Lapis Lazuli: True Strength & Weakness

After that ridiculous show of strength, we’ll do anything you say! Uh… I don’t have the strength to deal with you… Steven Universe Future ended off 2019 on a depressing note. And that seems to be mutually agreed upon by both those on social media, and from those within my friend group. The show has only given us 10 episodes so far, but each of those episodes have their own message ingrained within their writing. And while all of those messages are striving to add to the broader narrative and final message of Steven Universe, I think that individually they’re very important to understand. Instead of jumping right into the episodes with heavy implications like Prickly Pair, I decided to start out with an episode that has an important but much more lighthearted message. That episode being, Why So Blue? Now… regardless of how you feel about Lapis Lazuli as a character and the direction the crewniverse decided to take with her, this episode is very important in terms of the lesson it tries to teach its viewers. One that I think everyone, including myself, can learn from. The lesson of patience and restraint. Throughout the episode, Lapis and Steven are interacting with two other Lapis Lazuli’s. To avoid confusion for the rest of this video, we’re going to refer to Crystal Gem Lapis as Lapis, and the other two Lapis’s as Curls and Freckles respectively. Lapis and Steven go to an alien world, because Curls and Freckles are going around and terraforming planets with their water powers. Effectively killing the organic life that lives on them. This is a normal occurrence, since gems were once part of homeworld are a bit confused as to what their purpose is, now that the Diamond Authority is no longer using them to colonize planets. They think that these actions of terraforming will please Steven, but are simultaneously disappointed and unfazed to learn that these actions are unwanted. Instead of actually doing what Steven wants, they continue to destroy the planet since it’s what they enjoy doing. Steven’s goal is to educate and reason with the gems who were seemingly lost in their ways, and to give them direction. While the duo is trying to reason with them, Curls and Freckles continually insult Lapis calling her dull and boring amongst other things. This obviously hurts her feelings, but she restrains herself from rebutting in a harmful manner. Eventually though, Lapis has enough of their verbal and physical attacks and she fights back. She uses her power to essentially scare them into submission. Which then in return, also gets them to agree to stop terraforming. This gets Lapis and Steven the results they want, but not in the way they want them. This also doesn’t fully solve the problem. She then explains that her physical show of strength and loss of her temper wasn’t strength. It was weakness. While yes, Lapis being able to easily overpower them with her abilities, is a show of just how physically powerful she is, her loss of her temper was not a show of strength. Restraint and patience is where true strength is. To better explain what this episode is trying to teach, let’s go over a regular everyday occurrence: You’re in an argument with someone who’s close to you. Possibly a family member. That person is really going after you, and they’re saying a lot of hurtful things. In anger, you cave and say something hurtful back to them. Maybe you bring up something bad that they did in the past, and apologized for years and years ago. Maybe you took a cheap shot and picked at one of their insecurities, if it supported your argument. The person goes silent and no longer engages in the argument with you, and they leave you alone. Since in arguments, the first person to go silent is seen as the loser, you think that you’ve won. Does this make you right? Does this make you powerful? Does this make you the winner? Not really, no. You hurt the person into being quiet, rather than actually settling or solving the problem. Both people are still upset about what caused the argument, and their feelings likely haven’t changed on it. The only thing that has changed is the approach. They’ll just avoid or ignore the problem until it festers and becomes much worse, because they know that whenever they argue with you about it that they’ll end up hurt. That or this argument will be a reoccurring theme that continually happens time and time again, because it hasn’t actually been resolved.
Whenever you’re arguing it’s less about the problem itself and more about winning by any means necessary. It becomes less about solving a problem, and more about who can win by being the most hurtful and who can get who to be quiet quicker. Either way, there’s no winners in this situation. Only losers. Think about it: How many of you avoid talking about certain subjects or problems that need to be talked about, simply because it always gets to the point where personal attacks are being made. How many times have you made one of those attacks and thought: “This is the perfect comeback!” Coming up with quick cheap shots that hurt people into being quiet is easy. What isn’t easy is stopping yourself from saying them, and actually focusing on the problem that the argument was about in the first place. Just because the person you were arguing with has hurt you, doesn’t mean that you should hurt them back. The saying an eye for an eye and the world goes blind is very applicable in this situation. Being hurtful back isn’t going to solve the problem or win you the argument. It’s only going to make things worse for you, and for the other person. Sure, it might shut them up. But realistically, if the problem hasn’t been solved that’s not really a good outcome. True strength is being able to win an argument without insults, or without hurting the other person back. Getting the other person to see your point of view and admit their own fault is how you truly win an argument. You don’t need to stoop to as low a level as the person arguing with you has. It’s very easy to say “well they did it, so I can too.” It’s harder to say: “They’re insulting me and making personal attacks but I’m not going to insult them back.” Being able to do that makes you the bigger person in that moment of time. Not them for hurting you into submission. Now, I should preface this by saying that of course this only applies to normal everyday vocal arguments. Like over minor or sometimes some major disagreements. However, some people you can’t reason with things about; and no amount of arguing in good faith or not, is going to change that. I don’t want this message getting misconstrued. If someone is physically or mentally abusing you, by all means remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible and defend yourself. You don’t really