Lee Keith – Commissioner of Finance

We’re very fortunate here at the
Division of Finance. There’s so many employees that’s been here 15 20 25 30
years. With with my private sector background and with their experience I think it makes a great combination and a great fit to serve the banking community here
in the state of Missouri. I’m Lee Keith. I’m the Commissioner for the Division of
Finance here in Jefferson City. My wife and I grew up in Chillicothe Missouri
and graduated in 1971 from Chillicothe High School and began my banking career
in 1976 and from that point on have been in the private sector for 40 years up
until recently being named Commissioner of Finance. I love to spend time
with my family, I love to read, my wife and I both play golf together. The thing
that drives us most is we have six grandchildren in both Missouri and
Kansas and about once a month we make a point to spend time with them. You know I
heard a concept about 30 years ago called servant leadership and I didn’t
know what that was but a servant leader is someone who says I’m going to help my
people grow and develop in in their level of expertise. I’m going to give
them all the tools that I can to help them grow and so I like to consider my
leadership styles a servant leader I want to help you do a bigger job. I
actually made it a PACT if you will I used the acrostic PACT with my bankers
and I’ve used that with my staff here we’re going to be professional, we’re
going to be an advocate for community banking, we’re going to be communicative,
and we’re going to be timely. And the banks have bought into that philosophy
we all know we can’t we always can’t agree on everything and then secondly my
staff has bought into it also and so we’re trying to bring a private-sector
mindset into this too into this arena so that we can be prompt in business
banking is no different you’ve got to make decisions you’ve got to respond and
I think that means for it makes it a healthy
division for us but also it makes for a healthy banking community within the
state of Missouri. I see I’ve seen and witnessed over the last
forty some years how important is the community bank to be vibrant in these
communities. For me I feel like I get to be a real part of being that if you will
economic lifeblood within these various communities throughout the state of
Missouri. There’s an old proverb that says he who walks and integrity walks
securely so if I would hope my legacy would be when you think of Lee Keith you
think of a man of integrity.

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