Las Vegas woman makes video about losing health insurance

4 Replies to “Las Vegas woman makes video about losing health insurance”

  1. the answer is very clear if you don't have health insurance pay a penalty that would be higher than insurance premiums. we wouldn't be in this problem then. premiums would be much more affordable by now. the penalty should have not been the lowest of the two!

  2. poor and low-income Trump voters dodged a bullet today courtesy of moderate Republicans and the Liberals that they hate

  3. I buried 2 sisters who died from cancer in the last 3 years…. Lady regrettably your not long for this earth, please don't drag down a good healthcare system revival with you!
    You have my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Shame on Channel 13 for parading this poor women around for their own perverted news spectacle. Anyone who's been through in or around this Issue knows the ordeal these people and their family's must endure and to have you prop one up to further your agenda is just horrendous.

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