owe it to that person at that point to be diplomatic with them. What this message is saying, however, is that hurting people to win an argument doesn’t get to the root of the issue. Someone only listening to you out of fear isn’t a good thing. Because the way that they feel, and the way that they act will stay the same. They will just limit how they’re behaving around you and not around others who their behavior could also hurt. You don’t win an argument with someone by making them afraid of you. You win an argument by making them see your point of view, the latter of which is much harder to achieve because this is a permanent solution. True strength is seeing that resolve through, no matter if the opposition is spitting vitriol. Weakness is taking the easy way out, just so you can get the momentary serotonin that comes after the delivery of a good comeback. And, If you don’t have the patience or strength to deal with that person or argument anymore, it’s always okay to admit that to yourself and walk away or disengage. At least until you’ve calmed down and can deal with it with a clear mind. Or maybe just remove yourself from that equation permanently if you can’t handle it, which is also a valid conclusion to come to. True strength comes in admitting when you cannot handle something, rather than forcing yourself to go through with it. You aren’t weak for needing to take a break or back down from something. In the digital era where everything is anonymous, and talking to people is now easier and more accessible than ever, this message is more applicable than ever. So the next time you see or receive a mean comment, instead of commenting back with a witty or personalized comeback that’s meant to shut the person up, what you should do is just ignore it. I know that that’s easier said than done, and I know that sometimes it’s very hard to resist. Especially if you’ve already thought of a good comeback to hit the person with. But, in reality you’re giving in to temptation that has no positive outcome. Just a brief moment of satisfaction that won’t last for more than a day or two. You and your followers may have a good laugh over what you said in response, and that will be it. In reality, no one really leaves that situation better off than how they started. And trust me, this really isn’t an easy thing to do. I myself have fallen prey to giving a snarky reply back to one or two comments that I felt were incredibly stupid, or needlessly mean-spirited. But I do try my hardest to restrain myself from doing that. And just like with Lapis in regards to the Curls and Freckles situation, they judged her without actually knowing her. Throwing insults at her, and refusing to understand her. The same thing is applicable to online interactions. Strangers online don’t actually know you personally, so within reason, their opinion of you really shouldn’t matter. Only you, or the people who know you personally know what type of person you are. Not some stranger who’s judging your entire person based off of one comment or piece of content that they’ve seen from you. Attacks on you as an individual shouldn’t be taken seriously, and you should just do your best to ignore it. Not saying to deflect rightful criticism, but personal attacks aren’t criticism so much as they are insults with malicious intent. They’re just not worth engaging with. Especially if you’re only doing so for your own fulfillment of saying: “Huh, I sure showed that person up.” Trust me, the person you’re responding to is just glad you took the bait and now you may look bad if you insulted them back. And like I said earlier in this video, a lot of this is circumstantial and within reason. Someone having a different opinion with you on a cartoon is not grounds for them to call you names, and if that’s happening you should just ignore it. Be the bigger person in this situation. At the end of the episode, Lapis switches to a more relaxed approach with Curls and Freckles. She explains that she’s not proud of her little outburst, which is confusing to the two. They hand them Little Homeschool pamphlets, before heading back to Little Homeworld. While Curls doesn’t seem to have had a change of heart, Freckles shows up at the school, willing to learn. And this is what the outcome is of being patient and having restraint. Lapis and Steven were patient with two people who they were at odds with. They explained why the two were wrong, and why what they were doing was harmful. Even under immense ridicule, they didn’t resort to insulting the two misplaced gems back. They stood their ground and calmly explained their reasoning, eventually convincing Freckles that their way was the correct way. They didn’t manage to convince Curls, regardless of their friendly approach. And that’s okay. Like I said earlier, not everyone is going to be reasoned with. You do have people that are so stuck in their own ways and so afraid that they aren’t willing to listen to you. Friendly or not. However, they did manage to turn Freckles to their side. Not only will she now be having a happier life, but so will the aliens whose planets she was destroying. So will the Crystal Gems and Steven, since she’s one less gem that they need to worry about fighting. While sometimes, fighting and war is inevitable, compassion and empathy will always be what creates the best outcome for everyone. A lot of anger and aggression in the word is based of off fear. If you take away that fear, you get rid of a lot of violence and pain. Not feeding into that aggression is a good first step, though it isn’t always avoidable. And I think that Curls is symbolism for those who cannot be reasoned with. It’s likely that she’s going to crop up again as a problem, and that Steven and Lapis yet again will have to intervene. This time, but with no choice but to fight. But it can’t be said that peaceful resolution wasn’t attempted at first. But at the end of the day, I think that the message of this episode is pretty clear. Insults and personal attacks are easier to resort to for a temporary and quick solution. But true strength comes in patience and restraint. It also leads to a more permanent and healthier solution, where more people are safer, better educated and happier. It may be difficult to do this in the face of fear and hatred, but fighting fire with fire only makes the flames more dangerous. And with all of that said I’m going to end off today’s video. If you’d like to see more videos like this in the future, why not subscribe and hit that bell icon to see when I upload. Special thank you to my top tier patrons: Ambrose Rothwood, Brandon Nunes, Lee Taylor, Zachary Ansley and Kenjay Weddington. Because of people like them, I can continue to make content like this. And I hope to see you all in the next video.

