many profits spreading his word, so he is being merciful. He said people have free will. I thanked him for his graciousness and felt better

  5. God has said this to other prophets here to tell the people. He told me personally one Sunday morning. Lord help the people to hear!

  6. Sister, are we not supposed to fight back when these people come to try to take us? I've herd from someone they said we should not hide or fight. Can you ask Lord about this? I don't hear from Lord. But I bought a gun so I could protect myself but now I'm not sure if the Lord would have me use it for a time when evil men are going to try and capture us.

  7. Beloved I just want to reiterate and confirm what you are saying. I told my pastor as well as 2 evangelist in my church concerning Obama and they said that they didn't believe me. Two others in my church piggybacked my warning because they do their homework and research. I didn't give the church 2nd hand information, but told them that God showed me who Obama was directly in a vision. I told them detailed
    information and they still refused to believe what I revealed to them. I grieve over the church's blindness and unbelief. The judgements coming upon the world especially America will soon unfold. God has been longsuffering and forebearing, but the judgements are already set in place and will surely come to pass especially America's judgements. China is anxious to go to war against America with Russia's help and backing. Islamic nations are eager to join in and take down America, the elephant in the room. I believe that China is behind N.Korea's nuclear provocations to America. The U.S. days are numbered. The dollar collapse will be the first judgement that will bring America to its knees. However the problem is bigger than China and Russia. It is the Islamic nations that want to move America out of the way through the phony 7 year peace deal that will be ratified by incoming and restored president Obama who God showed me, is a secret Muslim. This will allow these anti Israel Islamic nations to gain up on Israel. However God is in the plan who will put a hook in these Islamic nations jaws and eventually draw them to Jerusalem for Israel's judgement. It is written, two thirds of the Jews will be killed during Jacob's Trouble, but the other third will accept Yeshua as their Messiah and be protected in the mountains of Petra. We are in the Leodicean church age and the bride will be snatched out of the church. We are in the last minute I would say,before the rapture for which God has given me 3 separate visions of.
    You are doing a great job in informing the masses. Don't keep silent. In a former church, when we were visiting another church, and that pastor asked me to give a few words near the end of the service, I began to tell him some things that I knew would eventually unfold in
    America. My pastor wa upset with me for saying what I said and it grieved me. However when I got home, I was watching something on YouTube and I dosed off for a very short while. When I awoke, these words were staring at me on my phone and don't know how they got there, but I quickly realized that it was God who
    I had never seen or heard that quote before and I knew it was God who put it there and I was
    instantly comforted. So beloved
    keep lifting up your voice like a trumpet in Zion, whether they hear or whether they forebear. Every time that I get a chance to share information, I won't hesitate or be afraid. Isaiah 21:6, says LET THE WATCHMAN DECLARE WHAT HE SEES. LEST THE BLOOD BE ON OUR SHOULDERS. AGAIN ALWAYS BE ENCOURAGED.

  8. Sister yes Holy Spirit has been saying same thing with me about the churches… But He also says we must must must get into the habit of not going places which arent necessary. He brings up diseases coming and or increasing. Not going to "unnecessary" Dr appts and such. And absolutely says come up ye out of the organized church systems. It simply isn't where He wishes for His and time ARMY hearing and seeing with SPIRITUAL eyes to be.

    He our Father YHWH is preparing us, Hes protecting us. Many hear and do not act. I know you know these things.

    But unnecessary appts of any kind travels and so forth He wants us I suppose to become use to not going. Bc of what lay ahead. And as you say sister so much judgement already occurring.

    Love and blessings and safety to you and yours. I always learn from you sister.



  10. Thank you sister for all your doing and messages! I've made up flyers about the three days and nights of darkness based on your warning which is also confirmed by other prophets and watchers.Sister I want to share with you and your viewers an amazing YouTube site called Love letters from Jesus/Liebesbrief von Jesus.God is talking to this generation and speaking about the very things that only teachers on YouTube are sharing because the churches are remaining silent.God bless you!

  11. Thank you sister, you’ve answered my question. I don’t learn anything from my church about end time and repenting and seeking the Lord, but the church is better then my former church as it is not a prosperity church. I thought it was still on to keep going there as it isn’t all prosperity prosperity. But now I know I should leave cos I don’t really learn much from there but I just continued to go to fulfill all righteousness. Thank you for this video. God bless you sister

  12. God bless you sister Kerry. 4/12/19 the Lord gave me a dream of war. I saw missiles being launched, nuclear. In another dream, I saw a man, and where his eyes should have been there was no eyes, only blackness. About a week ago, in a vision, I saw many war planes in the sky, they were dropping bombs.
    Love, In Christ Terrie

  13. Actually, Trump has put the navy in a position to protect Israel. There was intelligence that Ir.n was moving missiles towards Israel. Not stating an opinion as to whether that's right or wrong, just passing on news I heard.

