99 Replies to “Love Gov: A Remedy for Healthcare Choices (Ep. 3 of 5)”

  1. The relatively high production value goes to show how much rich Republicans are willing to waste their money trying to blow up the ACA. It's not the best law, by a long shot, but it has taken us a step in the right direction on many fronts. How much did market incentives keep the price of insurance down before the ACA passed? Just because premiums have continued to inflate since then does not mean health insurance was affordable before. Also, is it the government's fault that employers are wanting to shed the costs of health insurance? Nope, that is just the ultimate flaw in our ridiculous employer-based system finally showing up (a system that totally screws over entrepreneurs, the unemployed and the disabled). Single payer is the only way, we wouldn't be reinventing the wheel, just copying what every single other developed country does. Go fuck yourselves Independent Institute!

  2. i like this. It's clever and well produced. But its devoid of nuance as all satires are ofc. It puts the debate to a simple dichotomy: Government intervention as good or bad. Which in my opinion is part of the problem of American public debate reduced to 1s and 0s. The question shouldn't be whether government intervention is good or bad but what kind of government intervention works.


  4. Why haven't these political videos gone viral yet? Hey, OP. Don't push your content into ads, people ignore those. I believe these videos convey a good message. You should emphasize the sarcasm a little more and if you're going to continue using this in ads, you should make the viewer feel more like they're viewing a channels content instead of watching a commercial. I'm open minded, but the target audience is not. In order to attract the target audience you need to make it feel less like you're trying to sell something. "Ideas aren't sold, they're shared" – me

  5. The Independent Institute pretends to be a liberal think thank but is actually a liberation organization (missive difference) funded by Phillip Morris and Exxon. They pump out junk science and fake "films" like this to put disinformation into the public sphere. Sure the governemnt is often over reaching but it needs to be controlled by the people, not companies!! The Independent Institute wants our country to be run by corporations, lobbyists and their CEOs. When these people hold the power, we as citizens have no voice because our votes are overpowered by their lobbyists and money.
    THIS IS PURE PROPAGANDA!!!! Research what they're saying and know that the constitution protects you from much of what they claim is government over-reach.
    This is what they don't want you to see- https://represent.us/action/alec-georgia/

  6. This is stupid! Free markets do not work on Health Markets! Check how the Europeans have done it. Everyone there is healthy unlike here fat and sickly.

  7. So….. Free market > public funded healthcare? So a free market that has a profit incentive is better than a system paid by your tax dollars instead of having those tax dollars spent on military and bailing out corporations who make bad decisions in a "free market". Go fuck yourselves corporations making us feel like we are getting too much help when it's things we deserve. If I have an swollen colon then I deserve to get the care I need.

  8. I don't have kids! it's just giving my money to insurance company…. and then use it to pay for other people insurance…but this is more than my groceries and car insurance combined… that's soooooo cooolllll. Not cool Gov, it's means she is paying more than somebody else insurance.

  9. Gov used Her money to buy the double cheese burger… hummmm…Where a government employee used money from taxpayers to pay for Prostitutes???…

  10. At 0:47, Gov says you really should not lie down and talk while eating popcorn, you could choke, which if you are uninsured would result in costing taxpayers millions of dollars in medical bills thanks to the Affordable Care Act! We're from the Government and we're here to help you!

  11. Health Insurance = Eat well and exercise.
    If half the population is obese and having heart problems, is kinda difficult to take care of them all.

    There's nothing wrong with the American health system, switzerland has a similar one and so does Germany and Thailand i think, working well, without the high costs as the US. It's just necessary to fix the cost aspect through competition.

  12. "It seems like a double standard". NAILED IT!
    Hey Gov, If I did as you do and forced people to give me money, would you consider me a criminal?
    Pay the tax or go to jail is NOT consent. It's theft.

  13. That''s funny! Check out affordable Concierge Medicine below. May be the best 1.5 minutes you watch. Overstating it a bit? Probably.

  14. A very crude, vague and propagandist viewpoint on socialized vs private medicine. Please educate yourself on the logistics and finance of a single-payer system before buying into what this video is selling you – which, by the way, is an amusing reflection of healthcare in America.

