Learn What Differentiates UNewHaven’s Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

The Master of Healthcare
Administration program is CAMHE accredited, which is the gold standard
for healthcare management education programs. Our program is very focused on ensuring that in every single class you are doing your case studies, doing your
projects, all of your examples are specifically related to healthcare. And
that’s really important. If you have been, or you will continue to be,
working in the healthcare industry, you’re really going to get that
highly-specialized knowledge and really focus on the peculiarities of working in
healthcare, working with, managing, not just employees in general, but doctors
and nurses who have very specific needs and issues. Our program focuses on making sure that you’re not just learning about business and society or ethics, but
you’re learning about healthcare ethics and the unique issues that come up in
today’s rapidly changing healthcare industry.

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