  14. Amen!! What you just said about the pastors did you see this:

    5-19-19 A Word From The Father for Pastors.. Teachers.. Preachers – M Goss

    On 5-17-2019-While in prayer and in Spiritual communion with Jesus, I asked HIM about what was going on with The Pastor at The congregation I attend. HE gave me the following words and had me write them down.

    He has become haughty! He no longer seeks MY face as he should. He will be humbled. They will all be humbled. I will remove MY SPIRIT from their buildings. They have allowed their hearts and minds to become seared. They have allowed the outside in, and they live for this world. They seek me with rituals and practices. They have elevated themselves above me and above my throne. They walk in their flesh, and not by MY SPIRIT. I SAVE, not them. I FORGIVE, they do not. They are blind shepards who who lead MY SHEEP to slaughter, wolves in sheep’s clothing. They need to turn, repent and start over, lest destruction comes upon them. If they humble themselves, turn and seek MY WILL, MY PLANS, I will relent!




    Look what I just read earthquakes are increasing today!


  15. Sis K,my heart is always elated wen I see ur notification,b/c I know you have a true message from d Most High,for as many that have ears to hear.Therefore,my brethren,BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!LET THE PEACE OF GOD GARRISON & RULE OVER YOUR HEART..THE LORD IS NEAR!!!

  16. Those numbers you saw sounds like 9-11-2021 if you turn the numbers forward. The 7 could be 7:00 either pm or am. Makes a lot of sense to me. If you put those numbers in a perspective of gamatria meaning, it makes sense according to the message the enemy is revealing.

  17. Sister,

    I never learned if end times until I found a video on Facebook and it led me to YouTube and here I am learning these things from YouTube. It’s so sad! The pastors are not protecting the flock by withholding necessary information. There are many things if I had known growing up, that I wouldn’t have lived the way I lived and I’m trying to fix myself now. I thank you and others who are doing their best to inform us of what’s to come!

  18. YESHUA showed me the messianic Jewish life style and then after 6 months of being in that Kaelah, and opened my eyes to the way the congregation and how so many of them were very judgmental and then Yeshua took me out of that Kaelah. Now I observe the Sabbath day the best I can at my home. And I watch different you tubers to get my information. I love your channel sister. YESHUA bless you❤☮⚓🙏♾

  19. "Seek the Lord while He may be found . Call ye upon Him while he is near. Let the wicked man forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him
    return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him , and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6

  20. Intercede for the children, young people and as many as the Lord our God hath called. Intercession is key to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Jesus SAVES!

  21. The demons they are ready there,war I leave in my building,wen i speak about God and Jesus They’re so made.cause I put Christiens songs and my daughter I keep pushing her do the same, so they made…

  22. Have bees wax candles (they will be the only ones that will light) also holy water, food and water for 3+ days. DUCT TAPE to seal around ALL windows because when the three days of darkness begins, all the devils from Hell will be released onto the earth, anyone outside (both the good and the bad people) will die. There will be deadly fumes released all over the earth Blankets or cardboard on windows so no light comes in. Might be recommended to secure one room instead of the whole house. Have bathroom facilities, because there will be no water (lots and lots of bottled water). There will be no electric, gas, phone, etc. When this begins, it will get very, very, very cold, this will be our warning. Have many blankets and warm clothes. We must pray the rosary constantly for the three days and never sleep. Do not let anyone into our house, don't open the front door because the demon outside will sound like a loved one and want to come in. Do not go outside. The rosary prayed for the three days will save you. Anyone you know who does not believe in God should not be allowed into your home during this time. It will endanger all of you.


  24. i was recently lead to continue to stock up so i did and will continue and i also agree no fema camps thanks see you some day in glory

  25. Hi sister Kerry-ann yesterday the Holy Spirit told me "WORLD WAR 3!" Then in a few seconds while I was still in shock questioning God about this the Holy Spirit again said "THE LAST!"

