Living the Mission at BJC HealthCare

(soft piano music) – Here at BJC Health Care we
are 30,000 team members strong. – Across 15 hospitals and multiple community health locations. – And we each have our own
connection to our mission. – My name is Jerome Cole. I’m from Barnes-Jewish
Housekeeping Department. Whatever need to be done to
take care of the hospital, that’s my job. I been here 43 years. I choose to work at Barnes-Jewish Hospital because it’s a great place to work, and it’s close to my house for one thing. I can catch a bus, sometimes
I used to walk here when I was younger, that I can tell you. But it’s a big campus. It’s a city in a city. It’s a beautiful place. I do take pride in my job every day, and I have seen us as
housekeeping, have a big impact on patients. I mean, you can go into a
room and a patient lookin’ sad or you say “good morning” to
’em, they wanna hear that. If I get them to smile,
that made my whole day, and then matter fact,
it makes my whole year, because I like to see people happy. – My name is Jayme Spainhowern I work at Alton Memorial Hospital, and I do x-rays and mammograms. I love that with this job there’s
always something different we’re always movin’ around. We do play a vital role in
diagnosing patient care. Our exams, our different
images and studies, help determine what’s going
on and get them back on track to better health. I come from a small community so working at Alton Memorial Hospital is perfect. I love that it’s a smaller hospital. Some patients, we get repeats. It is nice to create that relationship for returning patients. See these familiar faces,
I think that helps put patients at ease. – My name is Denise Pranke. I’m a patient care tech
in the emergency room at Progress West. I do vital signs. I draw blood. Just be there for the patients. 25 years ago I was getting
ready to go into nursing school and life happened and
unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that. And here we are all these years later and my daughter is going
into nursing school. I said to her, “you’re doing
exactly what I wanted to do,” and she said, “why aren’t
you gonna do it? Go do it.” And so I went and I’ve been
back in school ever since. BJC has been amazing to me. I have tuition reimbursement. I love working for BJC because it’s large because you have options. There’s so many other places that I can go and stay in the system and
still get the benefits that I have and so that’s a huge blessing. – My name is Carolyn Johnson I’m a nurse with BJC Home Care and Hospice. We provide services to the
patients in their homes, getting them ready for those final hours. I’ve worked for BJC for
a total of 41 years. I started in 1976 in the
housekeeping department at Christian Northeast Hospital. BJC paid for me to do my
nursing, tuition reimbursement. It just warms my heart
to be able to go out and to provide care to the families. Lots of people think that
they are in this totally alone until we show up. Everybody does death differently. I’ve learned that women are the toughest. Mothers are even tougher than that. Little old ladies are the toughest still. It’s a hard job. Very hard, very hard. But I think it’s such a necessary job because these families need that support. It’s never going to be easy,
never going to be easy, but we can make it better. – We all together. We’re here to serve. – Just loving people, really. – We all work together well. Our one main focus is patient care. – If the healthcare profession
is what you choose to do, BJC is the place you need to be.

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