Laura E. Kwitek, DNP, UW Health Obstetrics and Gynecology

>>I always involve my patients in all
steps of the process, whether it’s something that I can help them facilitate, whether
it’s, we’re going to do this first, and then bring you back in a couple
weeks, and we’ll see how that medication or whatever, that therapy, is that working? Or helping them facilitate if they need
to go beyond what my scope and they need to see a physician or they
need to see dermatology. I work with them helping them
get that appointment set up. I make sure that they have
that appointment set up. I make sure that I interact with those providers
too so that when they do come back and see me, there’s a smooth transition of care there. I feel, especially in gynecology,
I have a really good relationship with all the MDs that I work with. They know that I’ll come to them if it’s,
you know, something that really needs to be in their field, but I feel that
having a strong relationship with your health-care colleagues benefits the
patients because it makes the transition smooth for the patient, it makes
everybody on the same page so that everybody’s aware
of what the plan of care is. But if the patient has any, you know,
questions about that, I always make sure that she is involved in all
steps of that process.

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