Losing Strength while Cutting – How to Reverse it

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  1. am analizat putin clipurile tale si am remarcat ca de cand ai luat decizia de a face aceste clipuri in limba engleza vizualizarile au scazut de 10 ori. nu stiu daca ai luat cea mai inteleapta decizie,sau …poate ar fi ok daca ai face si o versiune in limba romana?

  2. Eu inteleg cam 99% din ce spui tu in video, dar totusi mi-ar placea sa vorbesti pe limba noastra, parca se intelege mai bine. Cred ca cel mai bine pentru tine ar fi sa iti faci 2 canale si pe unul sa postezi in romana, pe celelalt in engleza… asa o sa ii multumesti pe toti si o sa faci si mai multe vizuri (adunate) = $$
    Si ca sa fiu on: Eu sunt gras si sa zicem m-am apucat de niste programe de exercitii muscle gain de la passion4proffesion(banuiesc ca stii canalul) pentru ca nu am posibilitatea sa merg la sala. De 2 saptamani fac 3 zile/saptamana si deja simt o imbunatatire, adica merg cu pieptul in fata mai tot timpul ma simt mai bine dar am si mancat bine. Pot fac muschi/forta daca fac deficit caloric? Ca vreu si sa slabesc… mult chiar( 92kg la 1,70 desi mi s-a spus ca nu arat cu niciun gram peste 90kg)

  3. English is a common language, he wants to expand his channel. I am Romanian too, living in the U.S. This is best for him, he will get more subscribers this way!

  4. @***** 

    I'm playing Football (soccer) with my friends every sunday night,its take a 1 hour.. Sometimes we play 2 days (Thursday/Sunday) a week. Im not to do this for Cardio.. Im doing because I love Football anyway.. If Im on a deficit (cause i'm deficit now) these days Im bring the calories +300 above (carbs of course) because Im burn 400-500 cals i think..
    This strategy is good Radu ?

  5. I've been cutting for almost 4 weeks at a 20% and i'm still losing weight and my lifts are staying the same. My question is, how long should my cut be?

  6. Un video perfect ca de obicei, unde se vede ca ai muncit, am si eu o intrebare,stiu ca cel mai probabil nu vei mai face video-uri in romana dar poate din cand in cand daca ai gasit un subiect foarte bun de articol si ai scris un articol foarte bun, poate ai putea sa-l traduci si in romana daca ai avea chef si timp, mie chiar imi placea sa-ti citesc articolele in romana, cu engleza inteleg dar e foarte ciudat pt mine si sunt unii termeni totali straini. Continua tot asa oricum si poate mai postezi pe facebook si niste poze motivationale sau ceva de genu cum faceai inainte.

  7. Dupa parerea mea, erai unic cu video-urile facute in romana. Explicai foarte bine si te faceai inteles.
    Oricum faci o treaba buna! bv

  8. Great points for people who are cutting! Interesting advice, thanks Radu! What was your total caloric intake while the last cut?

  9. exelent vídeo radu.i will usually do 3 compound lifts 4-8 reps 3sets depending on the lift and then i do volume work in isolation movements 8-12  2 to 3 sets.if i stall should i cut back volume on the main lifts or isolation stuff my current approach is cutting the isolation stuff 1 set or 2 just because mentally i think its better to go to the gym and see your main lifts improving even thoughyou are cutting.what you think is most optimal radu?thanks in advance

  10. Salut Radu,am 15 ani,1.86m,si 67kg,insa abdomenul tot nu mi-se vede…crezi ca e din cauza ca nu am suficienta masa musculara,sau din cauza grasimii??

  11. I have a question about cardio. I have to walk to and from school at a brisk pace for 5 days a week . The walk is about 25 minutes and my heart rate is a little over normal during it. In total it sums up to 4.1 hours of cardio. Sometimes, I walk home and directly start my strength training. I don't know if that is hurting my muscle as I cut. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

  12. dayang i called it the moment your video played and i first saw you, i said to myself this nigga hecka looks like a romo. and then u said "hey guys im RADU" then i was for sure ur Romanian. Nice work brother. (Domnu cu tine)

  13. Man, I'm extremely confused. In a video (From Average to Greek God – Step by Step Transformation) you say that 9-10% body fat correspond to a 45% waist to height ratio. Then, in another video (How to Estimate your Body Fat Percentage), you say that 9-10% body fat correspond to a 43.5% waist to height ratio. And finally, in this one, knowing that your height is 183cm and your waist is 77.5cm, you claim to have 9-10% body fat despite having a 42,5% waist to height ratio. Now, I would like to know my body fat based on this waist to height ratio, but I just don't know to which standard I should be referring to. An answer would very, very appreciated! Love your videos. It's been a while since your last video, hope you are doing fine

  14. Do you still train to failure when you cutting or do it less often? What are your recommendations when it comes to training to failure while on a cut?

  15. i am allrdy at 2200 calories and i weight 78kg i am still not getting leaner(counting my calories for 2 months now) but i am scared of dropping my calories more and i heard cardio sucks do u have any tipps for me or is it normal to be on 2000 or 1800 calories on a cut?

  16. bro i was reading from.greg to cut.with super herore i need to do just 2 sets in all the RPT bl..what do you thing?

  17. I am basing my current and to be honest first dedicated cut largely on Greg's aggressive fat loss program. The tricky part is the "too much moderate cardio" part since I am on my feet all day with my construction job and some days doing a variety of light to somewhat heavy labour like anything from raking and shoveling gravel to lifting and placing 70 pound stones. Its a added challenge when your base "maintenance" calories fluctuates day to day and week to week and cant be pinned down . Through a combination of setting myself up to train heavy on key lifts at home, getting better at eyeballing and adjusting my carbs to control calories day to day depending on how much I feel I burned and leaving time for meal prep that allows me to sub in more or less carbs in lunches day to day I am still able to maintain on my cut thus far and have been able to also make slow gains. Being patient with the process and setting up my lifestyle to support my achieving my physic goals long term and integrate the whole thing into my life has been key. I am of the attitude that if I can still maintain or progress given the realities of my line of work then I can still get where I want to go and if it takes an extra year or so to achieve a solid "beach ripped" physic I have wanted all my life I will be happy with the journey and not lose sight on the goal. Thanks Radu for another great clip in your series.

  18. Does this apply to all body types? I heard that humans have different body types due to genetics. Some approach works better for others and some not. However, good information Radu. Thanks.

  19. What is your height? When you say your waist measurement, it would be useful to specify also your height for comparison (maybe you mentioned it and I missed it — sorry). Thanx for the vid, useful info here.

  20. Radu I really like your in-depth knowledge and analysis towards building a healthy body. I found out about you thru Greg's channel and so far have thoroughly enjoyed all your old videos. Appreciate the research and objective evidence that you share with your recommendations and opinions. Stay strong and healthy.

  21. THe main reason for strength loss is lack of carbohydrates which as you said fuels your body.. i lose 2-5% strength a month while cutting due to lack of carbs. As soon as I am done cutting and eating carbs my strength comes back like theres no tomorrow.

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