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– Welcome to another Pro Bike and this is a very unique build. This is Leigh Johnson’s Pro Bike check. (upbeat music) Like always, the heart of the bike. This is the Pole Stamina. It is 1,336 millimetres* from center to center. Which is a massive wheel base. This is a large bike but, wow! That is large. The first thing that catches
my eye with this build is that the frame. This thing is machine, so
it’s done by machining. And all these little lines
of where it’s been cut out of one big solid piece of aluminum. It’s super unique and I do like it, and its come from Finland
so a guy in Finland has designed this bike in two parts, super interesting I like it. Though the one thing I like to point out is that this bike has three bottle cages because everyone nowadays likes to put everything on their bike. So they’ve got three bottle cages, doesn’t mean that you’re gonna
have run three bottle cages but what you can do is
strap tools to your bike, so you’ve got a section
right here you can see that Leigh is running his water bottle, he’s gotta a pump on the side here and he’s got some tools as well. Then underneath you can run a water bottle or some more tools
depending on what you like. Now this bike is 180MM
of travel front and rear, and on the rear here it’s got a super deluxe Rockshox suspension set up which is kinda set off
center which is nice and this is called the Evo Link system that they’ve come up with. Another unique feature is
that nowadays everyone’s gone with internal routed cabling. With this bike they’ve
made it super simple and they’ve left it hanging on the outside which is pretty cool
because if you’re at a race and something goes wrong with your breaks, you need to replace that whole break hose, you can literally cut these zip ties and replace it straight away without all those fandangled bits going in there, you can do it super quick, simple and potentially out on the trail. Okay moving on to the drive train, I’m gonna start with the crank arms here, this is a full carbon set up. These are Sram XO at
170MM of length of crank, and that’s a 34 tooth
chain ring on the front and then take a look at
this moving to the back, look how gold this is this is bling man this is the Sram Eagle this thing is 500% of climbing gears this
thing will climb anything like a mountain bike. Moving on to these petals
these are the Mallet E’s from Crank Brothers they’re clip petals, super cool platform there. I know you can see that his pins are quite screwed and quite locked so it doesn’t potential one to have those screws pointing up
into your shoe, super cool. Alright big bike means big wheels so this things running on 29’s it’s a pretty huge rig for a chap like myself but for Leigh no problems whatsoever. Now the wheels build on this bike is the Mavic Deemax wheel build
it’s a downhill setup, it’s super aggressive and it sounds insane listen to this. (bike wheels spinning) Whoa. Now to keep it in control and in contact with the ground
on the trail out there it’s running some Maxxis Minion DHF tires and it’s a very worn tire. It has been racing for
five days out here in the Andes Pacifico so
that’s been well well used. But inside that is running an insert and that is the Huck Norris. And the tire, exactly like the rear but its got a lot more grip. This is the Maxxis Minion
DHF and again he’s running a Huck Norris insert in the front as well. Now moving on to the forks these are the Rockshox Lyrik’s in
cherry red, super cool. I like the black extensions in here, inside I’m not too sure we’re gonna have to ask him that question
of what’s inside that. Right, moving up. The cockpit. Well this is pretty high
it’s like nearly chest height to me but he is a big bloke and the great thing about the Pole bike is when you buy one of these things is that it is integrated with one of these One Up tools
that goes into your stem, it’s pretty cool it’s all inside there so when you need it you can just grab it when you’re in a bit of a
situation out on the trail. Now it’s handle bars these
are Truvativ Descendant Bars, full carbon and that’s a
40MM stem on there as well it’s Descendant as well to
match the bars as combo. He’s an enduro racer so
he’s got his number board on here from Andes
Pacifico he’s number 15, and then behind it is the
Suunto watch strap holder. So basically he can strap his watch there and he can record his riding
on the sections of trail. Bar length, 760 so that’s
his preferred length of bars he’s cut them
down from 800 to 760. Now the brakes these are
the Sram Code brakes, four pot brake super aggressive, he’s running 203mm on the front and 203mm on the rears so he has full full breaking power out there on those descents. Now he’s got his nice
Sram Eagle shifter here, and then he’s got some
great Ergon grips on the end just to keep it a little bit
more comfortable out there on the trail. And to top off this beast of a bike is this Ergon saddle
its the SME 30 saddle, and then this is the
Bike Yoke Revive seatpost it’s pretty big it’s 160 in length. He’s running one of these
FidLock water bottles it’s pretty cool it’s just
basically you pull out from the side it’s all done by magnets and it’s pretty cool
because you don’t have to do the same technique
when you put it back you just plunk it on
there and it’s locked in so it doesn’t fall out on the trail. Another unique thing with
this Pole Stamina bike is when you buy one it comes with a nice bash guard already
built into the frame, it’s that little black
thing underneath here. Alright Leigh, I’ve got a
few questions for your bike. Suspension set up do you run tokens within the rear and the front and
what pressures do you like? – So basically front and rear no tokens, just an empty chamber. There’s 110 PSI in the rear, and about 91 PSI in the front. – Nice, nice. Would you run any tokens
within the shocks? – This is a new bike to
me this is the first week I’ve ridden it and I think
there are some things I need to play with and
get set up for the race in front of me so you can
maybe play with tokens and see what happens. – When’s your next race?
Which is it? What is it? – Next race is actually the first round of EWS in New Zealand. – So you’ve gone for 760 bars, how come you haven’t gone for a wider bar like 800 or something? – I find a lot with trails
the ride is quite narrow, like the gaps in the trees aren’t that big so you just struggle
even more getting past and being quite big as well so there’s no point in like
extending yourself even wider. But yeah I find that works well for me. – Thank you very much Leigh
for showing us your bike it’s an absolute beast it’s the first time I’ve seen one in the flesh I’ve not seen it anywhere else only on other
websites its pretty cool. If you love this sort
of stuff and you love this bike give it a thumbs up like, don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe cause you’re missing
out on some cool stuff. If you wanna see another pro bike, click over here and we’ll
see you at the next one. See ya!