  26. Yes I’ve been hearing these helicopters too. Apparently the ones in central London are in fact from the military.

  27. After what happened with Hurricane Katrina during the Bush Administration, people should know not to trust the Government to look out for your interest. That alone should tell you not to go to a FEMA camp where they will torture you and behead you for not taking the mark of the beast.

  28. Churches aren’t warning about keeping our salvation in Christ. They don’t warn about hell or repentance. I think these are the most important things to warn people about. The end times are also important, but to the new baby Christian, this stuff is heavy to digest. I think we need to warn believers to work out their salvation with fear and trembling because even in the midst of this terror, if you truly have your salvation in Christ Jesus, if you truly have repented and are living for Christ, if you love the Lord, he will keep you from all trouble. And death will not be the end of any believer this is what we need to be warning believers about— to be right with the Lord to escape his wrath and so they do not need up in hell

  29. People dont wanna believe. I was telling my husband on Sunday. Dont love and get comfortable in the world. Not our home. War. Destruction is coming. I keep seen 11:11 . Prophetess. Watchman been warning. People not listening. Caught up in this life. Amos 5:7. Eveything starts in the spiritual realm before it manifests in the natural.

    I been crying since 2017/2018
    Yes I feel the lords Anger. His anger is kindled.

    I'm glad I left false church 4 years ago
    Pastors will give an account.
    My husband still goes to the false churches….

  30. Amen jesus, the time has come

    All Christians are having visions for rapture and ww3

    Month of May this is it, the end

    God bless you Sister Kerry-Anne

  31. so what do you think about this time-line

    Rapture on 17th July, 2019 – is God's Prophecy, not mine!
    Pearl Kolleri

    July 17th, 2019 Rapture At Twilight – Timeline Study Part 1
    Pearl Kolleri


    (RAPTURE 2019)



  32. Thank you so much Kerry, God bless you, I pray in Jesus name for protection to the bride, Church of Christ in Jesus name, Amen 🙏❣️

  33. Sis, you are right.. I just share your last video and wrote a post and everything you are saying I wrote similar. So, this just confirm what you are saying. God Bless! Shalom.

  34. Wow, you just mention psalms 91 and a few weeks ago I was meditating on God and asking him to protect us his chlldren and a voice said to me read psalms 91 everyday and I been reading it twice a day, morning and evening and I feel so comforted. Our Father is so mighty and great. I just want to cry tears of joy. Shalom .

  35. Sister the book of Enoch showed what the falen angels did its not just the Nevalim but what they taught men

  36. just sunday i was sitting in my living room wen i notice the clouds covered the sun an it became slightly dark wen i notice a dark presences appear an all i heard in my spirit was an evil has entered in this dimension,

  37. This morning while driving to work I saw the moon in the sky opposite of where the sun was. I was thinking to myself that this is very strange. I also have not seen any planes spraying chemtrails in the sky for the past 2 days. I have this heavy feeling on my spirit like something bad is very near. Be sober and keep watch brothers and sisters in The Most High's truth. Shalom!

  38. Sister, you can share your prophetic message out of working hour to honor God.
    Colossians 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

  39. Those airborne nuisances have been literally in the skies of everywhere I go in my country. It's never happened before, and nobody is curious about it. I don't know what they're thinking…

  40. sister, me too, I got so many words, dreams and visions about a near war and all the other bad things. and yes, think we are nearer then we all will believe. sister warn, shout it from the rooftops! and trust in the LORD! HE WILL PROVIDE! I do my very best here in Germany, but most of the people think I am crazy or nuts! MAY THE LORD HAVE MERCY! GOD bless and shelter you and your family! many hugs!

  41. "Many of us wants the Peace of God, but yet still many of us don't know that He wants us to represents HIS PEACE! #THINKABOUTTHAT" (I just posted that on Facebook while watching this video.) The day that The Lord takes away His peace, YOU KNOW the HE WILL SOON be removing us from this earth when that day happens!!!! I'm at lunch will discuss more Lord willing tomorrow!! God bless you my sister!

  42. I dreamt on Dec.13th 2018, that nuclear war with Russia was starting. I saw many nuclear missiles going across the sky, and then the sky to the right became full of fighter jets. I didn't know that the fighter jets were Russian, until a month later when I saw the identical fighter jet in a video. Blessings !

  43. I’m new to watching these videos, you get these visions everyday??? And you dream of these things happening?? Do you see god ?? I really like these videos I’m just trying to understand is all ….

  44. I go to church every Sunday but the church never speaks of anything like this . I only hear about it on you tube , why is that ? Why do Catholics never speak of certain things in church ??