  15. The fact of the matter is that everyone in this country feels that they are entitled to healthcare because we have been raised in a country that has many government funded sectors that provide their services to the people without the agenda of profit. The notion that everyone in this country should have healthcare is not a crazy idea, for we are a country with high amounts of capital and revenue. What this video is really saying is that American citizens should not expect for American society to grow and change as time develops. The Independent Institute would rather have the average American think that we should all live with disease until we are on our deathbeds. "You don't use insurance for a cold, only the big things (like a car accident)". Insurance companies include plans for things like colds because people can not function in society when they are ill. For example, when a person shows up to work coughing, sneezing, and running a fever, they will be asked to go home to prevent other employees from getting a cold also. So now, the person with a cold is not receiving a paycheck, and cannot go to the doctor because they do not have the funds or the insurance plan to do so. It does not help that most companies do not have a comprehensive plan for sick days that will still guarantee their employees money even if they do not let them work. For the average American, they will have to miss more work than the allowed sick time they get from a company, which is normally two to five days for an entire year. So which would you rather have, a country that has people that are regularly missing work and having to skip bill payments, or make a healthcare plan that includes services for all of the small illnesses that are not life threatening, but will prevent the majority of Americans from pulling a paycheck? The only other choice to ensure that our society stays productive is to force companies to all use comprehensive sick leave policies, but something tells me that the Independent Institute would not like to increase the amount of government intervention. The point is that the private sector has already failed the American people in the fact that health insurance companies can join massive conglomerates and set similar prices for treatment. This type of corporation between rivaling companies does not make health insurance a free market, but rather a skyrocketing bill that all Americans have to pay to stay healthy. That is the reason why government intervention is needed to provide healthcare reform and regulate prices and coverage.

  16. I have to say, this ad was very well-produced and presented the opinion in a very polished and presented manner. I don't agree with the political message, but I enjoyed the advertisement. +Independent Institute

  17. "I don't want healthcare!"
    2 days later gets cancer.
    Ad totally misrepresents it.
    It's like watching PragerU's videos, except this ad doesn't accept or show other peoples point of views.

  18. The little leftists on here are all saying "that's not how it is, that's not how it is! Waaah!"

    Noooo, that's EXACTLY how it is. And I'm fully convinced that that's how it was designed.

    We passed the bill and now we found out what's in it! F*cking awesome! Another tax law for all of us.

  19. having other people paying for people who don't have insurance that's theft and bull. i think people should not have to be forced to pay for other people and if anything use it as a choice for people. which not a lot of people will agree with

  20. Many people fear change and will immediately claim a this system cannot work. Yet if you look at our current system it has been not working for a long time aka the always rising debt. I think we should change our global focus to rising the standard of living for every human living now and who will be born into this world. Think of how much crime and how many wars we could stop if everyone had clean water food and shelter. We are totally capable of creating that. We need to stop the greed. Allowing individuals to have access to more resources because they have more wealth. We teach our children to share, why are adults different? I understand you worked hard to gain such wealth. But no one person understands how everything works that keeps our society running smoothly. And if we took the power cooperations have and used it for the greater good of everyone (instead of the greater good of a few) we all would have a better quality of life. It is being said technology will take over many of the jobs we have now. the real question is do we want a few benefiting off that? or would we rather the entire human race benefit from such events? We could all live our lives as we please (sure some will waste the best time in human history as there are plenty doing so now. but others won't be held back by money and will be motivated by the feeling of accomplishment. I believe with technology working for everyone and a little community service from everyone we could keep society running for everyone. I know I live in a pipe dream. but before you can live beyond your wildest dreams you must dream them first.

  21. These get better and better:If making sure you get the health care you deserve is intrusive, then I will be constantly intrusive for the rest of your life, and it will be impossible to get rid of me.This is a big part of what I do: protect the people from choices.

  22. This is one area where I disagree with most libertarians. I think services like the British NHS work very well; particularly for people who would have a hard time getting insurance in a free market (I.e. people with pre-existing conditions).

  23. before obamacare I had $500 deductible for $10 a week. now I pay $100 a week with a $4000 deductible. Thanks Gov! You piece of shit.

  24. Cynicism and misrepresentation is all this is. Market forces don't function in the classic way in health care or in health insurance market, which are two separate issues. The best way to get low cost health insurance is to have one large insurance pool and to remove the cost of "profit" from it by having it organized by government. WE can rally around cynical contempt for government and pretend that private business is more efficient or we can do what works.

  25. Dear Google Ads:
    I did watch your video all the way through, because I believe in hearing an argument before passing an informed judgment.
    I'm afraid I'm still a Marxist, and just like Gov, you're using paid advertising and trying to dress it up as a psa. Are there any video ads on bringing back the IWW and rearming America's labour force with tangible skills (technical schools, community colleges, high school welding and other programmes, etc.) so they can take back some bargaining power and free will?

  26. Socialized medicare…
    One of Saul Alinsky's tenets on how to control a population of useful fucking idiots.

    Every great civilization has fallen because of radical leftism. When will you nut jobs who believe in liberal ideas finally get it through your heads that socialism has ALWAYS been about control for the elite?

    Jesus christ it's maddening to watch people slit their own throats and offer their life blood in patronage to the government which is bought up and lobbied heavily by powerful families.
    Leftists just love to cry about the rich and all this other nonsense yet are willing slaves to them.

  27. Libertarian propaganda is so much better than Liberal propaganda. I'm not a libertarian but as a conservative, we are brothers in the fight against the mental illness of liberalism.