81 Replies to “Lapis Lazuli: True Strength & Weakness”

  1. [well, her specialty certainly doesn't lie in fire, which is obviously my specialty… Pyrokinesis is what makes us Rubies so hot after all… literally, not figuratively]

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  3. Feels great when you learn and take away from something that you previously never thought of before in these types of videos.

  4. I was really expecting this episode to go way differently. Like, one-of-the-Lapises end-up-shattered differently

  5. Me, earlier today : "Might as well subscribe and turn on notifications since I watch her videos"


  6. This was a really nice message, almost felt like a therapy session or smth lol, I really wish people thought like this more 🙂

  7. Ok I love Lapis even more now!!! I could really relate to Lapis in this episode. Sometimes when my classmates are annoying me I imagine myself being violent to them because I feel like that’s the only way they’re gonna take me seriously. Of course I don’t act upon these thoughts (for the most part…) but I always want to blow up or anything just so that they’ll take me seriously because nothing else works. Sometimes even blowing up doesn’t work either. I just want them to take me seriously and leave me the heck alone!!! It’s tough being in high school 🤣💙💖🌊

  8. [She stole the earth's ocean, resisted Blue's pathokinesis, brought a whole house to the moon and even created a giant water monster, of course she would be extremely OP!]

  9. Seeing Lapis from the first season one all the way through Future made me feel happy because I don’t want Lapis to be sad and lonely, she deserves to be support. Lapis taught me that being lonely is sad and no supportive. I get hates on Twitter for making artwork that they didn’t really like it and putting hate comments and it really hurts me without getting support. Seeing Lapis now is exactly like me when I’m not feeling alone. I have friends on Discord and they support my artwork. 💙❤️

  10. "Why so blue" was the only episode of SUF i couldn't finish. 😶😶😶 every other episode was great/good. But this episode to me was just missed opportunity

  11. you make a great point with this video, a very important one – however that's not the takeaway i had from this episode.

    my takeaway was: no matter how far people think or claim Lapis has come, she's still the same person she was in Jail Break. things get a point where she decides people need to be punished, and then she will punish them with extreme, overwhelming force. no slap on the wrist, no wind up. from 0 to 100 in 0.1 seconds.

    every single conflict with Lapis ends this way. it's her way or the highway. the fact that people don't see that is terrifying.