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  1. My "major subject" in highschool was CNC programming/operating and cad design and I approve of this bike. But, I would do things a bit differently 😛

  2. #askgmbntech
    Could you technically use a dropper post as a suspension seatpost by gluing the lever to the pushed position?? I'm not going to ditch the adjustability of my dropper but I thought it was a cool idea

  3. one thing concerning me is integrated headset, I also read about failing bond so frame was flexing on a Machine, but read they covered it under warranty, also read they changed the frame design.
    but stuff like this can happen, but I hope it won't be an common issue.
    also raw frame is also concerning cus of salt, my bikes will be covered in salt cus I ride in the winter.
    I ahven't tried any of their bikes, nor much of other bikes on the market, cus don't have opportunity to do so easily without alto of travel.

  4. Two problems: price and wheelsize.
    Wth is everyone riding 29ers???
    I'm 6.4ft and I hate big wheels, still riding 26 and 27.5 bikes

  5. I saw & test rode some of the Pole bikes in Saalbach last year & they're amazing. Really special. Top of my wish list

  6. I like that The pole dude, Who design these frames, seems to be pretty Nice… But wait, IF you ever question him and his design or whatever, he Will kill you with all his knowledge. Just buy seeing it and if you dig a bit deeper into its riding quality and how to master it.
    You Will be pushing so godamn Hard on The front in order for it to be ridden,it takes a lot off muscle and your hands Will be so sore. Its not a market for This kind of bike, i am trying to figure what kind off rider would buy this bike. It looks like it belongs in some kind of modern art museum. But to pay The price and enjoy The ride… Its not geting my money im affraid. Respect to my nordic pole friend Who designed this but its just,… Cant. Explain.

  7. I’m waiting on my Pole Taival (hardtail) in Lime green to turn up in May, can’t wait. Being 6’7” it should fit better than a lot of other bikes 😁. Love pole bikes and what they are doing at the moment

  8. I hoped you guys do something together when I saw that all you guys (pole and gmbn) are in andes pacifico. Thanks!

  9. I love Pole bikes – saving up for an Evolink 140 or mayby a Bushmaster if i win the loto 👍🏼🤘🏼

  10. Suomi mainittu torille!! Loving that Pole cuz it's a fantactic bike but also because it's made in my home country of Finland!

  11. LOL so when cables run inside, the sales pitch is how clean and modern it is to have it. When the cables are on the outside the sales pitch is how easy it is to make changes and service. LMAO MARKETING BS @ ITS BEST! Cables in the frame are the dumbest design. THEY LOOK GREAT but CABLES ON THE OUTSIDE FTW!

  12. I need my bike to be more aggressive and more for trail-terrain, any suggestions?

    And my bike is https://www.stadium.fi/urheilu/pyoraily/pyorat/259147101/occano.x60-29.dark-blue-yellow

  13. I'm just not sold on the geo. That bike is longer than most of the legit DH bikes on the market! How is that going to work for someone just wanting a regular all mountain/trail bike? Thoughts?

  14. 0:19 Those wheels look small. I’m sure they’re 650b or even 26”, it’s all an elaborate conspiracy to make Blake appear taller.

  15. #AskGMBNTech Hello Doddy. First of all I want to say I am a big fan and love your show. I have found some article about RAD and RAAD but I can not find any information regarding how you find your optimal RAD and RAAD. If you could please explain it on your show I would appreciate it a lot.
    Thanks from Australia

  16. Amazing piece of engineering, though ugliest looking bike.
    Still makes you wonder why there isn't more cnc parts on bikes

  17. Imagine this bike in carbon … oh wait! And no, you can't climb everything with this monster truck with 34 chainring at the front, you need horse power to move it!

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