  45. Thank you for sharing. I have been getting dreams as well. Some of the laws that have been passed, and currently being passed, to normalize and allow sin and perversion into our homes and the school system , is truly very very disturbing. This is what the kids are being exposed to.😢 I feel it is time for the Lord to come. It is time.

  46. Please like her videos so it will get higher rating so it will be recommended to more people. That is what YOU can do.

  47. The Lord is alive and well, the Holy Spirit has been teaching us the same things. The only one we yield to is Jesus. When FEMA finally snatches us up, stay firm until the very end. You’re right, the churches aren’t helping us to grow in the spirit, the only thing I get from church is worship and occasionally inspiration, but typically nothing more than that. Dreams have been chaotic lately, too. We really need to pray for the people who don’t know God…

  48. People think it's all doom and gloom and we are lunatics. I have had battles with my family too, and WE know the word. Please pray for my family and i.

  49. The two witnesses will still come and will bring God's laws and bring in His harvest…the Lord will protect and provide for His people so we must trust Jesus and learn the fear of the Lord…the beast is in the temple of the Lord …that is in the churches so beware…all prophesy must be confirmed in God's Word if not it's better to be silent…He is about to shake the heavens and the earth and fire and heat will kill people animals and crops so please pray about this because u will need to find caves to take cover…many people dream things and think they are all from the Lord but God will confirm His dreams and visions… His Word confirmed the fire and the shaking of the earth and heavens so plz check it out and ask for discernment in Jesus name.

  50. Thank The Lord our church is very awake for churches today! My pastor is also very prophetic and he is warning us about what is coming. Its so wild everything the Lord gives me that week its confirmation. We have been having a good bit of deliverance in the last month! If you have a good church family that KNOWS about spiritual warfare and move heavily in the prophetic. Its a very rare thing these days, he is calling it ALL out! He is more afraid of GOD than man praise the Lord! There will be ten leaders that rise up out of this chaos and its all a show! I have been having some very heaviness in my spirit. Lord help us, and DONT GO TO FEMA!!!!! IN JESUS NAME WE TRUST IN YESHUA ONLY OUR ONLY ESCAPE IN THIS TIME AHEAD, God bless you sister

  51. I feel that the holy spirit told me 2020 is going to be utter chaos!!!! Time is indeed speeding up

  52. The UK will soon be in deep trouble when the world sees what their leaders were doing.
    I suspect this is why the war will start. (info from "Q" )

  53. Sister I know u very pretty . But damm girl u Bn talking to much . Did u know that !Wat happens with the 3 days of darkness! U wasss so sure ! Please let stop bn so emotional n dramatic! We all know wat is coming !

  54. Amein Beloved sis!!!!

    I was removed out of the church system in 2006 and yes it is was very devastating but eventually the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I wasn’t serving Him I was serving man and now Satan has his puppet from the FreeMasons in MAJORITY of churches to keep God’s people dumb down to Prophecies and His VITAL Commands to NOT Break but keep working on becoming holy (spirit/soul) this is why you need to get out of the churches and let the Holy Spirit train you and teach you and don’t look back or to the left or the right to look straight ahead to His Divine Holy word and ONLY HIS word because HE is the ONLY way the ONLY truth and the ONLY life there’s NO other way except to Yahuah/Yahushua!!!!

    Religion is NOT of YAH/GOD but it is of man = equals Satan because Satan is in charge a world/man/flesh UNTIL you are CONVERTED from the CURSE of man/flesh/lustful desires in the Garden of Eden to Serving Surrendering to YAHUSHUA’s (our KING/Redeemer and Resurrection of LIFE) then you will SEE and HEAR SUPERNATURALLY and receive a Fleshly Heart vs Stony heart!!!