    I'm hoping the crewniverse is playing the long game and that there will be an episode where Lapis' behavior gets called out (like Steven has (eventually, in some cases) done with every single other character in the show when they have behaved in a toxic or problematic way), but at this point I doubt it. it feels like an incredible oversight to have a character as dangerous and as toxic as Lapis just be allowed to act however she wants and never face any consequences for her actions – this is a very dangerous message.

    Lapis is a power fantasy. a revenge fantasy. she's the quintessential dark and broody teenage girl who's been wrongfully and unjustly targeted with some kind of abuse-escapism daydream fantasy drug. nothing is your fault because you've been driven to breaking point! look at all the pain they're in now, it's all their own fault – they made you hurt them!
    sweet, sweet righteous revenge, with all the blame on someone else.

    if Lapis had shown true patience and restraint in this episode she wouldn't have snapped, period. even if she eventually stopped herself, the fact still remains that she did snap (i know that's not the point you were making, but others have).

    I would agree with your interpretation of this episode more if Steven would have taken Lapis back home before Lapis snapped. if they had just gone "we can't reason with these guys" and Lapis maybe argued with him and got riled up, but then calmed herself down – by *herself*, on her own initiative, because she realized what she was doing, not because of Steven's or anyone else's reaction to her behavior.

    I would agree even more if the episode had ended with them going back home and reaching the conclusion (summarized by Garnet) "you can't make everyone see your point of view, that may be hard to accept, but it's true. sometimes people need time to process new information, sometimes people just don't want to change. or listen. then the best thing to do is to walk away" – if that had happened (imo that would have been a much better lesson for people to learn), I would be willing to step down from my well-established Lapis is a terrible person-soap box and say that Lapis actually had had some character development for once.

    thank you for coming to my Ted-talk.

  12. I was kinda ostricized in middle school and high school. I felt alone I hated school. Bullying sucks. People only shit up if you beat their ass but since high school involved police so much and the principal and teachers and faculty staff you to say embarrassing things and don't do jack shit and ask each other to make up. I could only just want to be alone. And one of my teachers wondered why I don't socialize or want to talk to others much and saying shit saying I'm regressing and even she didn't do shit. It's better to be alone than to be around people who hurt you.

  13. It’s so annoying when people hate on Lapis. It’s like, bruh, PTSD isn’t something that goes away permanently, and she really has gotten better. I’ve heard people argue Lapis hasn’t changed because of a pattern in her actions, but she has changed. She’s quicker to realize she shouldn’t act in a certain way and she’s much better at walking away from something she knows won’t work now. Even if it was Steven who made her stop in “Why So Blue”, in old times, even Steven couldn’t make her stop half the time. She really has gotten better and her episodes are always so funny and touching.

  14. Y’all ever scroll down just to see what the comments section is like?

    Validate my desperate and fragile ego by giving me likes
    And then um
    Send me your kidneys in the mail

    (Please don’t actually do that)

  15. I always had a theory that a gems strength comes from their emotions. The stronger the emotions the stronger their powers

  16. I wish either Steven and Lapis would have suggested, as an alternative option, to the two other Lapis(s) to continue terraform, but in the opposite direction. Terraform a lifeless planet into something that can support life. And another thing that would have been awesome to see, the two Lapis(s) fused together to fight but our Lapis can still single-handedly defeat them.

  17. Why So Blue solidified Lapis Lazuli as my second favorite character (Spinel is number one) because of how well this ep was executed with its message.

