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Hey awesome ones, I’m Heather and I’m
Bill. You know what they say…that laughter is the best medicine. I
totally agree with that…don’t you Bill? Oh by far. You know what? We love to
laugh and we thought why not do a video about laughter and also we can’t show
you the actual show, but tonight we’re going to have some snippets of us going
to see a famous comedian. He’s one of your favorites. He is actually my favorite
stand-up comedian…yeah. So we want you guys to tag along with us…absolutely.
So what are we waiting for…let’s start getting into this video and it all
starts in just a few seconds. So one of the things that I’ve learned
about having a little more laughter is not to be so anxious all the time and
you know there’s a lot of things you can do so you’re not super anxious. When
Heather and I first met 21 years ago, she wouldn’t watch the 11
o’clock news. Before you go to bed you just didn’t want to watch because
it’s all bad news. Well it’s not that it’s all bad news. I mean…really these
days if there’s any really important news and sometimes we have to know some
news right, you’re gonna see it on social media you’re gonna click off of your
email and there it is for you to see. That’s a good poin. I remember like it
was in the 90s in the 1990s and the news had become so sensationalized. I mean
they were showing stuff that I…you know I really felt sorry for situations, but
it wasn’t gonna put me in a good place as far as going to sleep at night. And so
I remember meeting Bill and I said you know what I really don’t want to watch
the news. And what did we watch instead? We watched the late-night talk shows.
Absolutely and they’re so funny and instead of going to bed like super
anxious and oh my gosh you know the world’s coming to an end or whatever you
know that’s going on. What ended up happening was we were just laughing and
belly laughing and what better way to……my favorite part of the late-night
talk show, whichever one you watch it doesn’t matter, is the monologue. Because
the monologue is the stand-up comedy part and I just love it. So what happened the
other night we were watching Jimmy…we were watching Jimmy Fallon and…we were watching The Tonight Show and all of a sudden Jay Leno comes on as a special
guest to do the monologue like he used to when he had the show. Yeah and Bill was
downstairs and I’m like…Bill….Bill. It’s Jay Leno. So we were really excited to see Jay
Leno and then I said to you and this is the spur of the moment things
that Bill and I do a lot and it’s it’s having that mentality of oh my god
I love this guy. And so what we did…when is he coming to our city? I said to
Heather I said hey I think he’s coming to our city in the next few months.
Absolutely, so I get on my phone as we’re watching Jay Leno do his thing.
And when is he coming? In 48 hours!! Forty eight hours! Poor Jimmy Fallon, we didn’t watch the
rest of the show and we just got right on the computer…right…yeah luckily
there was a few tickets left so we picked out a couple all excited
about this. Absolutely…it’s gonna be fantastic. So really looking forward to
doing a lot of belly laughing because that monologue that he did was just hilarious.
You know what I love? I love situational humor. Well that’s me. I’m a situation.
Yeah but you know…so he talks a lot about that. So what we’re going to do is
in this video we’re going to just…we… we can’t show you the whole…we can’t show
you any part of the show inside, but you know what we were doing before
and just so you know, we just grab those tickets and even if you say to yourself
oh you know what I I would have to go solo. So go solo because there are a lot of
people that we meet at these events and we sit down and we start chatting with
them and they just love it. And another thing to do is just laugh at yourself.
You know that is so true because a lot of the times…especially in these videos where
we’ve got these amazing bloopers. I do them Bill does them. I do more…and what we do
is we just we leave them in. You know I’m dropping makeup left, right and center
all the time, but leave it in and laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself so
seriously because you know…and talking about seriously, I’m gonna get back to
the news a little bit. I found and a lot of my friends have found this…
that they kinda are always checking in to see what…you know these news
stations what the breaking news is and some of my friends actually really
became and I almost did too, became a little addicted to the next story and
the next chapter. And again it makes you so anxious you know…instead
of watching that maybe you’re just watching something funny. It’s like
Brooklyn 9.99. No no no, what is it? Brooklyn nine-nine. My daughter said
to me today, are you watching Brooklyn nine-nine. I was like nah……but now we
watch it once in a while. I mean we’re watching all the reruns.
Just a quick ‘spit’ story. I won’t get into the details of the joke and that…we’re watching that show Brooklyn… Brooklyn nine-nine and we just started
watching this and the writing is incredible and I’m drinking a glass of
wine we’re sitting on the couch watching. I’m just sipping a glass of wine
and I just wasn’t expecting the level of humor I got and you know you start to
laugh with something in your mouth… it’s over everything. We were sitting on
the bed and we decided to watch Christmas Vacation. And that’s
another thing give yourself a lot of movies that really make you belly laugh
because they’re great to share with people as well, but you had just had a
cup of coffee. For some reason we were sitting in bed watching Christmas Vacation.
The TV in front of our bed…we’re just kind of sitting up in bed watching…watching
the Christmas vacation and again….. I hadn’t seen it in years and I was just
sipping some coffee when something funny happened. And I just…the timing was
horrible, but that’s what slapstick does to you. You’re just not expecting it.
So anyways I guess we don’t want to make this video too long, but what we want to
do is have you tag along with us now. We’re going to go see an event and really you know we’ll come back home a little later on and show you this guy
and talk about a few things in some of our future videos that we’re planning.
Before we go…..plan for laughter. Yeah you know you plan to…I gotta go to the
dentist on Monday. You plan to go to the dentist. You plan to go get your checkups,
well you know what…put in that fun list that we talked about and if you haven’t
seen the fun list video I’m actually going to put it up there so people can see it.
You know plan for fun. Plan for laughter. If you’ve got a puppy
or a dog or grandchildren or children… you know see their laughter, see the joy,