    CHOOSE LIFE 🌳🕊💞💎👼

    (Ephesians 6:10-20)

    Much Love Joy Blessings Prayers Hugs Perseverance Patience Endurance and Shalom

  55. but in all God will cover us i saw myself being beaten by a soldier
    but there was white shield protecting me from pain my flesh was not touched i could see soldiers beating me and it looked like they are God said His own will never suffer we wont feel the pain iam not worried at all God is our provider and same soldiers some will turn to God remember Jesus said to His disciples dont worry what to say when they persecute you all i will give you what to say Amen cster God bless you. TO CHRISTIANS DO NOT BE AFRAID JESUS IS WITH US WE WONT SUFFER HAVE FAITH

  56. You know exactly what you are really talking about, i have been wandering myself why are the churches not preaching about the end time and what is about to happen

  57. Agreed sister.
    God bless and protect you.
    Buckle up, the ride is about to get very bumpy… 🙏

  58. Three Days of Darkness

    The Three Days of Darkness is an eschatological folk belief (based on private revelation) within Catholicismwhich parallels the Ten Plagues against Egypt in the Book of Exodus.[1]


    Just as God punished the Egyptians with plagues including the "three days of darkness", the theory states that Satan will chastise the world with darkness at the end of time.[citation needed] The earth will be enveloped by darkness lasting three days and three nights, the only light source that can be seen being blessed candles. Various Catholic visionaries agree that the faithful should stay within their homes during this period as most of the earth's inhabitants shall die.[citation needed]

  59. The pastors are afraid to speak on the end times because they will get their tax (501c3) status taken away. My brother in law is a pastor and he was told that he was not to speak against gays and transgender.


  61. Thank you for ur videos. I've been to church my entire life and have never learned of days of darkness. I no longer attend as I can learn more online. And I'm so glad I found ur channel. You have taught me so much about Christ and wat to do wen darkness arrives. I've been ignorant for all my life and since finding your video, I can't stop learning about Christ. I believe finding u was for a reason and look forward to more of ur visions. Thank you Sister Carrie

  62. I totally agree with you I been wondering why am I so frustrated and I’m not remaining silent I’m speaking the truth and calling these lies out

    But I really been wondering why am I frustrated now I know It’s God who’s really unhappy with whats going on and I guess because we are connected to him so we feel what he feels

  63. Bless you and thank you for being a true prophetess of God. I pray for you and your precious ministries in the holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

  64. KERRY,we thank you for the warnings,BUT I live in america,durning the Floods in HOUSTON ,texas,the idiots were going to the walmart Fema place,AND NOT COMING BACK OUT,they knew FEMA is a demonic agency of SATAN,and yet they went in anyway,and then disappeared…no one cared,the hero's of america protects SATANS MINIONS,take care kid..

  65. Kerry-Ann, Hello! Thank you for sharing the visions that the Holy Spirit gives you.
    Also, thank you for being brave & speaking up, to warn the people of what is coming upon the earth; I don't doubt your visions, I study & know what God's warnings are for a time such as this.

    The Holy Spirit chooses whom he will share & give his wisdom to; many times through visions, & privileged are YOU, to be chosen. The Holy Spirit chose the prophets of old & he is choosing many young & old to see & speak for him, in the present to deliver & speak his Word now. He's trying to protect his creation, Mankind, from terrible disaster & catastrophe, but persons need to study, search-out his Word to understand your visions & the Words that he has given for you to interpret the visions.
    May God bless & protect you & your family. When the real trouble starts & it will be a nightmare, that persons cannot wake up from because it will be their reality, I AM AWAKE! C. Rice

  66. I stopped going to church seven years ago because I was not growing plus I was not sure about why we go to church on Sunday instead of Saturday per Ten Commandments. That was seven hrs ago. With time, it was the preaching of another Jesus. Or half truths, like God loves me but never ever telling me about God as a Judge. Then not knowing where to find a church that prepares me for tribulation plus making sure I end up in the right eternal destination. The whole time tho, I felt guilty. Then a month ago, God told me that if I am faithful in private, I'll be very useful to the kingdom later, in public. For the first time I stopped feeling guilty about not going to church.

  67. When I went to the churches professing to be holiness but are not. God would take me out of these churches that are truly not preaching about the end times of today. I've been trying to find a church here in Houston Texas and saw one but they worship John the Baptist over Jesus. So I backed far away from that church refusing to accept their lies and their idol worship as well. Tell me why I keep leaving these churches altogether.

  68. This earth is our home, we were born on it. We cannot leave our habitation and just establish our own residency in Heaven. The sons of the Most High tried this and it did Not end well..infact we are Still dealing with that issue.
    Read the very last chapter of Revelaion. It is His will for Heaven to come here and His will is Always final.
    John saw the Kingdom and the Lamb and Yahuah as One ruling this earth. "There will be no other temple in the land".
    This is the end of the whole matter, unlike with Adam and Eve who only visited with Him at a certain time of the day.
    He will dwell on this earth and we will be with Him here for an eternity…there will be No More need to look for Him at a certain time of day like Adam did.

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