  18. I can't wait to see how you potentially handle bluebird (both gem herself and the episode), the graduation episode, and Gem Guidance (Steven and amythest)

  19. 5:48 I've been dealing with a toxic friend, and I just cut myself off from them. Now they're going on a big rant about it, and their followers are now upset at me too. I cut myself off from them because they were making my mental health stoop lower. They think they've done nothing wrong, that I'm just a "toxic Connverse shipper" who doesn't agree with their opinions. What? This has nothing to do with ships. It's that they've been hurting me, with or without knowing it, and it needed to be stopped. Now I don't know what to do. They are getting angrier, and I'm scared. Not as scared as I was when I was still friends with them, but none-the-less, scared.

  20. Your point on arguments is so true. When i see people argue with other people online, it usually ends up with one of the people arguing to go silent or stop participating in the argument leaving the other to think they've won. You're right about how people just bash someone into submission with petty insults and witty comments instead of agreeing to disagree with the person and moving on and that it's not a sign of strength, it's a sign of impatience and weakness. You can have a peaceful argument with people, you can have your disagreements with them without trying to hammer them into the dirt and make them feel bad. So sad that people think just insulting someone automatically makes their arguments stronger than theirs when it reality, it doesn't.

  21. Anyone else hopes that they talk about the recent information on Glitch Techs?
    I discovered that’s it’s February 21st on Netflix! Everyone mark your calendars!

  22. This is why I don’t like some “strong female characters” like Korra because in actuality, she isn’t strong at all. She’s a violent bully who wields her power over others in dominance. Strength isn’t about being able to punch someone in the face or scaring people into submission. Those are the tactics of the weak.

  23. Lapis has a lot of strengths besides her water powers. Her patience like you said, also her beauty, and her loving singing voice. You can't forget that, can you?

  24. Toon Ruin I love Lapis Lazuli she is like me a survivor who suffered&grown as a person or a gem&I agree with you that the real sign of strength is to control how you stand up for yourself with out hurting the other&only fight back in you are defending yourself. 😇🐺

  25. I have ended a very Toxic relationship that was causing me a lot mental health stress&I am so much happier that I broke myself free. 😇💖

  26. I relate to Lapis a lot. she makes me feel better about myself, and though I think she has a lot of problems and toxic traits which she should work through, she will always be my favourite character. I don't think she will have more screentime in the rest of Steven universe future, which is sad, but understandable because there are so many characters in the show.

    I appreciate you talking about this message as well because I believe it is important to talk about.

  27. I feel like each episode teaching us a lesson, is meaning we are getting closer to the episode where Steven decides to break those lessons.

  28. Hey guys, outta context discussion but do u guys feel like people should make a vaccine or medicine do "cure" Autism? I personally say no. Yes I get it, it IS hard to Autistic folks like myself to be understood by everyone who doesn't have Autism but I say we shouldn't because it's just a matter of understanding, respectinh & learning about each other more

  29. I get what you’re saying, and it makes sense, though I think there is a slight mistake in this train of logic.

    Sometimes you need to show a person that you are strong. Be that in a fight, or some other way. People like Jasper and Curly Lapis respect that strength. Steven isn’t hurting them by fighting them, on some level they expect some level of toughness in tone or manner.

    Once you have their respect you can get them to try other ways of thinking more easily.

    If Lapis had kept that picture of strength, she could have brought both to Earth to try and see differently. As it stands we still have a rouge Lapis recking worlds.

  30. That's why it's better to yell out in the middle of an argument, "I was FROZEN today!" because it's not hurtful and it's not a cheap shot.

  31. Honestly this was a perfect case for masculinity. Why? Masculinity sometimes involves showing a firm hand without going too far. Being able to show the necessary force without actually hurting someone. Lapis approach was necessary because as she told Steven they need to restrain these other gems and talking won't work. She knows who her specific gem kind tends to work.

    Whoever Steven wanted to not do that despite each fail attempt. This pushed Lapis to lose that restrain and not only capture them, but to nearly kill them.

  32. 3:16 uh….no that never happens with any actual human beings?
    the insulted person is just going to insult you back with twice the strength lol

  33. Off Topic but why doesn’t Amethyst take Jasper to that wrestling place she always went too? This could teach jasper discipline about hurting organics, and could give her that fighting urge she has.

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