LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference 2018 – StoryPod

I have attended this conference for the first
time there’s been a very exciting energy in the
conference that there were heaps of bi-plus issues I identify as a bi-women and for me I don’t connect uh I don’t have a lot of connections
to the bi-community I feel quite isolated ah feeling a bit tired today a bit wrung out conference has been amazing um lots of information as usual so dealing with that um we’ve had amazing speakers and it’s just been really great to get researchers together and clinicians and community and elders and activists coming together it’s been really good to hear personal stories and like particularly the first day of the conference it was really, some really really
powerful personal narratives because that’s what our health is is us working together to look at what the barriers and hindrances are in our health and how we can work together collaboratively to make positive impact for our communities rather then coming out this conference has been like coming home and it was really great to have some representation on stage that spoke totally to the things I think and feel and I feel like I can network quite well in that community now so thank you that was a really great opportunity and I am extremely impressed with the the amount of information that is out there it was amazing, totally amazing I’ve loved
it and I’ve learnt so much about people other then myself who fall under the same
umbrella this conference has just so much good stuff going for it good to be here

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