the absolute innocence of what they’re laughing at and just laugh along and
it’s great for your health. Absolutely for sure…they say that it’s really good
for your health and actually smiles will make your face look better instead of
all the frowning that we do. Anyways that’s just a side note. Let’s get on
with our little tag-along. Okay so it’s about three hours before
the show and Bill and I always like to check out and see some of the
happy hour or the theater specials that are going on in some of these
restaurants. And just follow us inside and what we’re going to do is have just
a very light meal before the show and let’s go…oh wait a minute. So not only did we get our
favorite restaurant at happy hour or theater hour, but we got our favorite
spot right beside the fire place. Usually
Bill’s like…I’ve got to get away from the fire but I just feel so amazingly comfy
and cozy here. So yeah we’ll show you what we’re getting to eat in just a second.
You know Heather’s right. I love this table as well. It’s our favorite table
but I’m far enough away from the fire that it’s just perfect for me. Our meal is
here…there’s Bill. I know a lot of you are thinking to yourself oh my gosh
these guys don’t eat very well when they go out, but this is actually cauliflower.
it’s kind of Asian cauliflower and yes You know we’re going for prime rib
actually and a couple of lovely glasses of wine here. We do go out to fancy
restaurants but a lot of times if we’re in a mall or if we’re going to just a
concert we kind of…I don’t know…I call this fun food. Okay so now we know
these underground paths don’t we… and what we’re going…it’s a little spooky down here
because everything’s closed Saturday night, but there’s…there’s a crazy man…
see Spooky crazy man in the background, but anyway we’re on our way to see Jay
Leno and we know these underground paths and follow us and we’ll get there So we’re
here and Jay Leno is going to arrive anytime. This is a beautiful beautiful
venue……… and you can sort of see the architecture
here. It is incredible. So let’s head out into the auditorium. Here’s the
auditorium. It’s absolutely beautiful. Now we didn’t get the best seats because
this was really a spur-of-the-moment thing. Yeah and
you know what, sometimes that’s the most fun when you do something kind of spur
of the moment. So unfortunately as we said we can’t
show you the show or the Jay Leno police will probably come out and get us
and haul us off. We don’t want that but through the magic of video we’re gonna
watch the show and then just in a few seconds we’ll tell you all about it. I
wish…you know what…I wish we could have showed the viewer the stand-up comedy of
Jay Leno. It was hilarious. You know it’s so much situation comedy and I mean
he was making fun of things that maybe we watch on TV every day and you
know you don’t laugh at them, but he just turns it into a joke after joke after joke
He was there for like…he never took an intermission. No no intermission. It was about an hour and a
half. It was longer. Yeah and then at the end he just said I’m just gonna tell
a bunch of jokes. And remember the one about the advil. The advil and the goat
and then there was that other one about the talking dog….. not advil… anvil. You
know the heavy weight. Absolutely hilarious and there wasn’t
even a moment where people weren’t laughing. It was one after another for
an hour and a half so. It felt so good. This is what we’re trying to get
across in these videos. It was…it just felt so good to laugh. Yes you know
we’re not laughing at somebody we’re laughing with somebody. You
forget about your troubles for a few minutes or 90 minutes. The other thing
about Jay Leno is that it wasn’t one…like there wasn’t
one swear word in the whole show. He kept it clean and he really never made you feel
all grossed out or anything like that. It was…it was something that you walked
away from and you went, you know what, that was a good time and anybody in the
audience would feel really good about it. There was really no politics…no religion…
It was just laughing at ourselves and….. we gotta go see little Hurricane. He’s
gonna miss us. We gotta get home. I miss little Hurricane. All right we’ll see you
in a few minutes. See you in a few seconds really. It’s video…that’s true.
All right we’re home now and somebody really really missed us you know. Hurricane it
okay Hurricane all right, all right It doesn’t matter for if we’re gone for like
five minutes or five hours he’s just so happy to see us… we’re happy to see you
too Hurricane and generally when Hurricane’s on the scene he’s here to
remind us to tell you what’s coming up in some future videos and I guess I’ll
talk about the beauty and fashion first… I do have a video ready to go it’s on
waterproof makeup. The reason I haven’t put it out yet is it’s still darn cold
out there and so I haven’t put it out yet but pretty soon we’ll be into the
warmer weather, the swimming weather, the sitting by the beach weather so I’ll
bring that out for that and also I’m gonna talk about… sorry Bill… shapewear!
Bill can’t wait for that one, he doesn’t want to know all this stuff, but anyway so we’ll do that
and what do we have coming up in lifestyle? We have a little trip coming
up don’t we? Yeah I think we do and what is where are we going Bill? Well we’re
heading off to Niagara Falls Yeah and we’re also heading off to
London and Paris… so really excited to shoot some videos there and share
those with you. We’re going in June so it’ll be a while till you see them
but we’ll keep you informed and let’s do… what we’re trying to do, we’re going
for a week or maybe even eight days and just bringing a carry-on each
so can we pack that. We’re going to do a video… I know I can… yeah we’re gonna do a
video on packing for men and women so that’s coming up as well and don’t
forget to check out Instagram because I’m posting… I love Instagram, posting every
day now on Instagram and also Pinterest I think you just go to /awesome
over 50 or @ awesome over 50 to find that. So anyway, in the meantime you know
there’s this saying and it’s… what is that saying… it’s live well, love often
and laugh much and I think that’s what we did. I mean this was a great show
hilarious and sorry we couldn’t film the actual event but it was all more about
just tagging along with us and just seeing us on a night out. Yeah and if
you do get a chance to see your favorite stand-up comedian we really suggest that
you do it because you know I was laughing but also I liked looking at Bill
and see him you know, laughing. He doesn’t stop laughing…she laughs with
me… but it’s so nice to share that with somebody or like I said go solo and have
yourself a good time! So in the meantime, well we always say at the end of the
videos is… keep it awesome and don’t forget to laugh and we’ll see you later