  28. look people need universal healthcare but i rather have both a private and public system in motion. for people who want extra care they can go to private doctors or insurers and for the people who don't want would be under a single payer system plus a single payer system does not have to have alot of government control.

  29. All I want is the choice to not have healthcare without worrying that I'll be charged for that choice. Fuck right off government.

  30. All I want is the choice to not have healthcare without worrying that I'll be charged for that choice. Fuck right off government.

  31. Funny how they make the free market was her BFF and actually cared about her well being. A more accurate video would have had the main girl get some kind of illness and her "BFF" was telling her that she lost and couldn't get insurance for her "preexisting condition". The main girl should be confused since she's screwed no matter what.

    "Gov" should be a confusing two faced Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (but more like Mr. Hyde and another Mr Hyde). He should be sabotaging her and himself and conflicted and useless as well. Once the protagonist realises she's screwed "Free Market Girl" and "Gov" end up being friends all along and we're just conning her out of her money. They should end with them showing another poor sap the very same Independant Institute's heavily edited video to trick others into this BS.

  32. sorry but health care shouldn't have a profit incentive. that's how you fuck up health care. fuck private insurance

  33. aaannnnddd this has nothing to do with obamacare that is actually driven on people shopping in markets with lots of options. the best way to reduce costs would really be to nationalize it and thus eliminate administrative fees

  34. Forgive me for this. I still think that most of us, American voters, have been led down a false trail. We have been led down the path of debate about Health Care "Insurance" when the real questions we should be focusing on are; 1. Why does health care cost so much in the U.S.A vs other industrial countries, and 2. Does the outlay of cash that Americans bestow on the health care industry really have an effective impact as compared to other countries? Only after we can answer these inquiries would it make sense to question about insuring against it.

  35. I can't stand politics. And politics aside, I HATE being condescended to, and being told what to think. By someone unaware of their own irony.

  36. it's cute that you thought I'd want to watch this

    EDIT: I actually have no idea what this is about, I just got it as an ad so I came here to dislike

  37. You rich whities think that a socialist central health care plan will damage your earnings because you all live above your means and on credit.
    “Oh no, now I have to pay more money into taxes than a lower class person! How ever will I pay my mortgage on my 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath 10,000 sqft home? It’s not like it’s just me, my ugly wife, and two children who reside here and don’t actually need that much space! How dare I support my fellow American and pay a progressive tax on something that could benefit the country as a whole and raise the standard of living? Not to mention, maybe it will close the wage gap because now people are able to go to work because they can lead healthy lives? The outrage! I’m too blind to see that private health care actually takes away from me and my insurance company raises the price every year not because of sanctions but because I’m getting older and I am at a higher risk of developing life threatening diseases. Capitalism today, capitalism tomorrow, capitalism forever! If you can’t support yourself and a family no matter how much you make, do the world a favor and die in a hole from pneumonia!”
    That’s what you all sound like. You sound that crazy. You sound selfish and sociopathic for not wanting to help others become their best self. What if your child needed healthcare, and what if you couldn’t afford it? What if as humans, as good people, we were meant to help others? Well, if you step back and examine life you would know we grow up in families, neighborhoods, communities, and an even larger city or town. We depend on each other to accomplish things and learn to be good people. Clearly, people who think you shouldn’t get healthcare because you’re expected to pay for it in a private industry that promotes pyramid schemes hasn’t done their research to know how the world is turning today. People are being praised for denying others a chance to be healthy individuals that could become contributors to our society.
    At least the government is showing some type of care for the people, which is unusual, but it’s not good enough for extremists.

  38. This kinda stuff has been going on for decades, but its been getting worse and worse. Glad that people are making it known to the younger generation.

  39. Saw this as an ad to a random video… Now I am a sub of this channel… #truth *edit This needs to be on TV so much misinformation trying to mislead people into thinking socialized medicine is good.

  40. Let people have their abortions and guns and porn and cigarettes. I’m for government healthcare, I’m kind of a libertarian

  41. It's weird how they paint catastrophic care as "just a regular emergency." The deductible on a catastrophic plan can be up to $6,000 dollars. Any savings from low monthly premiums get wiped out immediately if you have any emergency.

    This isn't to mention that the entire concept is bullshit. Every other developed country has a single-payer system. The vast majority of DOCTORS in the US want Medicare for All.
    There is zero evidence that a free market is effective in giving people affordable treatment.
    I really want libertarians to realize the Free Market isn't a "one size fits all" solution to every problem. If we make profit the main priority of a healthcare provider, then they will take that profit over any patient's life. If they deem a patient as too expensive to treat, then that patient gets denied the coverage they need.

  42. Wow, a conservative ad video with creative presentation and good points?
    What has this world come to?

  43. This ad was brought to you by the insurance industry which operates at 28% of your dollar goes to corporate profits. 28% correlates to billions and billions in profits.. Medicare operates at 6% so I can save if I have the chance to buy into Medicare 21%.. where do I sign?

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