Little Kids With Superhuman Strength

Ever watch the Olympics and, in-between cramming
fistfuls of potato chips into your face, think to yourself, “I could do that”? If you really tried and trained, and dedicated
your entire life to your pecs and glutes, you might even be as athletic as these kids,
who could beat you up before they even learned to drive. Tremble before these little kids with superhuman
strength. “I have the power!” Giuliano and Claudio Stroe Ten-year-old Giuliano and his eight-year-old
brother, Claudio, work out for at least two hours every day, and are basically junior
terminators as a result. And those muscles aren’t just for show — these
kids are legitimately strong. Giuliano is a world-record holder for the
most 90-degree vertical push-ups, an exercise in which your feet never touch the ground. Even watching it will make your body hurt. He also holds a record for being a human flag,
which is exactly what it sounds like. Claudio isn’t quite at his older brother’s
level yet, but the simple fact that he can do any of these stunts eclipses just about
anything most of us regular, lumpy folk can manage. Liam Hoekstra At only five months old, before he was even
out of diapers, Liam Hoekstra was able to perform Olympic-level gymnastic maneuvers,
like the iron cross. Because his family didn’t find him in a spaceship
that crashed on their farm, they were understandably concerned, and decided to get him checked
out. They discovered that he has a condition called
“myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy,” which is just a really complicated way of saying,
“super-strength.” Despite being the parents of perhaps the first
real-life superhero, Liam’s parents are hoping to keep him out of the spotlight for now. At the age of nine, he seems to be living
a normal life. Just don’t expose him to any kryptonite. Maryana Naumova She may look like a normal teenage girl, but
Maryana Naumova is also a world bench pressing champion. Since the age of 10, she’s been lifting barbells
and broke two dozen world records for under-18 lifters, and is recognized as a Master of
Sport of Russia. In March 2015, she became the first woman
under 18 to compete in professional benching championships. Of course, she crushed that too, lifting over
330 pounds during the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic to set a new women’s record. Not only that, but she’s also an activist
and peacemaker, touring war-torn Ukraine and Russia, promoting friendly lifting competitions
and charity concerts. In short, she’s both nicer than you and can
lift you clean over her head. Naomi Kutin (grunting) It’s a fact: 14-year-old power-lifter Naomi
“Supergirl” Kutin can likely lift more than you. Her specialty is the raw squat, but she can
also deadlift and bench press with the best. As a child, she started lifting simply to
stand out among her peers. In 2012, she broke the world squatting record
for 97-pounders. In 2013, she squatted 225 pounds and became
champion for a third time. In 2014, she added another pound and set the
record for that class as well. Basically, when she can lift a minivan, she’ll
be satisfied. Maybe. (intense grunting) Yang Jinlong When you think of strength, most people generally
imagine someone muscular who can probably benchpress a lot. What you don’t typically imagine is a chubby
kid from China, like Yang Jinlong. “Mighty Mouse has a sense of humor when asked
by reporter why he has so much strength.” “Because I’m fat!” At only seven years old, Jinlong was somehow
already a dozen times stronger than you, which he demonstrated by pulling cars, just for
fun. So make sure to train your kids in the art
of freaky-strong truck-pulling. It’ll come in handy if you ever run out of
gas. But also, don’t tick them off, advice Jinlong’s
dad probably keeps in mind all the time, since the kid could probably crush his skull with
one hand. Not that we think he would. Look at him. He’s adorable. Varya Akulova Nothing about Varya Akulova makes sense. She’s tiny, has no crazy-huge muscles to speak
of, and subsisted on nothing but noodles and water as a child because her family was so
poor. And yet, she’s basically the strongest girl
in the world, capable of lifting things several times heavier than her. By age 10, she could outwrestle and overpower
her father, who was a circus strongman himself. And by 14, she could lift the equivalent of
four fully-grown men. Her father theorizes his side of the family
is just naturally freaky-strong; Varya’s great-grandfather could allegedly carry 2,600 pounds on his
back. Varya could also read by the age of three
and has been a top student since. So no, you’re neither smarter nor stronger
than her. Sorry. “Suck on that!” Richard Sandrak Not every child musclehead keeps pumping past
puberty. Richard Sandrak, for example, gained fame
in the early 2000’s as “Little Hercules.” “Hercules, Hercules, Hercules.” Wait, no, not that one. This one. “One boy questions his destiny. And against his father’s will, he travels
to a place unlike any other.” He started training as an infant, and could
lift 180 pounds by age six. Tragically, the whole thing was a setup by
his father, Pavel. His sad, bad dad wanted fame and fortune so
much that he denied his son a childhood. He forced Richard into hours of intense daily
training, not allowing him to have friends or to eat anything but lettuce and powdered
muscle drinks. After Richard’s dad went to prison for attacking
his wife, social services ordered that Richard couldn’t lift weights again until he was 16. Sandrak slowly weaned himself off this superhuman
training regime, gave in to pizza, and learned to play guitar. If anything, he’s actually healthier now than
he was back then; As Little Hercules, only had 1 percent body fat, which is dangerously
low for anyone, especially a child. Today, in his mid-20s, he’s a relatively fit
stuntman, but we’ll always remember him as Little Hercules. “But father, I want to learn about being human.” “NOOOOOOOOOO!” Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know what
you thought of all these little Herculi and Herculizas…

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  1. "She could read by the age of three so she's smarter than you too." Not being able to read at two is relatively dumb.

  2. If youre young dont train whit wheights it is bad for you, you still need to grow you can better train on your own body like squits and push ups.

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