22 Replies to “Live with Laughter, Laughing, Fun for Health & Happiness, Men & Women, Awesome over 50”

  1. I think I like your hair straightened! Looking forward to your trip to Niagara Falls!! There is so much to do there!! Cave of the winds, Maid of the Mist( a boat ride right up to horseshoe falls) n a Butterfly Conservatory(they actually were very friendly n sat on your hand or shoulders !) Loved that placed! Sure you n Bill will too!

  2. I left late shows when they started bringing negative political opinions into their so called "act". You can't leave the bad news behind when they do that. Too bad Jay Leno is no longer on TV.

  3. I understand you don't want to watch the news frequently, but please reconsider getting your news from social media!! Your emphasis on laughter is great in your recommendation and in practice in your videos and life. Thanks Bill and Heather!

  4. What's the back story on this gorgeous necklace Heather? I have no time for tv news. I listen to the radio in the car and that's enough for me. Living in the Detroit area I'm lucky enough to hear both American and Canadian news. I really appreciate the politeness of Canadian radio stations. Your smiles were contagious on this vlog. The auditorium is stunning!

  5. I love Jay Leno & what a beautiful venue!! I have to share this, we went to universal studios over the winter and went on the Jimmy Fallon virtual reality ride. I haven't laughed that hard in years! I don't want to ruin it for anyone but highly recommend that ride if you ever have a chance! I don't like the news either, especially during dinner and late night. Thanks for the reminder for scheduling time for laughter! It is so important πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  6. Hi Heather, and Bill. I laughed when Bill said "I am situational comedy". Reminds me of my husband, who is inadvertently hilarious. The highlight of my day is watching him feed a colony of stray cats in our area. They run rings around him. He feeds each cat at least three times, and only they, and I, realise it! Lovely video. The food looked delicious, and the auditorium was stunning. We have a rule that nothing very serious is discussed, watched, or listened to, for one hour before bedtime. It definitely makes for better sleep. Thank you both so much, for the fun, and the wisdom. Hugs to the little furry one. xoxo


  8. Hi, Heather here…Hope you enjoy the video and if you want to see some of our other videos you can check them out at our website at

  9. I agree, I don't watch the news, fb is enough..especially here in US, my bf lived in China and said there news was so much more accurate. Laughter is the best

  10. Hi Heather and Bill and I loved seeing your cutie Hurricane!! I definitely believe that laughter is the best medicine!! I was raised with laughter in our home and I love laughing with my husband and our family and friends!! We do watch the 6:00 news every night but our news people always have things that are uplighting too on the news. Thank you for another awesome video. Looking forward to your upcoming trips to see!! God bless you three!!❀️❀️❀️

  11. Great advice especially not taking ourselves to seriously πŸ˜€ laughter is definitely the best medicine πŸ˜‚ and thanks for the view of the theatre and auditorium really loved it all and look forward to seeing your next trip you are both a real tonic and very good at presenting ❀️

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  13. I saw him on tv the other night. I really miss him on tv. He is on Last Man Standing, he is funny there too. That was a beautiful theater. We’re moving a couple hours from Atlanta Georgia, which is a way bigger city than where I live now. So maybe we’ll be able to hit some shows.

  14. Hey Heather and Bill………I totally agree that laughter is the best medicine πŸ˜‚ How exciting that you both got to see Jay Leno, I am such a fan as well, and it was good to hear that he kept his routine clean……….hugs to sweet Hurricane…..thanks so much for sharing πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

  15. I would love for you to do a video on finding time for your spouse with your teenage kids in the home. Many of us who are over 50 still have teenagers and young adults in our homes. How did you prioritize when you were at that stage in your marriage?

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