Leonard Has a “Chip on His Shoulder” | Dr. Pimple Popper

– Hi. Hi.
How are you? I’m Sandra, Dr. Lee. Nice to meet you guys. I’m going to have a seat here.
Is that OK? Yeah.
Yeah. Is there a reason why
you’re wearing a mask? OK. And one of them’s
being around sick people. Yes, we have people here,
maybe, that can be sick, but usually they don’t
have the flu or something that’s contagious, per se. OK. What are you here for? For my chip on my shoulder. So how long have you
had this chip, Mr. Chip? Going on 11 years. 11 years. OK. Does it cause you
pain or anything? Constant pain. DR. LEE: Have you
seen anybody for it? Yes. All right. What happened there? OK. Why? He’ll squeeze it and tell
me to come back in two weeks. Really? He just looks at it?
WOMAN: Oh, yes. LEONARD: Yeah. And doesn’t do
anything about it? DR. LEE: OK. Yeah, he was. So you didn’t really
feel very safe with him? LEONARD: Oh, uh-uh. Well, he scraped it, and– Banged it up hard? Yeah, and it busted it open. And now it’s like an open wound. OK. Got it. We’ll take a look and see,
if that’s OK with you. I’ll make sure I put
gloves on, and a mask. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] I definitely see patients
who have fear of doctors. Leonard is the worst
I’ve ever seen. I pride myself on being
really good at calming my patients nerves,
but I’ll tell you, Leonard is another level. I really have to watch
every single thing I say, because I think any wrong
movement that I make, he could be out the door. OK, you want to show
me what you got here? Oh, it is a little–
it is a big chip. [LAUGHS] DR. LEE: If I hurt you at
all, you let me know, OK? That hurts? It’s– yeah, I
know you’re doing it. That’s for sure. Just to see if it– if it’s attached to you. I’ve never seen
anything like this. It’s crazy looking. Why does it have
this rolled border and this redness in the center? Is this exposed? This is really concerning
to me, and it really makes me think
that this could be something much more dangerous.

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  1. Same…but i love you so much dr.pimple popper!!💖I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS😊😀I WISH TO BE YOU SOME DAY!!YOU BRIGHTEN MY DAY

  2. This guy is a certifiable nut job! If you have something hanging off your body that’s a festering sore and smells like decaying flesh and he calls any Dr a quack that doesn’t say what he thinks they should. I feel no putty at all for people like that

  3. Here's the link to the TLC show with rest of the chip on the shoulder episode plus 2 more people with different issues.

  4. WTF??? where's the rest of the video? I want to see this thing get removed! seriously if you not gonna show the whole thing don't put it up, ,,!,,

  5. I hope that man can get that removed looked like a fatty tumor to me hope not cancerous um then u don't won't the germs on u and won't to smoke eat ever it is that smoke will lay on it make it fill good or wat ever he needs to leave that mess a alone baby boo couldn't nobody pay me to smoke jack Johnson because I've seen a whole Lotta people die from it and it can take u outta here period

  6. They clearly gave them that mask for the show, it's on the exact same material and purple shade that Dr. Lee's.

  7. To all those people saying to put the full video they are not going to do it because she has a Netflix show for this so these are just little teasers. If you want the full video go to Netflix and watch it.
    I'm not trying to be pushy but it would be nice if you subscribed I make play lists of music and stuff

  8. Just watched the full episode sooo satisfying
    The add was longer than this video.
    I loved this HALF of the vid “ it gave me all the information “

  9. I'm waiting for the part wherein the doctor will do her operation but this was unfinished video.. Unscribed to this!

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